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September 15, 2010

Hypnotic Influence & Energy (Article)

Welcome to this short article on influence. This article is going to give you some concepts on how to use energy with your Hypnotic Influence. The concept that I teach to my private mentoring students individuals that are involved in my inner circle, total system, closed system and now I am going to teach a little bit to you. Obviously you will get more detail if you join our inner circle or buy our hypnosis books at chipowerinnercircle.com, our membership or mindforcesecrets.com where you can get the books.

I do want to give you an understanding of how this came about and how I learned this. When I first started chi training I knew nothing about hypnosis, I knew nothing about NLP or hypnotic influence, or subliminal influence or messages…

I did not know anything about it. l but as my energy started getting stronger and stronger, I noticed was able to influence people on a much greater level than I could before. It was the power of my energy, combined with the power of my words and thoughts, that I was able to influence at a much higher level.

That’s when I spoke to my instructor Sifu Jones and asked “why is this happening”, and he said it is the energy. Then I started learning, hypnosis, subliminal message, and different types of training like NLP and created my mind force method of hypnotic influence.

If you want to influence somebody, there are 3 factors that you have to have in coordination if it’s going to work at its highest level. Many of these concepts will take an intense study as well as put in the proper flight time in order to get them to work.

1. Energy – if you do not have good energy it will be very difficult to influence anyone from any kind of stand point.
2. The words that you use
3. Thoughts

People will say to me or I will read about energy workers where they say you have to use your energy but they do not know what they are talking about. Energy is a physical manifestation; it’s not just something you say.

In our chi power training, we teach people how to use the physical energy, how to emit physical energy to use it for very very cool techniques. What some people would consider extraordinary techniques, and we will teach you how to do that. When you influence somebody you are going to use all three of these components. If you use only one, it could work but when you use all 3 it’s like having an atomic bomb in your hands.

How do you want your energy to be? You want it to be strong yet refined. What I mean by that is that it is an energy that is out there, it’s strong, yet feels good to others… Anytime you are looking to influence anybody, the more you make them feel good, the more they will be receptive to whatever it is you are offering.

The days of you trying to convince them to do something by making them feel guilty or bad doesn’t really work for the long term and so your energy has to be clean, feel good, feel cool. You do not want it to be erratic; you do not want it to be hyper.
You make somebody feel good, they are going to follow you and do whatever you want them to do. Your words, they have to be direct. You have to let them know exactly what you want, they have to have power. Of course in my training manuals, you’ll find just that. You’ll find all the specific words, patterns and ways to use the power to do your bidding.

The power from the words will emanate with an energy that causes influence and persuasion to happen.

You then have to control your thoughts… They have to be clear and concise and they have to work with your energy and words. Your thoughts have to be the same as what you’re trying to accomplish with both your words and your energy.

If I have a concept that I want to get across to somebody and I have an energy that is pulling them in and making them feel good, like “buy my products now” or “you’re going to get so much enjoyment working with me”.

You are using words, and obviously the words have power and the direct ability to state to someone exactly what you want. The words have power; every word has a particular power. Some people say it was just a word. We all know that words have power. If someone says something to us, they can make us feel good or bad just from words.

It doesn’t really matter if it were spoken or written, words have power. The moment you realize that words have power you start to understand that every word you write, every word you say has the power to do good or bad. It is a double edge sword.

That’s why you need to make sure that all these things are working together… Your thoughts, they have to be clear and concise. You cannot have a mixed thought. You can’t be talking to somebody on how you want them to work with you in a certain way and then in your mind you have a jumbled up “oh I don’t know if they will, maybe they won’t”, that doesn’t work. You have to have a clear and concise idea of what you are doing.

One of the most difficult things that you will run into as far as hypnotic influence and using your energy, your words and your thoughts is getting them coordinated. When you work with us, we will show you how to do that.

Even if you have some of our products and have been through some of our memberships you’ll understand how it works. The reason why I did this article is that I get a lot of emails about some of these concepts and I wanted to clear it up.

In order to be an influencer, you have to have these 3 things lined up and if you don’t know how to physically emit the energy, if you don’t know the proper words, you don’t know the thoughts you need to be thinking then the next step would be to go to mindforcesecrets.com or chipowerinnercircle.com

These are the two places you can go to get that information. I’ve enjoyed sharing this information with you. If you have any questions, please contact me on either of these websites. I would be happy to fill you in on some more of the refined details on how this works. Thanks for reading this article and have a fantastic day.

September 13, 2010

Using Energy to Hypnotically Influence

Is Hypnotic Influence, just about the words you use or is there more to it than that?

The fact is that the more you use your energy, the more you’ll get out of your hypnotic influencing skills…Most people who teach hypnosis, hypnotism, NLP, hypnotic influence, etc rarely even consider the energy factor…

The reason is most don’t have a clue about how using actual physical energy works. When I teach Chi Power methods to people, it is a physical, tangible energy that can actually be felt. When you use this with your Hypnotic Influence, your abilities go up exponentially. Check out the video for a better understanding.

May 3, 2010

Let Me Hypnotize You…(Video)

Let me hypnotize you with this simple yet effective exercise, to allow you to see, and feel the power of you awesome mind power…That’s it, relax down, and join me in this little experiment, which you’ll love…Then you can show it to your friends and colleagues…

November 24, 2009

How Can I Manipulate You? (Video)

So, I asked for questions and I got some…Well, I decide to answer this one first…Sometimes it is the person who is trying to annoy you that sheds a great amount of light on a topic…

Anyway, this guy wanted to let me know that he was going to manipulation me through his powers of hypnosis, I guess. Being able to hypnotize someone is really just one piece of the puzzle, and for you to think that using Hypnotic Influence in the wrong way will get you ahead, is the wrong thinking all together…

Watch the video and see what I mean…

August 12, 2009

New York City Day Trip…

Nothing Beats Times Square...Truly Amazing & Cool!

Nothing Beats Times Square...Truly Amazing & Cool!

Hypnotic Building? You Decide...Ill show you how to use this...

Hypnotic Building? You Decide…I’ll show you how to use this…

As I mentioned in my email the other day, I was heading into the Big Apple…Now, I only live about 60 miles from the city, but anytime relatives come to stay with us, my wife and I do the tour…

Self Pic of Me and Camille (I look sligthly weird!)

Self Pic of Me and Camille (I look sligthly weird!)

I know your wondering what this has to do with MIND FORCE or HYPNOSIS…Nothing, just wanted to share with you…Well, now that you brought it up, you can order my Manipulation, Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence right here.

Here’s a cute one of my youngest daughter Camille goofing around on the street. She never misses a photo op!

Camille Striking a Pose...

Camille Striking a Pose...

My wife’s brother Bruce and his 2 daughters were in from Korea and wanted the tour. Here are some pics from our little day trip, hope you enjoy.

My Brother In Law Bruce With His Two Girls, Grace & Michelle

My Brother In Law Bruce With His Two Girls, Grace & Michelle

Keep in mind that the weather was over 95 degrees, so we were sweating our butts off…Check out the photos, some  are pretty cool. I even have my version of the Hypnotic Building, see if you can tell which one…

Alex, Mary Jane and Camille Riding the Subway...

Alex, Mary Jane and Camille Riding the Subway...

If you’ve ever been on a NYC subway, it is quite the treat…Here is a pic of my oldest son Alex with Mary Jane and Camille.

I also love taking photos of cool building or even just the street of the day as a lasting memory of the trip. Keep in mind that all of these photos were shot with my IPhone, and came out pretty good…

This is a View from The Rock At Central Park

This is a View from The Rock At Central Park

My wife Mary Jane and I in NYC

My wife Mary Jane and I in NYC

August 7, 2009

Best Selling Hypnosis Book-> Only $10!

Well folks, I have finally decided to almost give away my best selling Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence book...

Why would I sell this for only $10, when I have people paying so much more every day?

The reason is to provide hypnosis training value for you. I know that when you get a hold of this Hypnosis book, you will be amazed by the amount of great, common sense info and you’ll naturally want to get more of my training material…

That being said, I have packaged with this offer my new Mind Force Hypnotic Influence 12 Week Boot Camp. To be honest, this is the real value for the promotion, because the Boot Camp will allow you to get the most out of Covert Persuasion and Hypnotic Influence in a way that will truly enable you to become a Controller of yourself…

Watch the video for the details, then go on over to the order page and get your copy of Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence for only $10.