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November 25, 2009

Mind Force Hypnosis Books

“If You Desire Hypnotic Power and Control Over Yourself and Others, Then These Manuals are Precisely What You’ve Been Looking For, I Guarantee These Are The Most Authoritative & Concise Manuals on Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis & Covert Persuasion You Will Find Anywhere, At Any Cost!”

Hypnosis books

These Manuals Are Sold on Top Sites Such As Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble. When You Order From This Page However, You Get All The Special Bonuses Listed Below...

Allow me to help you maximize yourself and get the most out of life by learning how to become a “Controller”- A. Thomas Perhacs, Author of Manipulation, The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence

Lets face it, we all need an advantage in life…We all need to know that when we really need to, we can become the controller of a situation. If you’re the type of person who wants to excel in life, and I don’t mean by just a little bit, but to be the one that when you walk in the room, everyone looks at you…And not because your good looking…

The look at you because they can feel the energy of confidence eminating off of your body. They can sense something about you that is intangible, yet they know it’s there…

That is what being a “Controller” is all about, getting the confidence to know you can do anything, persuade anyone, get control of a situation in an instant…

Believe it!

When I wrote Manipulation, I wrote it for myself as I was going through my Hypnosis, NLP, Subliminal Messaging & Chi Power Training. I took out all of the useless and untested concepts and only kept the ones that I could use in my own life and situation… What was left, were the golden nuggets of years of training…

Now this valuable information can be yours with my Hypnosis Collection of Manuals…Each manual contains a different yet potent secret of the “Mind Arts”. You’ll learn how to hypnotize yourself and others, build subliminal message, create unstoppable confidence and amazing attraction methods…

I will stack this collection against any others on the market, because I hand picked the concepts to ensure you get the training in all the areas that you need, and left out all the fluff and stuff that doesn’t work anyway…

You’re getting the honed down, cut to the core concepts which you can immediately use…

Check it out!

You Can Order The Manuals Seperately or As a Cost Savings Set, Delivered to Your Home or Office (Electronic Versions Delivered Immediately)
hypnosis collection

Whether You Order The Electronic Version or Hard Copy Version, You’ll Receive The Following Bonuses

Bonus #1- Video Instruction for The Manipulation Manual: In this video, you’ll learn the sweet spots to concentrate on as well as how to logically use this manuscript to become a Hypnotic Influence & Covert Persuasion machine…

Bonus #2- Audio Instruction for The Manipulation Manual: Audio portion of video above, easily load it onto your Ipod for easy listening.

Bonus # 3- Video Instruction for Hetero Hypnosis: This video will point out the strategic and important parts of the Hetero Hypnosis manuscript. The manual contains so much rock solid information and techniques, that this video can’t cover it all, but you’ll get a great overview of the concepts discussed and which ones to focus on.

Bonus #4- Audio Instruction for Hetero Hypnosis: Audio from the video above in MP3 format

Bonus #5- Video Instruction for Closed Door Self Hypnosis: You’ll be given a road map on how to best use the concepts discussed in one of the most popular manuals on self hypnosis, auto-suggestion and driving towards your goals.

Bonus #6- Audio Instruction for Closed Door Self Hypnosis: Audio from the video above in MP3 format.

Bonus #7- Audio Instruction for The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize: This audio takes you step by step into the manuscript and goes into amazing detail of how to get the most out of it…This audio file has been provided for years in MP3 and hard copy format, now you can get it as an excellent downloadable bonus!

Bonus #8- Hypnosis Secrets Revealed Manuscript: This 70+ page document could easily be sold by itself for what your getting this entire package for, but we thought it would give you an excellent perspective of some other techniques you can use. This document is in PDF format for you to download immediately for your reading pleasure.

***Super Bonus #9- Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp: When you order today, you’ll receive (2) weeks/ 14 days access to my extremely popular and successful Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp. This trial offer is totally FREE for the first 2 weeks. If you like the boot camp, we will automatically re-bill you at over 40% savings off the regular price (regular price- $67, You pay only $39.97 per month). If however, you decide you don’t want to continue, just contact our support staff prior to the end of the 14 days, and we will gladly stop it for you…Click Here for our Support Center

Option #1

Hard Copy Editions of Both Manipulation and Mind Force Hypnosis Manuals- $59.95 ($79.90 if purchased separately)


(Hard Copy Edition Shipped Directly to Your Home or Office Plus Immediate Access to Electronic Files)

$39.95 for Hard Copy & Electronic Version which includes, books, mp3 files &
bonus video and 14 days FREE Access To The Boot Camp, then $39.97 per month

hypnosis book order

Option #2

Electronic/Digital Editions of Both Manipulation and Mind Force Hypnosis Manuals- $47


(Digital Edition Means Nothing Will Be Shipped. Immediate Access to Electronic Files)

$27 for Electronic Version which includes, books, mp3 files & bonus video and 14 days FREE Access To The Boot Camp, then $39.97 per month for 3 months


October 9, 2009

Self Hypnosis Training in Two Methods

Performing self hypnosis may feel a bit unfamiliar when you first begin learning how to do it, but when you practice on a regular basis, you will find that the technique gets easier and easier until it feels completely natural and comfortable. Within just a few weeks, your hypnosis skills will blossom, allowing you to achieve the kinds of results you want. As you perfect the process of self hypnosis, you will be able to alter your behavior and your circumstances for the better. You can do self hypnosis in different ways or known as methods.

One practical method is through the use of pre-made self hypnosis sessions in CD or MP3 at. All you have to do is to plug on your computer or the MP3 player at home and listen to it with rapt attention. A self hypnosis MP3 is accessible for free download or at minimal cost from several websites that specialize in hypnotherapy. Such mp3 would usually be accompanied by an induction script with is your guide through the process of hypnosis. It helps you to relax by taking you through certain breathing and meditative processes. Once your mind is completely at rest, and no more thoughts are crowding your mind, the subconscious stratum of the mind is then addressed by the audio part of the mp3. There are several types of hypnosis mp3s available for different conditions. For example depending on your specific need, you could get one for smoking, weight loss, depression, etc. Each mp3 deals with the problem in individualistic way – the mp3 for curing smoking would have a different audio script than mp3 meant for alcohol addiction.

The other method is engaging with a professional hypnotherapist where you are put under the process of being hypnotized. With this, you always gain a deeper trance state. The mechanism of self hypnosis is not known even after many years of research but its effectiveness is very well known. Just why self hypnosis is so powerful, or why it works at all, is unknown. However, it does appear to induce a form of dissociation and allow direct communications with unconscious parts of the mind. This gives easy access to past memories and their emotional ties and also allows for the discovery of unconscious desires, fears and beliefs. The conscious mind, with its faculty for reasoning and questioning, is bypassed during self hypnosis and this allows any suggestions to be implanted.

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August 7, 2009

Best Selling Hypnosis Book-> Only $10!

Well folks, I have finally decided to almost give away my best selling Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence book...

Why would I sell this for only $10, when I have people paying so much more every day?

The reason is to provide hypnosis training value for you. I know that when you get a hold of this Hypnosis book, you will be amazed by the amount of great, common sense info and you’ll naturally want to get more of my training material…

That being said, I have packaged with this offer my new Mind Force Hypnotic Influence 12 Week Boot Camp. To be honest, this is the real value for the promotion, because the Boot Camp will allow you to get the most out of Covert Persuasion and Hypnotic Influence in a way that will truly enable you to become a Controller of yourself…

Watch the video for the details, then go on over to the order page and get your copy of Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence for only $10.