MFS- Module #3

Mind Force Syndicate Module #3

Module #3 is interesting as I am going to teach you a skill you can use in every day life and that is how to recognize if someone is lying to you..I will also explain how you can beat a lie detector test or the general ways in which to do it. Each skill is designed to add a new level of expertise to you.

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The Art of Personal Magnetismthought vibrationsThought Vibrations: Although This book was written in 1906, many of the concepts and methods used are relevant today. You will find this book to be insightful as to how to use your chi energy with thought vibrations. The key to this is understanding that we are showing you all of the different pieces to the puzzle so you can become more effective than someone else just using a few of the pieces. Thought vibration is potent, but when combined with the physical chi energy which you are building up, the power becomes exponential in nature.


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videoVideo #1 – How To Beat a Lie Detector Test & Other Usefull Skills

videoVideo #2 – Subconscious Body Language & Lying

videoVideo #3 – Body Language Movements When Lying- Here I’ll show some of the lying “tells”

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MP3Subliminal File #3: “Alpha Hypnotic Relax”. Click Here to Download in MP3 Format