MFS- Module #5

Mind Force Syndicate Module #5

Since you are now in month 5 of the Mind Force Syndicate, I am going to start revealing some of the personal manuscripts, documents, audios and videos that I have had in the Mind Force Archives for years. This month you’ll have access to a book that is profound in what it teaches. Make sure you go through the material several times and then really focus on how you can implement it to your own situation.

mind force documentsDocuments/Manuals/Books

The Art of Personal MagnetismPsycho Cybernetics: By Maxwell Maltz- This book is one of the first “self help” books I read and had a profound impact on my life. Like many of the books I recommend, I suggest you get the hard copy of the book for your library. I have enclosed a PDF copy below for you to peruse, but once you see the power this book contains, you will want a hard copy for your records. Many of these books are very inexpensive, yet contain incredible insights and advice.


Click Here to Download the PDF Version


mind force videoVideo Files

videoVideo #1  РPsycho Cybernetic Training

videoVideo #2 – Cause & Effect Pattern: This video goes into one of the most important models of influence. Make sure you take notes and then apply the principles throughout your week.

mind force audioAudio Files

Hypnotic Pattern- “When You”-In this session I will cover the pattern “When You”. Every pattern reveals a special secret of hypnotic influence for every day life. Make sure you drill this technique over the next several days in order to see the power of how to use it.

MP3Hypnotic Pattern: “When You”. Click Here to Download in MP3 Format


“When you read the information on this page you will naturally begin to understand the full and complete power that hypnotic influence has on your life.”

“When you listen to what I have to say, you may notice a wave of excitement come over you that will enble you to see the value of the training I have just provided you.”

Subliminal Mind Training Audio File

MP3Subliminal File #5: “Alpha Hypnotic Goal Setting & Motivation”. Click Here to Download in MP3 Format