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Here you will find videos open to anyone in The Syndicate. This area will be updated on an ongoing basis. Some of the videos will be the full content of videos that might be on the FREE side.

The Energy of Commonality (The Energy of Infidelity)

Have you ever wondered why people cheat on their partners? Have you ever wondered why you have thoughts of pursing events that you know you shouldn’t?

Well, in this video and audio file, I expose this energy for what it is and show you examples and exercises of how to contro it and exploit it…Very cool indeed!

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Using The “Success Dial” to Ratchet Up Your Results

I did a short video on my list members blog and mentioned that I would provide more details for the members of the Mind Force Syndicate.

This video goes into these simple yet effective methods to ramp up and area of success in your life, whether it be for Attraction, Psychic Skills, Hypnotic Influence,Self Hypnosis, whatever…

This technique works powerfully…

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Subliminal Advertising

So, I dug up some of the most popular Sublimnal advertisements ever developed and showcase them in this new training video.

The real question is, “Do Subliminal Messages Work”? The answer is absolutely Yes!

This video will give you some great insights as well as show you how you could use these tactics for you own Hypnotic Influence Skill Set

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Mental Cleansing Seminar

A while back I did a special session with my private mentoring students and the goal of the session was to help them break through obstacles and challenges in their life, whether it be personal, business or emotional…

I put together 20 points/questions that allowed them to “self-evaluate” their situation. I recently took some pieces from that session (they paid close to $300 for it) and did a video about it…

This video, notes and MP3 file will enable you to self correct and ask the hard questions that demand the hard answers…Take notes, then apply whichever of the
20 points relate to your situation..

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Energetic Compression Explained

This video, audio file picks up where my FREE video on Energetic Compression left off…You will get some great ideas from this video and ones you can apply immediately.

By the way, this video is from my new Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp, so you are getting a little peek into this new training system I have set up.

Keep in mind that every month you are a member, I give you a credit back of 50% towards any of my electronic products.

The Self Confidence Formula

This video, audio file and PDF goes into detail of the Confidence Formula created by Napoleon Hill back in the 1930’s, from the best selling book “Think & Grow Rich”.

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The Creative Process Exposed:

Over the next several weeks, I will expose you to how I create one of my new courses, books and videos…I will let you in on the production secrets I use as well as tools…This first video is a starting point…Here’s the key-> Use this for your own creative process and you’ll see dramatic results…

Building An Outline For My New “Extreme Confidence System”

You’ll enjoy this video as I will teach you some cool things while I’m creating the outline for my new system right in front of your eyes. You asked to see the process, well here it is…

Starting The Creative Process

Question: “My biggest frustration in life is not having enough money to pay all my bills and have some leftover for fun, savings, investing and living the life of my dreams.”

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Email Question Answered & Formula For Mind To Mind Communication to Get a Job, Date, etc.- I go into detail on how to use several concepts to get a job or for that matter anything you desire… The formula I use works everytime you use. The targeting may change, but the principles of this never do, so you can use it for any type of manifesting.

Your Questions Answered-This video answers some of the following questions.

  1. Hypnosis is stressful. Why is it difficult for me?
  2. If someone gets hypnotized by self hypnosis, are you able to command the hypnotized person, like if you hypnotized him/her?
  3. Who can be hypnotized?
  4. Can I be made to do something against my will?
  5. What is your meditation technique of choice and how is it performed?
  6. What advice would
    you give to someone interested in starting a meditation routine that
    allows them to tap into their mind power?
  7. What benefits have you received since you’ve started meditating?
  8. How can I improve my chances of an OBE?
  9. Can concentration help to reach a sub conscious level?
  10. Is there any kind of self hypnosis for sleep?

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Bonus Resources

Here are a couple of the musical CDs that I have used over the years while meditating. They are both fantastic and will allow you incredible focus and at the same time relax you…

Videos on “Mental Entrainment Secrets”



Here are the links should you want to order these books from Amazon.

“NEW” Questions & Answers Session:
This is a short session I did off the cuff that you might find interesting.

1. Remote Influencing & Remote Viewing

2. Law of Attraction Question- How can I believe the Law of Attraction when I am so desperate financially?

3. Can you change deep seeded beliefs such a religion?

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Your Questions Answered– This 30 minute video answers some of the following questions.

1. How to open the third eye

2. How to open the chakras

3. Does Hypnosis work forever

4. Remote Hypnosis and Attraction

5. Hypnosis for babies and children

6. Mind Power Training

7. Deep Trance

Modeling Successful People
How your personal lineage can effect your success level, and what measures you can take to insure that you can develop to any level you desire.

Mind Force Attraction Video

Goes into some basic concepts (from Mind Force Secrets)

Mind Force Hypnotic Influence
(From Mind Force Secrets)

Mind Force Meditation & Psychic Energy

(From Mind ForceSecrets)