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Welcome to The International Mind Force Syndicate




An Association of The International Society of Mind Force Specialists

With this Special $1 Offer You Will Receive 4 Weeks/ 30 Days Access to the  New “International Mind Force Syndicate”. This Is One Of My Most Ambitious Projects To Date. My Most Successful Members Asked Me To Create This Magnificent Addition…

I Call This “Over Delivering & Stacking The

Cool”–Here’s What You’ll Receive Every Month

Once Inside the Members Area..


  • Videos of Advanced, Concepts & Methods for Mind Force Development in Hypnosis, Attraction, Mentalism, Psychic Energy, Meditation, and other topics
  • PDF Documents and Transcripts of the Monthly training sessions.
  • PDF Books & Manuals on a Host of Topics
  • MP3 Files and Audio Files for you to download directly to your IPod or CD.
  • Interactive Coaching &  Instruction to Questions you ask
  • Cutting Edge Tools and Resources
  • 20% Discount on Any Mind Force Product
  • 50% Credit  for any Mind Force electronic Downloadable course, system or manual
  • Certification after 12 modules are completed

The unique thing about this association, is that you, the member will make suggestions on which topics I teach on a monthly basis.All you have to do is email me your questions, and I’ll either answer them by video, audio or during a conference call.

Its that powerful, and that easy!

Once Out of “Beta” The Price Will Be Going Up

Since this is the new version and still in beta, and not yet fully working and testing is needed, I am allowing you 30 day access to this membership and then you lock in for life as a charter member for only $29.95  per month starting in 30 days. (This Association Membership Will Be Going Up to $49.95 very shortly)

In this Association membership, you will have access to Advanced Mind Power Training. You will receive videos, MP3 files you can download as well as PDF docs which will go over how you can harness the power of your mind through Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Psychic Energy and Attraction. Truly a Mind Blowing Offer, and I’m allowing 30 Days for you to try for$1!

Others could pay as much as $49.95 each month to get access to this when it is out of beta but you will be locked in for life at the low price of just $29.95  for your membership, and you will get this months access for only a buck. I am giving you practically a huge 40% discount for life on this as long as you choose to keep learning from this community.You can cancel at anytime by contacting our office.