September 19, 2009

Learn Remote Viewing: Finding About Remote Objects

Remote viewing involves the use of paranormal senses to perceive distant objects. This is a controversial concept yet to be defined by science.

But it is believed that such things happen when mind and soul attains a supernatural level of sensation. It is believed that people who practice remote viewing are capable of delivering information about distant objects which are not possible to evaluate by the rest.

During the 90’s the concept of remote viewing became very popular with the Stargate project. This was an initiative taken by the U.S. government to develop military applications. This, however, didn’t work up to the expectation level due to the lack of information.

Controversies Surrounding Remote Viewing

Several remote viewing session and experiments where conducted around the world. One of such famous experiments includes the one conducted by Stanford Research Institute. Such experiments have proved that subjective validation, as act of stimuli, swayed the students to a large extent. Rest confirmed that those reports produced by the students were untrue and lacked enough justifications.

Research works at Hertfordshire delivered reports that confirmed remote viewing is not out of the world and if studied properly can revolutionize the entire world. Universities and physiologists have fought to find the truth based on remote viewing but they could hardly conclude anything due to lack of information or leakage of information.

Many programs related to this might have been continued but the defeat of Democrats stopped the funding for such programs. Controversies and struggles prevented the sponsors from taking part in the process.

How Does Remote Viewing Occur?

Remote viewing is termed as pseudoscience. When someone is capable of reciprocating to the mid and low delta frequency, remote viewing occurs. It is said that during a day, most men and women experience the mid and low frequency levels but their minds are not tuned to catch the actual vibes of remote viewing.

A normal human being can attain this stage when he/she is asleep. The experts, however, can attain this stage even when they are in their conscious mind.

There are some who utilize this remote viewing capacity to relax. Others try to find out something informative and meaningful from what they view.

Research on remote viewing had always been a tough job. This is because a remote viewer is sometimes on and the rest of the time off. The mind and the harnessing level of mind doesn’t work, for the remote viewers, equally all the time.

It is because of this reason that no experiments with them could reach a final conclusion. An intellectual section of the community feels that if the concept of remote viewing is utilized in the daily life then it might lead to severe destructions.

Lack of positive theory and solid proofs never let this experiment on remote viewing move further but still scientist, along with the parapsychologists, are struggling on the real aspects of remote viewing. Students are also participating activity to fuel up the experimentation process.

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September 18, 2009

Autosuggestion and the Law of Attraction's Life Changing Power

The law of attraction can be stated as “What you think is what you get”. If a person will actually believe that something is real and true in spite of what other people might think, he will surely bring it out to reality. Because if the mind is set to believe in something, it will find ways in order to make one’s beliefs become his reality.

When the brain becomes familiar with every ideas, beliefs or thoughts that one feeds his mind, these ideas will be integrated in the life of that person and will also become an important part of what he turn out to be in the future. I remember one internet marketer saying that you have to visualize what you want to achieve in life. One should embed to his mind what you want to attain.

But, how can a person efficiently make the mind to conceive, believe and finally achieve what he desires? The mind is like a computer, it gives results depending on what we command it to do. Hence, if one desires to achieve a different outcome, he must create new instructions for the mind to follow. Imagine what computer programmers or software developers are doing to make the outcome that they desire. Set of instructions are essential to realize the goals.

The majority of our beliefs that keep on influencing our lives today are produced during our childhood years. So in order to bring change in our lives, we must constantly induce new ideas inside the brain until it become accustomed to those ideas. This process is called autosuggestion or subliminal messaging.

A lot of people have tried doing auto suggestion to change their beliefs but unfortunately some failed. Those who were unsuccessful were the ones who were less determined to change and gave up easily. They failed to realize that the amount of time spent on suggesting new ideas and thoughts to the mind depends on one’s consistency and the total time one spends on his present beliefs. It also depends on the number of the beliefs that needs to be changed.

Finally, the more we think of new ideas, the more our mind will become receptive to those ideas and eventually make it one’s beliefs. As soon as these new beliefs become part of the subconscious mind, the reality change and synchronize with the new beliefs. Remember that if you do not create your reality, your reality will create you.

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September 17, 2009

Law of Attraction Book Download: Vegas Baby Promotion

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September 17, 2009

Mind Power Techniques Revealed

A number of people are interested in mind power techniques. You should be too. Using the right mind power techniques can help you achieve the best that you can in life. These are the methods that can open the doors to true success and fulfillment. Before you dive into the steps to developing such techniques, you may want to learn about a few basics first.

Techniques Anyone Can Use

There are a number of techniques that your mind can master. The important thing to remember is that anyone can use and develop these mental techniques to happiness and fulfillment.

One of the most common techniques known to man is the ability to communicate with other minds. This is more often called telepathy. For those who are not fully aware that the technique is possible, there is a tendency to imagine telepathy as used by comic book characters or evil villains. In reality, there truly are powerful telepaths but we are less likely to encounter dramatic versions of them. Learning this technique will simply give you a basic insight into what others think and intend without their having to say anything.

Clairvoyance and remote viewing are sometimes regarded as separate mind techniques. For some experts however, both techniques have elements that combine. These techniques generally let an individual see beyond the five senses. One is therefore able to know about an object, location or event that is not immediately up front. In simple applications, clairvoyance can be used to find parking space. The technique however can of course be used for more extreme purposes.

The power of intuition is not always viewed as a mental method. This may be because this is one of the techniques that many individuals seem to have. You use your intuition every time you have a gut feeling about something and you turn out to be right. Some individuals however have stronger senses of intuition than others. You can learn to develop stronger intuition and use it to your advantage before you commit to important decisions. This is a mental strategy that many successful entrepreneurs and individuals have. They have the gift for knowing instantly when there is a good opportunity.

One mental method is getting what you want. This is a broad technique and often has overlapping elements with other techniques. Simply put however, the technique is related to the law of attraction. When you want something, you simply have to be sure about it and act as if you already have it. Thinking in this positive way is the key to truly getting your equally positive wish. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. There are many other techniques of the mind. These however are good techniques to start with.
Developing These Techniques

There are many ways to develop these mind power techniques. Each technique will have its own set of basic principles. A number of experts and practitioners however will have their own methods of mastering and developing the techniques. In general though, you have a better chance of mastering mind power techniques if you are able to maintain a calm, open and meditative mind.

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September 10, 2009

Universal Law of Attraction: A Quick Video

Getting ready for the fall and I’m hanging out in my pool area because it’s gonna be closed for a time. Just here with my dog enjoying the countryside. I decided to make a quick video to share how I am living the life that I’ve always wanted and answer a question that most people ask me about.

I’ll be going away next week and I’m headed for Vegas which I love to do. It’s always fun staying there. You can find almost anything in that place. Weather is always nice. I believe majority of people wanted this lifestyle that I have right now.

But how do I do it?

The internal mechanism that I wanna talk about is “Law of Attraction” because a huge number in my list is asking about it.

Questions concerning how to attract money, wealth, pretty spouse, business partner or anything are always thrown at me.

Here’s the thing I tell people about my Magneto/Mind Force Attraction Program:

Every time you pick a concept or something that you want… you need to amplify it. You amplify it mentally. Mental amplification is mental visualization of how you want something to happen.

Law of attraction works if you believe in it.

YES! You have to believe in it for it to work!!!

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September 8, 2009

Hypnotic Persuasion: Shopaholics Answered Prayer

Hypnotic persuasion can be used to solve unmanageable spending of an individual. This is commonly known as shopping problem or shopaholic-ism usually among women. This has been discussed comprehensively in the 2009 movie Confessions of a Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy.

Uncontrollable spending is a severe predicament and can be an addiction for a number of people. It is distinguished by the necessity to obtain items even when one does not necessitate or even need an item. It is a total waste of money and ruins relationship of people.

There are people who are proud of the tagging because it may be a status symbol. They brag that they can afford so why bother?

Yes, it could be true. They could truly afford but it would be better if they money spent was utilized for more essential things. It is unwise to spend to useless products in this tough times, right?

Shopaholics buy things when they are feeling down, miserable, irritated or just plain troubled with life. In shopping they may receive a temporary high similar to drug addicts or alcoholics. Nevertheless, like any compulsion the high is not devoid of its price and can bring about those affected and even entire families into great sums of debt. It can also ruin relationships among husbands and wives. I remember watching a feature on a TV program how a couple broke up because as the husband works hard overseas for his family, the wife mismanaged the remittance. Hard-earned money was spent on wife’s caprices like fancy dresses, shoes, make-up kits and the like. He has even neglected the basic necessities of her children because of this obsession.

This problem often leads to an ever growing build-up of things which are never utilized. Sufferers may even find themselves enjoying from the practice and will disagree with officemates, friends and family members that they have a predicament. Individuals distressed with irrational spending should be treated with respect and care for they have a true obsession.

In hypnosis session, hypnotherapist can feed the sufferer suggestions in order to gradually change the attitude on overspending. The practitioner can suggest positive thoughts that can change the perception of the subject.

These actions are called hypnotic behavioral modification. In this function, a hypnotist centers on one fastidious habit that is entrenched in your subconscious, in this case shopaholics. With the control panel to your condition of the mind open, the hypnotist may be capable to reprogram your subconscious to upend the behavior. Hypnotic persuasion is really a heaven sent answer to shopaholics.

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September 2, 2009

What a Law of Attraction Coach Thinks About The Most Influential Law in the Universe

Many think that by just knowing the laws of attraction (LOA) one can already taste success. They believe that through reading or learning these laws wonderful things will just happen. While it is true that the Law of attraction attracts success, it is not enough to know only how LOA works. What should one do after learning the Law of attraction is to start practicing.

A lot of people pay too much attention over the things that we do not want such as being sad, feeling alone, broke and having a fat body. Though most of us already know that we should avoid creating all this negative thoughts because it generates negative energy, we still can’t avoid thinking about it. What is worst is we keep thinking about it over and over again until it becomes reality.

Moreover, people forget that the reality of life depends on how one is creating it. So if a person focuses constantly in producing positive thoughts and energy, that particular person will surely accomplish all his/her goals and succeed in everything that he/she does.

There are several things that one should consider when applying the law of attraction. Firstly, reflect if you are stressed out. This would only mean that you are getting towards a wrong direction because life is not meant for people to struggle and feel pain but is meant to make everyone happy and live in abundance.

Secondly, think of how you can be of service to the world. Most of those who are highly successful do not even try to make a lot of money, what they do is to follow their passion. Therefore, to efficiently use the law of attraction it is essential for you to know yourself first.

Thirdly, keep in mind that being a mediocre hinders success however, if one is doing better over the others, people will oppose and start to pull one down. To avoid this, a person must apply a better strategy; like if something good happened to someone try to be happy about their success.

Finally, be able to grant real forgiveness. Stop living in the past and start to forgive those people from your past who have hurt you and thank them as well for giving you such experience. Likewise, your inability to forgive is also considered as a self abuse because you keep on reviving the experience again and again.

In conclusion, the law of attraction is the most influential law in the universe. But by merely being aware of its existence and studying it is not enough to make it work, what should a person do in order to become a successful attractor is to constantly practice the LOA everyday. Once a person is able to get hold on the LOA, it will be within that person forever. Always remember that each one of us is compose of energy and that like attracts like. Thus, every form of matter and energy will be attracted to its vibrations whether it is wanted or unwanted.

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August 12, 2009

New York City Day Trip…

Nothing Beats Times Square...Truly Amazing & Cool!

Nothing Beats Times Square...Truly Amazing & Cool!

Hypnotic Building? You Decide...Ill show you how to use this...

Hypnotic Building? You Decide…I’ll show you how to use this…

As I mentioned in my email the other day, I was heading into the Big Apple…Now, I only live about 60 miles from the city, but anytime relatives come to stay with us, my wife and I do the tour…

Self Pic of Me and Camille (I look sligthly weird!)

Self Pic of Me and Camille (I look sligthly weird!)

I know your wondering what this has to do with MIND FORCE or HYPNOSIS…Nothing, just wanted to share with you…Well, now that you brought it up, you can order my Manipulation, Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence right here.

Here’s a cute one of my youngest daughter Camille goofing around on the street. She never misses a photo op!

Camille Striking a Pose...

Camille Striking a Pose...

My wife’s brother Bruce and his 2 daughters were in from Korea and wanted the tour. Here are some pics from our little day trip, hope you enjoy.

My Brother In Law Bruce With His Two Girls, Grace & Michelle

My Brother In Law Bruce With His Two Girls, Grace & Michelle

Keep in mind that the weather was over 95 degrees, so we were sweating our butts off…Check out the photos, some  are pretty cool. I even have my version of the Hypnotic Building, see if you can tell which one…

Alex, Mary Jane and Camille Riding the Subway...

Alex, Mary Jane and Camille Riding the Subway...

If you’ve ever been on a NYC subway, it is quite the treat…Here is a pic of my oldest son Alex with Mary Jane and Camille.

I also love taking photos of cool building or even just the street of the day as a lasting memory of the trip. Keep in mind that all of these photos were shot with my IPhone, and came out pretty good…

This is a View from The Rock At Central Park

This is a View from The Rock At Central Park

My wife Mary Jane and I in NYC

My wife Mary Jane and I in NYC

August 7, 2009

Best Selling Hypnosis Book-> Only $10!

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