MFS- Module #10

Mind Force Syndicate Module 10

You will learn how to read and evaluate someone’s body language and energy.Part of what you will learn in this set of modules is more on the Patterns of Influence Training. These patterns will allow you to really get a complete understanding of how to use Hypnotic Influence and Covert Persuasion to it maximum. You will also have a download of the book ” Thought Forms”. This classic contains some of the best information on how the mind constructs and uses energy for transmission…

You’ll also receive a great new Subliminal File to use for your affirmations, meditations or any other programming you are currently doing. Very powerful stuff..

Book- Thought Forms


Thought Forms is a book that covers alot of the psychic phenomenon and how it works from the authors perspective. You will find some answers to questions you may have about telepathy and other unique and esoteric skills in this book. A wonderful read, with excellent drawings and explainations on colors.

Click Here to Download  Thought Forms


Reading Body Language & Energy:

Some simple ways to read someone’s body language and energy. Once you can master this, everyone you meet will be an open book for you to read.

Reading Body Language & Energy

Reading Body Language & Energy Notes


Patterns of Influence Training: (coming soon)

These are some of the most potent patterns to use when you are using indirect hypnotic influence. Once you get these patterns to work, you will be amazed at the results you will get from them.

As usual, make sure you drill this technique over and over again, so you can become proficient in it…


Subliminal Mind Training Audio File


Subliminal File #10:
“Alpha Disassociation Winning Attitude”.
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