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The Power of Conversational Hypnosis


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This is an unbelievably exciting package … designed so you don’t risk a dime checking it out at your leisure.
This One Of A Kind Course Includes Everything You Need To Know To Master … Absolutely Master … The Art of Conversational Hypnosis

… In The Shortest Time Possible.

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You get the same instructional format that Igor uses for his hyper-expensive personal lessons and seminars … with the added advantage that you have it recorded … so that you can “rewind ” and go over any part you like until it becomes second nature!
You will discover…

* The entire Conversational Hypnosis Protocol, Igor’s most closely held and powerful teachings.
* The powerful “hypnotic triple ” command that SWAT teams use to force compliance … even in a fire-fight with hardened criminals.
* How an instant rapport technique will get even strangers to open up to you … reveal their inner longings …. and give you all the clues you need to persuade them to do as you say.
* The conversational way to get a sales prospect to imagine the intense feelings of owning what you are selling, so they naturally feel compelled to buy right now! You can help them intensify the feelings so strongly that all objections simply melt away.
* The easiest way to join the elite group of “hypnotic persuasion experts ” by using their secret patterns for influence …. (it’s easier than you think).
* Create an instant trigger to unleash your subjects deepest desires…. and how to point them in your direction… (Igor’s innovative techniques are more refined and more powerful than any other).
* A simple technique that creates amnesia for any objection your subject may have to your suggestions… they simply forget to remember what it was that might have stopped them from following your suggestions.
* What it means when your subject “talks with their hands ” and how to use their gestures to literally get inside their head.
* How to know if a subject is “talking to themselves ” with internal dialogue … and how to join that dialogue so that your voice seems like it comes from inside their own mind!

And that’s just for starters!
In Fact Here’s A Complete Breakdown Of This Amazing Course So You Can See The Immense Value You’re Getting…

Session 1
“The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis”
1 Hour 8 Mins 10 Secs

You will begin by discovering…

* The 3 keys to using Conversational Hypnosis to get what you want.
* The “Big Picture” of what you will discover in this program and the new powers to influence people you’ll have at your command.
* Discover the truth about hypnosis, what’s possible and what isn’t.  Knowing this will mean you don’t waste time on impossible goals.
* What actually happened in the CIA’s “MK Ultra” project.  Did they really create a “Kill On Demand” assassin?
* Common myths about hypnosis.  Don’t fall for these or you’ll end up making embarrassing mistakes.
* Warning!  There’s a “Dark Side” to hypnosis that you may not know about.   Every day negative hypnotic spells are affecting your life.  The good news is that it’s easy to protect yourself…when you know this simple secret.
* Igor’s powerful “4 Stage Hypnotic Formula”. This is the key to mastering the power of hypnosis to influence people whenever you desire.
* Two examples of how you can start to use Conversational Hypnosis right away to dramatically boost your effectiveness in everyday situations at work.  (By the end of this program, you’ll be the “Go To Guy (or Gal)” in a crisis…and have the added power, respect and influence that goes with that).
* The telltale signs that reveal which people around you are actually in a trance…and why this is important.
* A simple way you can immediately grab and maintain the attention of virtually anyone.
* What hypnotists know that makes all the difference when you want to get someone’s attention.  It’s easy to use this secret yourself.

Session 2
“Beyond Rapport & Signal Recognition Systems”
1 Hour 19 Mins 36 Secs

You will uncover…

* The “Golden Rules” that give you the power to quickly and easily connect with people so they like and trust you almost immediately.
* Why a simple, but powerful, technique works like “Magic”.  People won’t know why, but they’ll be strongly drawn towards you…provided you…
* Don’t make this mistake!  If you want to use the power of “Matching and Mirroring” you must know about this or you’ll run the risk of being hated and rejected. This is where many so called ‘NLP experts’ screw up.
* The 6 big blunders most people make that destroy any chance of creating a connection with someone…and 6 rules to follow to get the result you want.
* Rapport Mistake #1 – It seems an obvious thing to do but too much of this will backfire and actually turn people off.
* Rapport Mistake #2 – If you do this, people will be backing away from you before you know it.  This is an example of the “Law Of Reversed Effect” and something few people know about.
* Rapport Mistake #3 – Dumb salespeople do this all the time and it’s guaranteed to cause rejection.  Instead, use this simple, but very powerful technique that will build rapport surprisingly fast.
* Rapport Mistake #4 – There’s something you must have if you want to connect with someone.  Without it, you’ll be sabotaging yourself and not even knowing it.  Igor shares 2 simple solutions with you.  People will be amazed at how you seem to understand them completely!
* Rapport Mistake #5 – Not understanding this simple truth about human interaction can provoke distrust and dislike.  Igor reveals how to avoid this and ensure that people will always want to talk with you.
* Rapport Mistake #6 – It’s a disturbing experience when you meet someone you know and they seem uncomfortable with you. Igor reveals the reason and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you again.
* Introducing “Hypnotic Rapport”. This little known skill takes your ability to create relationships far beyond anything you’ve experienced.
* Why Hypnotic Rapport creates virtually “instant” admiration, affection, trust and friendship (and how you can have this ability yourself).
* The little secret to using Hypnotic Rapport to build relationships with astonishing ease.
* Hypnotists know this as an “Instant Rapport Killer”.  Make this subtle mistake and NOBODY will want to talk with you…ever!  You probably won’t even know what’s happening until it’s too late.
* How to approach a complete stranger and immediately have them feel like they know and like you using the “Instant Rapport Technique”.
* Experience the power of “Instant Rapport” for yourself as Igor walks you through an actual hypnotic induction.  And, just by listening, you’ll be able to create Instant Rapport yourself.
* When you know this secret, you don’t actually need to approach people.  They’ll be compelled to approach you, not realizing that you’re actually controlling the situation.
* Rapport Hooks.  What they are and how to use them so that the people you want to connect with actually want your approval.
* You won’t have to chase people when you know this secret.  They’ll be desperate to be friends with you.
* The signs that let you know they’re “hooked” and that they’re ready to listen to you.
* Introducing the “Signal Recognition System”.  This is your hypnotic “Compass” that helps keeps you on track to your goal.
* How to quickly heighten your own state of awareness and sharpen your perceptions.  Almost instantly you’ll double or treble your hypnotic power.
* Expert Hypnotists have a special skill that helps them perform incredible mental feats.  It usually takes years to learn but simply by listening to this section with Igor, you’ll have that ability any time you like.
* 12 things to look for that tell you someone is entering a trance and they’re open to your suggestions.

7 Fast Tactics For Rapport & Signal
Recognition You’ll Get Amazing Results
With By The End Of This Session…

* The 4 simple things you can do to quickly connect with anyone.  You’ll never have difficulty striking up a conversation when you use these simple tips.
* How to create a powerful bond with anyone with the hypnotic Instant Rapport technique.  Just follow these 5 simple steps.
* Amplify your Mental Powers at will with this 7 step sequence.
* Quickly become an expert at “Matching and Mirroring”.  It’s easy when you follow these simple steps.
* Follow this simple routine to discover how to read people like an open book.  You’ll know what someone will say before they even know themselves.
* Train yourself to effortlessly and naturally always be in your state of peak performance.  Master this and everything you want will come to you almost like magic.
* How in seconds, Igor can know more about someone than most of their friends do.  You’ll have this incredible skill yourself when you know the secret.

Session 3
“Hypnotic Language Foundations”
1 Hour 7 Mins 14 Secs

You will quickly discover…

* How to cast a spell on people so that they are in trance and under your influence, without them even realizing it.
* How the simple use of words will make someone open and receptive to your ideas and commands.
* Why you must make your hypnotic conversations flow smoothly if you want the least amount of resistance to your suggestions.
* 4 Principles to make your hypnotic conversations as smooth and enjoyable for someone as sliding down a theme park water slide  Do this and they won’t want to stop listening to you.
* Principle #1 – The Verbal Agreement Principle.  When you do this properly, they’ll agree with you almost automatically.
* Principle #2 – The Plausibility Principle.  The key to people agreeing with your seemingly crazy ideas.
* Hear these 2 principles in action for yourself.  Igor makes it simple for you to start getting results with them straight away.
* Principle #3 – The “Piggy Back” Principle.  When experts want ideas accepted with no questions and without a fight, they use this stunningly effective principle.
* Principle #4 – Linguistic Bridges.  The secret to effortlessly taking someone from one idea to the next so they end up exactly where you want them.
* 4 easy-to-remember “Words of Power” that make it simple to hypnotize anyone. Give me just 5 minutes and 32 seconds and you’ll be able to create powerful trances yourself on demand.
* Listen to this powerful example of an entire hypnotic induction that uses ONLY the 4 words of power – as you drop into a deep trance listening you’ll know that the 4 words of power are really powerful!
* Why the 4 Words Of Power work so well and how you can use them to best effect.
* How to take 3 ideas, combine them with the 4 Words of Power and be so persuasive that you’ll be irresistible.  It’s so easy, you’ll want to use this straight away.
* 5 Power Principles used by every expert Hypnotist.  With these secrets you’ll have the same power to influence and persuade people to accept your wishes.
* Multiply the 4 Words Of Power so that you can quickly and easily create an endless variety of persuasive arguments and proposals whenever you want.
* See how a seemingly innocent discussion conceals the use of these shockingly effective hypnotic tools.  People won’t understand why, but they’ll feel compelled to follow your instructions.
* The greatest hypnotist of all time took over 60 years to discover and refine these persuasion secrets.  You’ll have them at your fingertips, ready to use to your advantage straight away.
* Few people know about the “Birdwhistell Study”.  Yet it contains the key to increasing the power of your words by an incredible 14 times.  Igor reveals how to take advantage of this rare knowledge.
* How simple changes to your tone of voice can make all the difference in how someone reacts to you.  Literally, it can make the difference between resistance and willing compliance.
* The performance skill set that separates Masters of Hypnosis from the mediocre. Igor shares the 6 “Performance Principles” that will make you a star.
* Performance Principle #1 – Going First.  If you don’t get this right, you’ll ruin your chances of success.  Igor explains what you need to do, before you even say a word, to put the odds in your favor.
* Performance Principle #2 – Squeeze The Meaning.  One of the secrets to true hypnotic charisma is the ability to bring your words to life with emotion.  Igor shares how to do this with some simple but highly effective tips.
* Performance Principle #3 – Emphasis.  This is a real “Ninja” tactic.  Something very subtle and so effective.  Yet most people won’t notice what you’re doing as you send them messages on multiple levels.
* Performance Principle #4 – Rhythm And Tone.  You may not realize it, but you go into a trance when you listen to music.  You can produce the same sort of effect when you speak. Igor shares how to add some “Rock Star” quality to your words.
* Performance Principle #5 – Develop A Trance Voice.  You’ve probably heard people talk about the “Voice Of Command”.  Well, it’s myth that there’s a tone of voice that can compel people to obey.  The reality is more interesting and the right trance voice will be one of your most useful persuasion assets.
* Performance Principle #6 – The 3 Tonalities.  Did you know the English language has 3 basic tonalities?  Each of them has a very particular impact on the power of your words.  Used correctly, you can…

* Subtly cast doubt without actually saying anything.
* Create the urge to obey your instructions even if they sound like a normal question.
* Get a “Yes” from someone, even without asking a question.
* Use a sneaky way to undermine potential objections.
* Gain an advantage in any negotiation.
* Virtually compel someone to do something …even without a direct instruction.

7 Hypnotic Language Strategies
You Can Weave Into Your Words By
The End Of This Session…

* How to use the 3 Hypnotic Themes and 4 Words Of Power to help your friends and family. They’ll be surprised, delighted and very grateful
* Quickly expand your “Hypnotic Vocabulary”.  Don’t be surprised if people think you’re a professional hypnotist almost instantly (if you decide to use your skills openly of course).
* How to immediately use these new skills at work or at home to resolve problems and achieve more of what you want.
* “The Voice” – People will love to hear your voice and be attracted to you.
* Make this small change and you’ll be amazed at how people will willingly follow your instructions.
* Master these skills faster and easier with this simple routine.  You’ll be shocked at what you can already do after such a short time.
* Unleash your new found hypnotic skills on the general public. Warning!  Be prepared for a new level of success in every area of your life – in business, social circles and your personal life.

Session 4
“The Authority Strategy – Tactics To Ensure Success”
1 Hour 14 Mins 01 Secs

On This Session Igor Reveals…

* The Authority Strategy.  How to position yourself for automatic success.  Get this right and people will automatically follow your suggestions, look up to you and crave your approval.
* The 4 Power Tactics that have been proven to make you an authority and deliver the success you deserve.
* Power Tactic #1 – How to gain, and correctly use, real status.  The kind that means people not only respect you but admire you as well.  Don’t mistake real status for the inferior kind that comes with company positions and the like.
* The Secret “power plays” people make that nobody wants to talk about. Igor breaks ranks and reveals the truth.
* The secret to always being in control of any social interaction…even if the other person appears to be in a dominant position.
* The astonishingly simple way to build your personal power and skyrocket your status…and you don’t need to go into debt to do this.
* Don’t mistake “Force” for “Power”.  One will mean you’re hated and rejected.  The other means affection, respect and getting what you want out of life.
* 4 tactics to skyrocket your status almost overnight…
* High Status Tactic #1 – What NEVER to do if you want to be seen as a real leader.  Eliminate these “Status Blunders” and you’ll instantly have more respect, authority and trust from people.
* High Status Tactic #2 – It doesn’t matter where you are, these simple actions will immediately make you stand out from the crowd and command attention.
* High Status Tactic #3– This tip from the animal kingdom will subtly signal to people around you that you’re the “Top Dog” and they’ll respond accordingly.
* High Status Tactic #4 – A little-known fact that you can use so those around you will see you as calm, confident and in control at all times.
* Power Tactic #2 – The Consistency Principle.  Few people know about this but, correctly applied, it can instantly increase your status and authority.  You’ll find people willingly make, and keep, commitments…even ones that seem surprising.
* Why “Party Pieces” are an essential part of every hypnotist’s “Bag Of Tricks” and how you can use this idea to attract people to you in any situation.
* Power Tactic #3 – It’s all about “Agreement”.  There are 4 Agreement Tactics that will ensure you hear “Yes” almost every time you make a request.
* Beware!  Every hypnotist faces a dangerous enemy.  It’s called the “Critical Factor”.  Fortunately, Igor reveals the secret to bypassing this obstacle to your success.
* Want to change someone’s mind without any argument or conflict?  This surprising insight gives you that power.
* Agreement Tactic #1 – Bypass objections and resistance with this “under the radar” tactic.  Igor demonstrates how you can make even an outrageous idea seem perfectly reasonable.
* Agreement Tactic #2 – It might seem incredible, but there’s actually a way you can get people to simply accept everything you tell them.  Igor reveals how to do this.
* Warning!  You must understand and use this idea or you’ll never achieve more than 10% of your goals, dreams and desires.
* The special covert agreement tactic that makes people do the things you want and stop doing the things you don’t want.  The best part is they won’t have any idea what’s going on.
* Agreement Tactic #3 – The “Yes” Sets. 3 ways to quickly and easily engage people so that saying “Yes” to you will seem the obvious thing to do.
* Agreement Tactic #4 – The Piggy Back Principle, the “Trojan Horse” of persuasion tactics.  Igor shares 3 examples of how to use this almost foolproof tactic to make people willingly follow your instructions.
* Power Tactic #4 – Persistence.  One of the overlooked keys to success in any area.  There are 4 Persistence Tactics that guarantee greater influence and persuasion power.
* Persistence Tactic #1 – “The Hypnotic Triple”.  More than triple your effectiveness when you apply this approach that will overwhelm resistance and objections.
* Persistence Tactic #2 – Seeding Hypnotic Ideas.  The key to solving the most intractable and stubborn problems.  Here’s how you can plant “sleeper” suggestions that quietly grow and undermine resistance.  At the right time, you can awaken these hidden helpers to create the result you want.
* Caution!  Don’t overlook this step otherwise your “sleeper” suggestions will be uncovered and uprooted before they have a chance to work.
* Persistence Tactic #3 – The “Law Of Successive Approximations” or how you can achieve the seemingly impossible one step at a time.
* The remarkable story of how a desperate charity worker was able to get $50,000 donations from previously cold-hearted skinflints and misers.
* The simple change that Igor made to go from failure to success in dating.
* Persistence Tactic #4 – The Law of Compounding Effect.  How to create an unstoppable momentum so that people simply agree to everything you ask.

8 Power Techniques For The Authority Strategy You Can Instantly Begin Using At The
End Of This Session…

* 2 simple steps to using body language for greater influence and persuasion power.
* Use this Instant Power Meditation to triple your personal power in only 5 days.
* It’s called the “Pygmalion Effect”.  Here’s how you can use it to become instantly more attractive and desirable in any situation.
* What to do so that other people will naturally adopt your point of view.
* Do this and even your worst enemy will find themselves saying “Yes” to you.
* How to use the Hypnotic Triple in your everyday conversations. You’ll find people will automatically respond to you in a positive way.
* An incredibly simple way to become the leader in any group.  People will naturally want to accept your suggestions and ideas.
* A practical way to start using “sleeper suggestions” to get your ideas accepted more easily.

Session 5
“Emotional Triggers : Controlling Inner Pictures
And Feelings”
1 Hour 11 Mins 27 Secs

Finally find out…

* The “Master Key” to unlock the mind It’s called the “Access State Principle” and with this your powers of persuasion, influence and command will be greater than you ever thought possible.
* Discover the real key to persuasion and influence.  It’s counter-intuitive and not at all what you might logically think.
* A simple and unusual way to completely change what someone is thinking.  They won’t even remember what was in their mind just seconds before.
* Discover the key to peak performance in any field.  This secret makes the difference between being a champion and just one of the crowd.
* An instant amnesia technique that you can use on people so they forget what they were thinking about.  Even if they were frightened or upset, they won’t remember what they were bothered about.
* Emotional Triggers. Detonate a precise emotional response in someone any time you want.  These triggers will help you get results and make changes faster and more easily.
* An obscure Russian scientist gets the credit for discovering the secret of emotional triggers…but it’s not true.  Igor reveals the real story together with an important lesson for hypnotists.
* It sounds like something out of a CIA mind-control manual.  People following your instructions days or months after you spoke with them. Here’s how to use this incredible tool…ethically and with integrity.
* The correct way to create an Emotional Trigger. With this skill you can  move people into positive states or even hypnotize them with a simple gesture.
* Warning!  4 conditions that must be present to ensure success with your Emotional Triggers.  Don’t ignore these or you’ll end up wasting time and energy.
* The foolproof 4 step formula to create emotional triggers quickly and easily.
* One of the hypnotist’s key skills is being able to quickly get someone to feel or experience a particular emotion or state (It’s called “State Inducing”).  Igor shares with you 2 super effective ways to do this.
* State Inducing Method #1 – If you can ask some simple questions, then you can quickly get someone in the right “mood”.  Igor reveals what to do and then takes you through an example so you can start using this method right away.
* State Inducing Method #2 – The imagination is a powerful ally in creating vivid, intense feelings.  Used correctly, it will help you inspire a wonderful virtual experience that you can use to create powerful triggers.
* The 4 key secrets to using the imagination to best effect. You’ll create experiences so real for people, they’ll think it’s actually happening.
* Join Igor on a journey into your imagination and feel for yourself just how easy it is to create inspiring, thrilling experiences on demand.
* 2 further tips on how to turn up the dial in the imagination to get a Hollywood quality movie happening right there in their head.
* There’s a secret insiders use to turbo-charge the trigger process and make it almost foolproof.  It’s called “Intensifying” and there are 4 techniques to make sure you banish wimpy responses completely.
* Intensifying Technique #1 – Simple suggestions that will turn a “ho hum” state into passionate intensity…with even the most reserved individuals.
* Intensifying Technique #2 – Double, triple, even quadruple the effect by “Layering”.  It’s powerful but you need to know one thing to get the best results.
* Intensifying Technique #3 – Another advanced tip that’s surprisingly easy to apply when you follow Igor’s suggestions.
* Intensifying Technique #4 – How to control inner pictures.  Igor calls this the “Steven Spielberg” technique.  Change their “mental movies” from something ordinary into a thrilling blockbuster.
* How to get the result you want every time with emotional triggers…plus an advance look at a super effective covert persuasion tactic.
* The ABSAIL formula for influence.  The simple formula that summarizes everything you need to have the power and influence you desire.

3 Emotional Trigger Techniques
You Can Immediately Start Using At
The End Of This Session…

* A simple way to kick start your skills to make other people feel good to be around you.
* How a few “innocent questions” can produce powerful feelings.  You’ll be surprised how easy this is.
* The magic and power of stories to move people…and lead them exactly where you want them to go.

Session 6
“Advanced Hypnotic Language”
1 Hour 7 Mins 17 Secs

Igor reveals that …

* Some words aren’t simply words.  They carry hidden power that influences people without them even realizing it.  You’ll discover the words that have this power and how to use them for maximum advantage.
* Precision Language Secret #1 – Hot Words.  These could be called “Dynamite” words because of the explosive emotional impact they can have on people.  Use them carefully.
* 3 tips to using Hot Words for maximum impact – where to find them, when to use them and how to use contrast to magnify the effect.
* Precision Language Secret #2 – Hypnotic Words.  Can mere words on their own put someone in a trance?  You’d better believe it. You need to know these words both to increase your own hypnotic powers and to avoid falling under someone else’s spell.
* The 2 things you must know to use Hypnotic Words naturally and effectively.
* Precision Language Secret #3 – Hypnotic Themes.  In your hands innocent, everyday activities become the means to mesmerize people and lead them into a trance.
* Precision Language Secret #4 – Personal Trance Words.  Everyone has them and they have virtually no choice but to respond to them.  Press the right button with the right word and they’ll do exactly what you expect.
* The secret to discovering someone’s Personal Trance Words and the key to then using them with precision and maximum effect.
* Precision Language Secret #5 – Action Accelerators.  How to compel action right NOW with no questions and no hesitation.  Use this correctly and the effect will be like a dam bursting as they rush to do exactly what you ask.
* Precision Language Secret #6 – Anticipation Builders. The secret that drives people into an irrational frenzy.  Apply this correctly and people will be so eager to follow your directions that you’ll need to hold them back.
* How to ratchet up the power of Anticipation Builders to produce an awesome effect when you finally make a request.
* Precision Language Secret #7 – Language Softeners.  Sometimes you’ll want to adopt a more subtle approach.  Here’s how to wrap a velvet glove around your steel fist of persuasion to totally dissolve any resistance.
* Use these covert tactics to avoid damaging confrontations, cover up potential blunders and gently steer people to where you want them.
* Listen in as Igor masterfully weaves the 7 Precision Language secrets together into super powerful demonstration for you.
* The 7 Precision Language Secrets make up “Hypnotic Language 102”.  You’re now ready to graduate to “Hypnotic Language 103” with 2 further “Power Tips” that will put you in the elite of persuasion experts.
* Power Tip #1 – How to use mixed messages to communicate on multiple levels.  While they’re listening to what you seem to be saying, your real message gets through unhindered.
* Power Tip #2 – The Language Of Confusion.  Become a Master of this conversational “Ju Jitsu” and  the door to their mind will be wide open to your suggestions and requests.  Igor reveals 5 key “moves” to make you a “Black Belt” in persuasion.
* Double negation.  A powerful trick to melt resistance to your suggestions.
* There’s a limit to the amount of information the conscious mind can handle.  Here’s how to exploit this vulnerability to sidestep objections.
* A tiny little trick, that won’t even be noticed, that has the power to induce a deep trance surprisingly quickly.
* Used correctly, this tactic can be devastatingly effective. SWAT teams rely on it in “Life And Death” situations.  Your need might not be so dramatic but you can use this to totally disarm people and have them meekly comply with your requests. Using this is like pressing a “Reset Button” in their brain so they “reboot” into a trance and simply comply with your request.
* The “Amnesia Technique”.  How you can make people forget problems, arguments and unhelpful complications.  If they were arguing with you, they won’t remember what they were bothered about.
* Warning! After listening to this demonstration of the “Amnesia Technique” you may have to read the transcript to know what you’ve just forgotten!
* The covert power of hidden suggestions, how they were discovered and the science behind how they work.  This is a potent but little known technique that you will master to astonishing effect.

9 Advanced Hypnotic Language Strategies
You Can Weave Into Your Words By
The End Of This Session…

* How to make hidden commands and suggestions a natural part of your everyday conversations.
* Tips on how to conceal your hidden commands and suggestions in seemingly innocent statements or stories.
* How to slip secret messages into your conversations using a simple trick that won’t be noticed.
* The handy resource that provides a shortcut to success with hidden suggestions and commands.
* The secret to using hidden suggestions and commands so that they are virtually impossible to resist.
* A super subtle way to use eye contact to implant hidden suggestions.  They will never know why they are following your commands.
* A simple way to always have the right hypnotic word for any situation.  Do this and you’ll never be lost for words.
* How you can create a Personal Trigger Word that will automatically make people feel good to be around you.  You’ll be more popular and charismatic as a result.
* The fun and easy way to start using confusion to boost your hypnotic skills.

Session 7
“How To Destroy Resistance With Stories” Part One
1 Hour 11 Mins 41 Secs

You’ll hear that …

* Throughout history, the great storytellers have been admired and revered for their ability to move, inspire and influence people. You’ll discover their secret to magical storytelling and how to transform your ability to influence and attract people to you.
* The true power of stories and why they influence people so strongly.  Use this power wisely and your hypnosis skills and influence will increase dramatically.
* Stories come in many different forms.  Each is effective in a different way.  You’ll discover how to use the right story type at the right time to get the result you want.
* 4 ways to use a story to bypass conscious objections and resistance and make sure your message is heard and acted on.
* How to subtly include trance themes within a story.  Remember, when someone is in a trance, they are more open to your suggestions.
* How to achieve remarkable results by placing embedded suggestions in your stories.  You’ll discover the famous “Tomato Plant” story that Milton Erickson used to help a chronically ill patient when all else failed.
* An “Isomorphic Story” might sound like something from a geometry class.  Don’t be alarmed. In fact, it’s a powerful way to get someone totally involved in your story and reach your desired conclusion.
* How to use stories so that people think they are acting on their own free will, but in fact are doing exactly what you want them to. The great boxer Muhammad Ali knew this secret and used it to help him in many of his victories.
* The 3 Master Keys to telling a compelling story to both attract and influence your listener.
* The hidden structure of hypnotic stories. This is the key to holding attention and making sure your real message gets through.
* How to turn an ordinary story into a good one and a good story into something truly memorable.  Few people know how to do this and you’ll be a rare storyteller and person of influence with this secret 4th key.
* Anyone can tell a good story, once they know about the 4 keys.  Igor demonstrates how easy it can be by creating a story spontaneously and without any preparation.
* The surprising and highly beneficial side effect of being a good storyteller.  You’ll need no encouragement to perfect your storytelling skills when you hear about this.
* 99% of people think they can’t tell a good story.  The truth is that everyone has this talent but few actually realize it.
* A fatal mistake that destroys any chance of telling a good story.  Avoid this or you’ll damage your ability to persuade people.
* A simple mental trick that guarantees you can instantly tell spellbinding stories whenever you want.  You don’t even need any time to prepare before starting your story.
* Welcome to Igor’s “Strange New World”.  It might sound bizarre but in fact this unique strategy opens the door to recalling actual stories from the past, creating new stories and captivating your listener every time.
* Join Igor on a journey to the “Strange New World”.  You’ll experience for yourself how easy and enjoyable this can be and you’ll quickly be exploring your own new worlds.
* Igor reveals the insider tricks and tips to ensure a fun, enjoyable and valuable experience every time you visit the “Strange New World”.
* The secret to unlocking your storytelling genius so that you can effortlessly spin wonderful and compelling stories at will.
* The movie “Forrest Gump” contains much hidden wisdom.  Here’s a fun game inspired by a scene in the movie to really stimulate your inner creativity.
* Entertaining people with your stories is great.  But as a hypnotist you want stories to do more than just entertain.  Here’s how to make your stories powerful vehicles for persuasion and influence by covertly including hypnotic themes, ideas and commands.
* More tips and tricks from the masters of storytelling to enchant your listeners and open them to your suggestions.
* Igor and the Caterpillar!  There’s an important lesson for you in this story about the principle of “Incorporation”. This will be vital to adding persuasion power to your stories.
* How to Incorporate specific items and ideas in your own stories.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easily you master this skill.
* How to become a true storytelling expert.  Igor reveals 5 key Insider Tricks that master storytellers know and use.
* The surprising thing that stops many people from becoming great storytellers.  Fortunately, it’s easy to overcome as Igor explains.
* How to enlist your unconscious mind as a powerful ally to smash through a barrier to your creativity.  People don’t like to talk about this but you need to make this breakthrough to become a truly great storyteller.
* The simple technique that ensures your stories will be vivid, intense and catch the attention of your listener.
* Nobody likes boring stories.  You won’t run that risk if you follow these simple suggestions.
* A powerful technique to refine your storytelling skills, amplify your creative abilities and tap into the amazing stories within you.
* How to make your stories even richer, more powerful and more enthralling with the “Rule of 3”.  This will also dramatically increase the persuasive power of your stories.
* A demonstration of the “Rule of 3” with tips, insights and guidance from Igor to make it easy to increase the persuasion potency of your stories.
* The practical and useful way to weave Emotional Triggers into your stories.  This will make your stories more compelling as well as increasing the impact on the person listening to you.
* Excitement and anticipation are some of the best ways to captivate your listener.  Igor shares a simple story that will have you on the edge of your seat…and then reveals exactly what to do to enchant listeners yourself.
* 2 storytelling insights you must know about if you want to guarantee compelling stories that have the power to persuade.
* How to overcome “Storyteller’s Block” and remove the unconscious barriers that can hold back your natural storytelling ability.  This will save you from ever being lost for words.
* Sometimes the best thing to do is let go and allow a story to evolve naturally as you go.  Here’s how to put your storytelling on “autopilot” and get great results with less effort.
* 4 Master Storyteller’s Strategies to go from clueless beginner to silver-tongued teller of tales in record time.
* The key to finding authentic, true stories that connect with your audience in the right way.
* The best way to create your own “on demand” library of compelling stories that you have ready to attract and enthuse listeners at any time.
* How to effortlessly tell hundreds or even thousands of compelling stories without having to memorize any of them.  Discover why it’s actually better if you don’t memo rise entire stories.
* How to really capture the attention of someone and amplify the persuasive effect of a story.  Do this correctly and they will feel the message of the story was meant just for them.

Session 8
“Conversational Inductions: How To Deal Directly With The Unconscious Mind”
1 Hour 14 Mins 28 Secs

When you listen to this session…

* Igor reveals how to conduct conversational inductions and communicate directly with the unconscious mind.  You’ll experience the power of hypnosis and, more importantly, practice the arts of persuasion yourself..
* The 4 essential steps of the powerful Hypnotic Protocol.  Every successful use of hypnosis involves these 4 steps.  Without them you risk disappointment and failure.
* The 3 secrets to mastering Conversational Hypnosis as speedily as possible.  Follow these tips and you’ll soon be confidently using hypnosis to achieve your goals.
* How to begin your journey to mastery with Conversational Hypnosis.  You might be surprised at the first step but it’s essential to your success.
* How you can make your hypnosis less and less obvious to people.  People will simply think you’re holding an ordinary conversation…while being unaware of the powerful principles of persuasion you are applying.
* 2 things you must do to develop your persuasion skills in the shortest possible time.
* The amazing “60 Second Hypnotist” routine . It sounds incredible but you really can perform valuable hypnosis in less than a minute.  Igor reveals how to do this yourself.
* Igor’s private tips to ensure success as a “60 Second Hypnotist” and have friends and people you know lining up to be hypnotized (you’ll get lots of hypnosis practice as a result).
* The 4 simple steps that guarantee someone will enter a trance state.
* When you first start out learning hypnosis, you might feel a little anxious about practicing your skills with people.  This simple tip removes any pressure and will let you gain confidence and experience while making it fun for everyone involved.
* The “60 Second Hypnotist” routine might seem elementary, but it conceals the use of powerful hypnotic tools.  Igor dissects the routine for you and reveals the extraordinary effectiveness of seemingly simple steps.
* Hear for yourself how to be a “60 Second Hypnotist” as Igor takes you through the routine and points out what’s actually going on at every stage.  You’ll get lots of “Ah-ha” insights and be ready to do this yourself after this demonstration.
* A sinister figure in fiction is the Hypnotist who can mesmerize a person just by gazing into their eyes.  Is this really possible?  Actually it is…but not quite in the way you might think.  Igor reveals the truth behind the “Hypnotic Gaze”.
* Separating fact from fantasy about the Hypnotic Gaze.  What you can and can’t achieve simply by gazing into someone’s eyes.
* The 5 secrets that explain the real power and effectiveness of the Hypnotic Gaze and how to apply them yourself.
* Why eye contact is such a powerful way to attract attention and how it really can start to put someone in a trance.
* The reason why someone will more readily respond to you when you make eye contact the right way.
* It might sound incredible, but without saying a word you can make someone start going into a trance.  The scientific explanation for this is quite fascinating and will help you apply this skill.
* Warning!  The last thing you want is someone in a trance getting aggressive or afraid.  Here’s how to make sure that never happens to you.
* One of the secrets of the Hypnotic Gaze is that confidence breeds success.  Here’s something to do PLUS 7 things to avoid if you want to project confidence and authority.
* The telltale signs that reveal when someone is about to go into trance.  This knowledge will enable you to speed up what’s happening and increase your control of the situation.
* The 2 types of trances and the differences between them.  Knowing this is essential if you want to become skilled at using hypnosis for greater power and influence.
* 4 simple steps to creating a powerful Hypnotic Gaze Induction.
* Igor takes you step by step through the Hypnotic Gaze induction.  You’ll quickly understand how to use this powerful persuasion tool yourself.
* The “Inner Circle” secrets to using the Hypnotic Gaze induction.  Igor shares what the experts do to create the greatest persuasive effect.
* Join Igor for a walk through the Hypnotic Gaze induction in action.  Even though you’ll be listening to the demonstration, it will seem as if you really are gazing into someone’s eyes.
* One of the secrets to being a good hypnotist is actually to be good at being hypnotized.  This strategy will help you build one of the key skills of hypnotic power.
* What really went on in that Hypnotic Gaze induction?  You might think you know but check if you missed anything as Igor provides a complete explanation of what he did.
* Please don’t miss this section.  Igor shares some very subtle but very powerful techniques that amplify the persuasive power of the Hypnotic Gaze induction.  These distinctions make the difference between being an expert and being a novice.
* In this simple, but powerful demonstration, Igor draws together many of the lessons from the program up to this point.
* 3 refinements you can use to covertly include the Hypnotic Gaze induction in any conversation.  People won’t realize what you’re doing and they’ll be wide open to your influence.
* 3 Ways you can conceal the Hypnotic Gaze induction in any conversation.  This is “stealth” persuasion that’s virtually impossible to detect.

4 Conversational Induction Strategies
You Can Add To Your Arsenal By
The End Of This Session…

* How to build your persuasion power swiftly with the 60 Second Hypnotist.
* The natural way to apply the Hypnotic Gaze in ordinary, everyday situations.
* A 4 step process you can use to include the Hypnotic Gaze induction in your everyday conversations.  You control the degree of stealth and  the level of influence you use.
* How to conceal an hypnotic induction so what you’re doing will not be recognized as anything out of the ordinary.

Session 9
“How To Destroy Resistance With Stories” Part 2
1 Hour 1 Mins 42 Secs

Igor shares with you …

* 4 ways to use the persuasion power of stories to create the results and outcomes you desire.
* How to use hidden suggestions in stories to incredible persuasive effect.  Milton Erickson used this technique to achieve dramatic results in cases where everything else had failed.
* When you control how someone feels, you can control how they behave.  Here’s how to include emotional triggers in your stories to establish emotional control.
* How to completely transform how someone is feeling – even from dark despair to happiness and joy.  Stories have the power to do this when you apply this principle correctly.
* How to use stories to give advice without seeming to give advice.  By doing this you can help people in situations where otherwise they would ignore you.
* Sun Tzu said that “Every battle is won…before it is fought”.  Here’s how to use stories to prepare in advance and ensure success.
* Secrets that advertisers use to persuade you both to buy now and continue to buy in the future.  You can apply the same ideas to your business.
* Discover the persuasive power of nested loops and how to use multiple hidden metaphors.  These techniques will exponentially increase your power to persuade and influence people…without them being aware of it.
* The “Zeigarnik Effect”.  Use this powerful psychological tactic to keep someone’s attention and also help them to learn and adapt more effectively.
* There are 4 levels of nested loops.  You start at the basic (but still powerful) level.  Step-by-step Igor leads you up through the levels to the peak of mastery.
* The simple way to construct a basic nested loop.  It’s just a tiny, but important, adjustment that transforms your existing skills into a potent new tool.
* There are 2 different kinds of “Loops” (“Hard” and “Soft”).  Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can use the right kind to get the best results.
* Level 2: Intermediate Nested Loops.  Make these simple additions to your basic nested loops to engage your listener and make them more receptive to your ideas.
* The secret master storytellers use so that every story is fresh, unique and exciting.  You’ll have the power to enthrall any audience with this secret.
* Level 3: Advanced Nested Loops.  Increase the hypnotic power of loops with special trance techniques that give you almost complete control of the outcome.
* A way to influence someone so that they automatically take a desired action when required.
* “Future Memories”. They might sound strange but you can use them to virtually guarantee that something will happen exactly as you planned .
* Level 4: Mastery Level Nested Loops.  Igor reveals the 2 things to incorporate in your loops that will take you into the elite circle of Master Persuaders.  Even trained hypnotists will be unable to detect or resist your power.
* Nested loops in the “Real World”. How to actually design your own nested loops to increase your power and create the outcomes you want.

Bonus “Cheat Sheet”
This Session Includes A Special Bonus “Cheat Sheet” To Help You Assimilate This Powerful Knowledge

It’s Like A Secret Treasure Map Of How To Structure An Irresistibly Powerful Hypnotic Story.

* 7 simple steps to creating hypnotic loops that will transform your ability to persuade and influence people.
* A tip to boost your creativity and always have the right story available to use in your hypnotic conversations.
* The key to powerful and effective storytelling.  Without this people will find your stories dull and uninteresting and you’ll fail to get the results you want.
* Igor shares an insider’s tip you can use to safely test your nested loops and avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes.
* How to become a natural storyteller and effortlessly enchant an audience at any time with stories that both entertain and persuade.

4 Tricks To Put Real Hypnotic Power Into
Your Storytelling, Leaving People Spellbound
By The End Of This Session…

* How to create a basic set of loops AND be able to instantly use them in everyday conversations.
* One of Igor’s favorite ways you can see and hear master storytellers in action. Not only will you improve your storytelling skills, you’ll have a lot of fun as well.
* Tips to add hypnotic power to your nested loops.
* The secret to taking an elementary story and transforming it into a masterpiece with incredible power of persuasion and influence.

Session 10
“Advanced Frame Control – How To Irresistibly Lead Any Interaction”
1 Hour 2 Mins 37 Secs

Igor opens up the power of …

* “Frames”.  What they are, why they’re important and how you can use them to exert control in any situation.
* What someone hears you say will depend totally on the “Frame”.  Control the frame and you control what they hear.
* How you can use frames to totally transform any conversation or social situation.  Go from negative to positive, conflict to harmony, in just seconds.
* How to use frames as part of your “covert” arsenal of persuasion tactics to bypass the resistance of the conscious mind.
* Warning!  If you allow this to happen, even kind and charitable acts will be made to appear evil and manipulative.  Fortunately, you can prevent this with some simple tactics.
* “Frame Wars”.  Every time you come into contact with someone, two different views of the world bump into each other. The dominant view will largely determine what happens.  Knowing how this works, you’ll have an advantage in any social situation.
* How to come out on top so that you’re the one in control and setting the agenda.  This can make the difference between being an unwanted pest and a welcome guest.
* How and why people covertly seek to undermine your influence.  Keep these psychic intruders at bay with these simple tips.
* Winning the Frame Wars.  There really is a “Dark Side” out there.  Here are 4 “Jedi” Power Tactics to maintain your own position and dominate any opposition so that you determine the outcome.
* How to avoid losing control of a situation and ending up in a submissive, weak position.
* How to frame the agenda in advance so that the outcome is almost certain to be as you desire.  It’s like an inoculation against objections and resistance.
* You can easily neutralize objections and resistance with a deceptively simple tactic.  By using this tactic you’ll swiftly regain control and influence over the situation.
* Sometimes, your only option is to play “Hardball” when you encounter someone who wants to dominate you. Here’s how to launch a devastating psychological “Blitzkrieg” to crush unwanted opposition and bend them to your will quickly.
* How to create and maintain powerful frames – these will be so strong they’ll stand up to the toughest challenge.
* Warning!  These mistakes will sabotage your influence without you realizing what’s happening. Avoid these things or you run the risk of humiliation and rejection.
* Discover Igor’s “Secret Moves” to shrug off attempts to dominate you.
* There’s a “Psychic Sonar” that people use to make sense of the world around them.  You can use this to influence people and get them to see things your way.
* How to use 2 subtle outside influences to exert an iron grip of control over any situation.  Use these 2 things correctly and your power will be almost irresistible.
* 3 tactics to resist challenges, deal with objections and stay in control of even the most stressful situations.
* Discover 2 powerful frames that you can use to increase your personal power and make your life richer and more abundant in every way.
* The secret to a life of abundance and riches.  You can make your limitations a thing of the past and it’s easier than you might think.
* How to stop bad things “just happening” to you. Some people seem to just effortlessly sail through life and everything goes their way.  This isn’t mere chance.  Discover the secret to creating your own destiny and the life of your dreams.

7 Power Tactics To Irresistibly Lead Any
Interaction You’ll Have At Your Command
By The End Of This Session…

* How to become a “Frame Detective”.  A simple question to use so that you instantly understand the subtle influences at work in any social situation.
* The shocking truth about the daily assault on your mind.  Here’s how to protect yourself from media brainwashing and shameless political spin.
* How to develop a “Zen Master” presence and remain cool, calm and collected…whatever the pressure.
* How to make sure it’s impossible for someone to disagree with you and that they are left with no other choice but to do what you wish.
* How to use some simple questions to change your reality and bring more abundance, happiness and fulfillment into your life.
* A lesson from “Pollyanna”.  Use this simple phrase and you can help make the world a better place as well as transforming your own life.
* Lessons in influence and persuasion from ancient Greece.  Even after 2,407 years the power of these principles is undiminished.

Session 11
“Conversational Trance Formulas – Getting
What You Want”
1 Hour 10 Mins 15 Secs

You’ll have…

* The LIFE checklist to ensure you use all of your hypnotic skills in a conversation. This simple checklist will improve your results dramatically.
* The LIFE checklist in action. 4 simple questions to use that will guarantee your hypnotic conversations are powerful, full of energy and highly effective.
* Discover Igor’s unique P-CAT formula to help people overcome problems and make beneficial changes in their life.  Your ability to help and influence people will reach a new level when you apply this 4 step formula.
* How to use the P-CAT formula to get the best results.  Igor shares the insider tips and distinctions that masters of hypnosis use.
* 3 ways confusion actually helps you in any hypnotic conversation to clear away obstacles to getting the result you want.
* 5 ways to reach into the unconscious mind to resolve problems and create breakthroughs.
* Join Igor for a demonstration of how you can use the P-CAT formula in a natural, relaxed and highly effective manner.
* Now here are the hidden secrets in that demonstration that you can use to refine your problem solving skills and be even more effective.
* It sounds incredible, but when you use “Future Memories” correctly a person will reveal to you exactly what needs to be done to resolve a seemingly “impossible” problem.  This was one of Milton Erickson’s “Secret Weapons” when everything else had failed.
* How experts use 3 powerful tactics to create Future Memories for people in a way that’s easy and works every time.
* Post Hypnotic Suggestions.  How to ensure someone will follow your instructions, when you’re not even present.  This is sometimes the only technique that will get the result you want and every expert has this in their hypnosis toolkit.
* 3 conditions that must be present if you want your post hypnotic suggestions to achieve the result you want.
* How to install a Post Hypnotic Suggestion.  Follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll get great results every time.
* Hints and useful suggestions you can use when installing a Post Hypnotic Suggestion.  Milton Erickson used these ideas himself.
* Amnesia is a powerful tool to make hypnosis more effective (By making people forget certain things, you remove potential interference with what you’re doing).  Here are the 3 quickest and easiest ways to create amnesia.
* Fractionation.  This is when you repeatedly put someone in a trance, bring them out and then put them back in again.  It’s a great way to create amnesia and make your hypnosis more effective.  Here are some of Igor’s personal tips to using this fascinating technique.
* Exposed!  Igor’s “COMILA” formula to create positive changes and new behaviors in people even in the face of obstructions and interference.
* Motivation.  It seems like everybody is talking about it, but few people really understand it.  There’s a critical distinction that you must understand if you want to have any chance at all of properly motivating someone.  Igor explains this in detail.
* The 2 fundamental types of motivation that drive all human behavior.  They are both important and you’ll need to know when one will be more effective than the other.
* How to use the COMILA formula to create powerful motivation for change and direct that momentum to create a specific result.
* The foolproof guide to using the 6 steps of the COMILA formula.  With this roadmap plus the tips Igor generously shares, you’ll have the power to help people in a dramatic way.
* Avoid This Pitfall !  There’s a huge mistake many people make when they try and create change or get someone to take action.  Don’t fall into this trap or the result will be frustration and disappointment.
* The surprisingly simple secret that you can use to help people make massive changes that might seem almost impossible.
* A demonstration of the COMILA formula in action.  If you’ve ever been in a panic about deadlines or an upcoming exam, you might well find this useful yourself.
* There’s a huge amount in the COMILA demonstration.  Igor explains everything that’s happening both on the surface and at a deeper, less apparent level.  These insights will make you more effective and build your own persuasive power.
* You will now have everything you need to be a Master of “Conversational Hypnosis”. Now, as they say in the Nike ad, “Just Do It!”.

Session 12
“How To Master Conversational Hypnosis”
57 Mins 31 Secs

Finally you’ll have…

* The 9 Steps and 20 Master Techniques that will make you a Master of Conversational Hypnosis.
* The trick to avoiding overloading your mind with too many details at the same time.
* What to do at every stage so that you are completely confident about your ability to use Conversational Hypnosis to get results.
* Step 1 (Master Techniques 1-4).  Understanding hypnotic language.  This is the foundation of your ability to persuade and influence people.
* Step 2 (Master Techniques 5-8).  How to create the right atmosphere and conditions so that people are naturally open to you.
* Step 3 (Master Techniques 9-10).  Adding hypnosis to your conversations to be able to communicate directly with the unconscious mind.
* Step 4 (Master Techniques 11-12).  Bypassing the conscious mind to avoid resistance to your directions.
* Step 5 (Master Techniques 13-14).  Dissolve any remaining obstacles so that there is virtually no defense against your suggestions.
* Step 6 (Master Techniques 15-17).  Using stories and descriptions that captivate the imagination to further increase your ability to persuade and influence.
* Step 7 (Master Technique 18). Adding Frames to define and control the ground rules for any situation.  By doing this you control what outcomes are possible.
* Step 8 (Master Technique 19).  The hypnotic formulas to make your goals a reality.
* Step 9 (Master Technique 20).  How to become a Master Hypnotic Storyteller, someone who can inspire, captivate and move people to action.
* How to go beyond merely applying techniques to make Conversational Hypnosis a natural part of who you are and what you do every day.  You’ll be charming, influential and persuasive naturally and effortlessly.
* A complete checklist of the 53 special skills and tools of influence and persuasion that will be at your command when you complete “The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis” program.

This Session Also Includes FOUR “Cheat Sheets” Setting Out Igor’s 9 Step Blueprint For Compelling Almost Anybody To Do As You Say!

Your exciting course,
The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

‘How to Quickly and Easily Put People Under Your Spell And Get Them To Do What You Want’

…also includes a 629 page manual with references to every essential pattern, technique, strategy and hypnotic suggestion required to command the respect and compliance of whoever you choose.

Your manual also includes FULL Transcripts of all sessions. So you’ll have even more detailed information about your new powers of persuasion.

And you’ll always have an easy reference right at your fingertips!

You can read this manual at work, before sales calls, or use it to “brush up ” before an important meeting.

Of Course You May Have Doubts…
Is This Too Good To Be True?