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September 19, 2009

Learn Remote Viewing: Finding About Remote Objects

Remote viewing involves the use of paranormal senses to perceive distant objects. This is a controversial concept yet to be defined by science.

But it is believed that such things happen when mind and soul attains a supernatural level of sensation. It is believed that people who practice remote viewing are capable of delivering information about distant objects which are not possible to evaluate by the rest.

During the 90’s the concept of remote viewing became very popular with the Stargate project. This was an initiative taken by the U.S. government to develop military applications. This, however, didn’t work up to the expectation level due to the lack of information.

Controversies Surrounding Remote Viewing

Several remote viewing session and experiments where conducted around the world. One of such famous experiments includes the one conducted by Stanford Research Institute. Such experiments have proved that subjective validation, as act of stimuli, swayed the students to a large extent. Rest confirmed that those reports produced by the students were untrue and lacked enough justifications.

Research works at Hertfordshire delivered reports that confirmed remote viewing is not out of the world and if studied properly can revolutionize the entire world. Universities and physiologists have fought to find the truth based on remote viewing but they could hardly conclude anything due to lack of information or leakage of information.

Many programs related to this might have been continued but the defeat of Democrats stopped the funding for such programs. Controversies and struggles prevented the sponsors from taking part in the process.

How Does Remote Viewing Occur?

Remote viewing is termed as pseudoscience. When someone is capable of reciprocating to the mid and low delta frequency, remote viewing occurs. It is said that during a day, most men and women experience the mid and low frequency levels but their minds are not tuned to catch the actual vibes of remote viewing.

A normal human being can attain this stage when he/she is asleep. The experts, however, can attain this stage even when they are in their conscious mind.

There are some who utilize this remote viewing capacity to relax. Others try to find out something informative and meaningful from what they view.

Research on remote viewing had always been a tough job. This is because a remote viewer is sometimes on and the rest of the time off. The mind and the harnessing level of mind doesn’t work, for the remote viewers, equally all the time.

It is because of this reason that no experiments with them could reach a final conclusion. An intellectual section of the community feels that if the concept of remote viewing is utilized in the daily life then it might lead to severe destructions.

Lack of positive theory and solid proofs never let this experiment on remote viewing move further but still scientist, along with the parapsychologists, are struggling on the real aspects of remote viewing. Students are also participating activity to fuel up the experimentation process.

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September 17, 2009

Mind Power Techniques Revealed

A number of people are interested in mind power techniques. You should be too. Using the right mind power techniques can help you achieve the best that you can in life. These are the methods that can open the doors to true success and fulfillment. Before you dive into the steps to developing such techniques, you may want to learn about a few basics first.

Techniques Anyone Can Use

There are a number of techniques that your mind can master. The important thing to remember is that anyone can use and develop these mental techniques to happiness and fulfillment.

One of the most common techniques known to man is the ability to communicate with other minds. This is more often called telepathy. For those who are not fully aware that the technique is possible, there is a tendency to imagine telepathy as used by comic book characters or evil villains. In reality, there truly are powerful telepaths but we are less likely to encounter dramatic versions of them. Learning this technique will simply give you a basic insight into what others think and intend without their having to say anything.

Clairvoyance and remote viewing are sometimes regarded as separate mind techniques. For some experts however, both techniques have elements that combine. These techniques generally let an individual see beyond the five senses. One is therefore able to know about an object, location or event that is not immediately up front. In simple applications, clairvoyance can be used to find parking space. The technique however can of course be used for more extreme purposes.

The power of intuition is not always viewed as a mental method. This may be because this is one of the techniques that many individuals seem to have. You use your intuition every time you have a gut feeling about something and you turn out to be right. Some individuals however have stronger senses of intuition than others. You can learn to develop stronger intuition and use it to your advantage before you commit to important decisions. This is a mental strategy that many successful entrepreneurs and individuals have. They have the gift for knowing instantly when there is a good opportunity.

One mental method is getting what you want. This is a broad technique and often has overlapping elements with other techniques. Simply put however, the technique is related to the law of attraction. When you want something, you simply have to be sure about it and act as if you already have it. Thinking in this positive way is the key to truly getting your equally positive wish. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. There are many other techniques of the mind. These however are good techniques to start with.
Developing These Techniques

There are many ways to develop these mind power techniques. Each technique will have its own set of basic principles. A number of experts and practitioners however will have their own methods of mastering and developing the techniques. In general though, you have a better chance of mastering mind power techniques if you are able to maintain a calm, open and meditative mind.

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