The International Mind Force Syndicate

Welcome to the  International Mind Force Syndicate Association & Membership Portal…

What you are now becoming a part of is one of the most powerful associations in the entire world! An association of like minded individuals who want to take their Mind Force Skills to higher levels.

As a member, you are now part of “The International Mind Force Syndicate”, an association of the “International Society of Mind Force Specialists”.

International Society of Mind Force Specialists

The International Society of Mind Force Specialists is a recognized organization of experts in the fields of Hypnosis, Meditation, Psychic Power and The Laws of Attraction.

Once you become a member of “The International Mind Force Syndicate” membership, you are eligible to be a fully recognized member of the International Society of Mind Force Specialists once you have completed the 12 month/module training system…

Once the 12 months are complete, and you have met all of the requirements, you will be eligible to be inducted into The International Society of Mind Force Specialists. Once this is complete, you will receive a certificate of merit recognizing you as a brother or sister in the societies book of records…

Benefits of Inclusion In The Syndicate

Benefits include the ongoing training throughout the 12 months/modules, which include but are not only limited to the monthly modules. You will be able to ask questions and receive feedback via video or audio download. This allows a true distance learning to take place on the part of the member…

You will be able to accelerate your skills by asking questions and having them expertly answered. This is something most memberships lack, and one that our members insisted on from day one.

20% Discount for Any Mind Force Products

As a member you will also receive a 20% discount on any products in the Mind Force Product Catalog. This is not limited and may be used at anytime while you are a member of the International Mind Force Syndicate. In order to receive your 20% discount on a product (this membership is the only product excluded), simply contact our support staff by clicking here and letting them know which product and we will send you a special discount product buying link.

50% Credit for Any Electronic Products

As a member in good standing you will receive a credit of 50% towards any electronic product every (4 Months) of activity. This benefit is like getting a 50% discount on your membership as you enrich your knowledge even more.

Example: If your membership fee is $47, then every (4) four months, you would receive a credit of $94 good towards any Mind Force Or Chi Power Product in electronic format. Only thing excluded would be this membership. This program is only for current members, so you would need to use the credit while a member.