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February 16, 2010

Video #2- Dynamic Mental Entrainment- Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic

New Training Video…

So, did you tap into the 3
Secrets of Success that I sent
you yesterday?

This method works beautifully,
and I’ve been using it for
years. It is simple, yet


One guy wrote me, saying this
was so simple yet
brilliant…To be honest, I
didn’t create this, but I do
agree it’s brilliant.

Sometimes it’s simplicity that
allows breakthroughs, and I
can tell you one thing, that
is one of the reasons, I have
hundreds of people clamering
for a copy of my DYNAMIC

One guy sent me an email with
a credit card number asking me
to bill him…

Sorry, but you can’t get it
until Thursday….

Got a question, you want

Send an email to me at
with the Subject: DME
QUESTION, and I’ll answer it.

Want some more good stuff?

I have another video for you
that will go into information
on how the mind actually works
and why you need to influence
in 3 different
representational systems.

You might remember, I
conducted a survey a couple of
weeks ago, and I was blown
away with the results…

First off, I only needed 100
people to respond, but 419
responded (before the survey
co, stopped the survey).

One of the big things I found
out, was that 63% of the
people wanted to be part of
some type of coaching or
mentoring program…

That’s almost two thirds of
the people!

So, I decided to re-open my

I will be re-opening it on
Thursday Feb 18th at 3pm

I’ve got some really cool
surprises for you, if you were
one of the many that wanted
some type of hands on training
to get and keep you on track
for your life, you won’t want
to miss this.

They call it “LIFE CHANGING”
for a reason…

Talk soon,


PS- The new video is only
about 5 minutes long, but will
instill a sense of
understanding of the concepts

I’ll explain more tomorrow, as
I have another great training
video for you to watch, but
for now, here is your video
for today.