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The documents contained on this page are for anyone participating in the Mind Force Syndicate program regardless of time accrued. This area will be updated frequently so check back often.

Hypnotic Scripts for Subliminal Brain Entrainment Audio Files: This document will tell you the exact wording used in the special audio files included in each module.
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Secrets of Brain Entrainment: This document goes into a little more detail on how the brain entrainment audios work and how you can make them to work most effectively..

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Napoleon Hill On Success: This short book will allow you to tap into the mind of the man who wrote how to become successfull. This work has so many nuggets of great information. You will want to print this out and read it over and over again.
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The Strangest Secret: This document is the note for the Strangest Secret audio file contained in the Recordings section.

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Mind Force Questionnaire: Fill this out, so I can get an idea of where you are at and where you want to go with this program. Just print it out and then email me the answers back with the numbers (no need to repeat the question, just the number and your answer)

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Suggested Books & Manuals to Read:

These books have been hand selected to accelerate your training. (To Save Right click your mouse and “Save AS” to your PC)


All of the books on this list will be included in your monthly membership. Each month you will receive access to these and other manuscripts. Many of these are from my personal collection.Books will be added over time, encompassing many topics relevant to Mind Force and its components.

Mind Power Books

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich: This timeless classic will give you the tools you need to attain the levels of success you desire in your life…Highly Recommended
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My advice is that you get a hard copy of this book. See below to order from Amazon, or go to your local bookstore to get a copy. This magnificent book should be part of your collection.

Power of Will

Science of Getting Rich

As a Man Thinketh: This thought provoking work is perfect to get you started in the Mental Entrainment process.
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Art of Personal Magnetism

Thought Vibration


Art of War


Government Remote Viewing Manual


Hypnosis and Suggestion

Hypnotism Simply Explained

Practical Guide To Self Hypnosis

The Science of Hypnotism


Frogs Into Princes

The Structure of Magic Part 1

Seduction & Attracting Someone of the Opposite Sex

These books will only be released upon request and with my personal knowledge of who the books are going to. This treasure trove of information is worth the entire years fees, if this is something you are seeking.

Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3