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I‘m Going To Be Honest, This Program Is Not For 95% Of The People Reading This. This Offer Is For The 5% Who Want To Take Their Mind Power Skills To A Maddening Level And At Blinding Speed.”

If That Is You, Stick Around, If Not Click Here to Get Our Manuals

Note: This specialized coaching and mentoring program is designed to enable you to increase the power of your Mind, Body and Spirit at an alarming rate. It is demanding and you will have to commit to doing some very specific drills, techniques and tactics in order to be approved for this training. This is for a person who wants elite training for elite results. If you do not want to demand excellence from yourself, you need not apply… – A.T. Perhacs

My new Mastermind coaching system is designed to take those who desire to be on the fast track to success with their mind to the ultimate level. This program is not for the faint of heart. I will push you mentally, so that you will succeed. If you don’t follow my advice, I will simply cancel your admitance to this program, no questions asked…

Why would I do that?

Because I am looking to train a handfull of men and women who want the “rare air” of life. I want to help them to succeed and exceed even their wildest dreams.

How is this different from other coaching/Mastermind programs?

You Will Learn Strategies and Methods Not Taught By Others

The difference is I will take my 15+ years of experience in the Mind Force and Energy Arts and teach you how to truly fuse together the 3 entities of your Mind, Body & Spirit. For those who joined my Chi Power Inner Circle Membership, know the power of what that means. When we offered customized training with that program, we greatly undercharged, I won’t let that happen here. You will either want to play or pack e’m up!

In practical terms, I will guarantee you will be able to get more out of your life than ever before. I will take you step by step in learning secrets that until now have not been taught. I will teach you energy secrets that my instructor Sifu Jones teaches to only a select few…

Are you one of them? Well, we shall see…

It’s All About Results

And there is one promise I will make to you…You will get results or I won’t work with you. I can also promise that I will be raising the price of this program almost immediately, so if you are really interested, you should sign up immediately.

What you will find out about this, is that it will be more than just a motivational session. I will speak with you over the phone and custom design a program that fits your needs, whether you are 25, 75 or 105, Male or Female.

Will will break down every area of your life to ensure we get to your true essence. This will also include concepts such as helping you to go into business for yourself or finding a better job or career. My methods have worked tremendously well for my self and others, and know I want them to work for you…

All successful people have a coach or Mentor

Every major athlete,actor & business person has or has had a coach or mentor. Sadly, the average person has no coach or worse yet is taking advice from someone who has never achieved a high level of success in the game of life.

The path to gaining control of ones ability to use and control their mind is a rocky one at best. You deserve to align yourself with someone who has truly walked that path.

You deserve a coach who has experienced challenges and achievements over the years and has stayed in the game long enough to figure it out. You can be in a position to capitalize on your coach’s years of experience and challenges.

There is no point in going through challenges by yourself when you have someone who has already experienced them to guide you through the process every step of the way!

I know what it takes to become a “Controlller”. The skills of the professional controller will alllow you to excel in every single area of your personal and business life.

I also know what it’s like to be just starting out, and can cut years off of your learning curve.

I understand how to map out the systems and patterns that will allow you to gain the most impressive results in the shortest amount of time possible.

I don’t teach you theory! I teach you what you deserve to know in order to become a Controller!

#1- First Off You Get (1) one 20 minute phone consultation, every other week, where we go over everything. No fluff talk, this is down to business. I’m busy as I’m sure you are, and I don’t want to wast my time or yours. I will record this conversation for you and send you the MP3 File for you to review.

#2- I will give you full electronic access to every one of my courses. (For a Fee of $100, I will ship you the hard copies).

#3- If interested I will show you exactly what I do to make money online. All of my tips and tricks that will allow you to become one of my joint venture partners. This one aspect is totally worth the entire investment. I’ll have you earning back your fee in no time.

#4- I will share with you the exact Self Hypnosis strategies I use in my own life. I will show you how to maximize your affirmations so you attract what you desire all the time, every time.

#5- You will have 24/7 access to my brand new membership portal The Mind Force Syndicate. This membership is being offered at $49.95 per month and is included with The Master Mind Coaching System.

#6- Since this is a Master Mind program, once I create a core group of people, we will set up interaction so you will be able to learn from the experiences and results of others in the program. This will be invaluable to your growth in all areas of your life. (This option will be for anyone in the group with 90 days of coaching and results)

Only 20 People Will Get This Opportunity

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Autosuggestions
  • Personal Hypnotic Patterning
  • Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Programming
  • Leadership
  • Reading Body Language In Person & On The Phone!
  • Tapping into the subconcscious
  • Prosperity Consciousness Development
  • Goal Getting
  • Using Hypnotic Influence for Sales and Business
  • Putting a Personal Success System in Place
  • Building Powerful Belief Systems
  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Self Sabotage
  • Releasing FEAR
  • Meditation Guidance for Spiritual Development
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Prosperity & Abundance
  • Overcoming Unresolved Issues

    Mind Force Mentoring & Coaching

    Electronic Editions of All Products, Courses, Systems & Manuals- $297/month (Regular Consulting Fee $500 )

    $297 for Electronic Version which includes, books, mp3 files &
    bonus video and monthly consulting as well as monthly access to Mind Force Syndicate.

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