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December 23, 2011

Chakra Healing

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Discover These Unique Methods of Chakra Healing…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

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One of the questions I get the most is about healing.

I ran across a practitioner with some really unique methods that you might just be able to benefit from…

Chakra Healing by Carol Tuttle is a 20 hour video training presenting a wide range of the most effective chakra healing modalities available today.

And while her methods might be different than mine, she still has some really good concepts that I know you can integrate. In order to become a master, you need to learn many different methods and see which ones work best for you.

As I mentioned with all of the promotions I’ll be sending you, when you order you will get the following:

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  • Access to any one of my courses or products for the same value in “Digital Format”
  • Access to other promotions to come



[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Check Out The Courses of Instruction You Can Get For FREE, When You Order This Course on “Chakra Healing” by Carol Tuttle[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]


[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”] When you order Chakra Healing, you are entitled to receive any of my products of an equal or lesser value for FREE…Just contact my support desk here, with your order and receipt number and we will hook you up!

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  • Internal Power Centers- $77 
  • Mind Portal $77
  • Chi Power Plus System- $77
  • Dim Mak$39.95
  • Manipulation- $97  
  • Ultimate Hypnotic Influence$97 
  • Control Factor- $67
  • Magneto$77
  • Subliminal Solution System- $97
  • Inner Game Boot Camp$97
  • Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp- $147
  • Goal Getting System$27
  • Esoteric Training Manuals- $47



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June 15, 2011

How To Respond to “Buy Me a Drink”

Curious? You should be

Have you ever been talking to a girl and she RANDOMLY
insults you? You know that feeling you get when you realize
that she is actually rejecting you RIGHT HERE and
RIGHT NOW? Your stomach jumps into your throat, doesn’t it?

Or when you walk up to a chick and she puts you on the
spot by demanding you to do stuff for her?

“Buy me a drink…”
“Wait here while I go to the bathroom…”

I do. And I remember when I didn’t know how to respond
in a way that would actually make her CHASE me instead
of reject me. It was like everything was riding on whether
or not she smiled when I said ‘Hi’ or if she made that
who-the-hell-are-you face when I said ‘Hi’.

I want you to know what I learned to say that gave
me the power to turn any response from her into a smile.
It really made it all *click* for me.

Click Here for All The Details

She’ll be awe-struck when you respond to her secret
‘test’ with the things I say which I’ve tested, and
are proven to work on woman after woman after woman…

You might have already heard about my friend Joshua Pellicer.
There’s a reason why he’s being chased around by every
major news media in the country. There’s a reason why
Sirius XM radio offered him a show where he taught the
secrets of how to meet and attract women. There’s a reason why
most of my professional dating coach friends go to HIM for
advice with women when they hit road-blocks…

He’s this community’s best-kept-secret. No doubt about it.

And he’s opened up a great free video series teaching one
of my biggest “Ah-ha! moments” of all time. You’ll know
how to see the 3 secret tests that women are giving you. And he’ll
teach you the right things to say back to pass those tests.

For Your FREE Video Training, Click Here

If you want to get to a mastery level of interacting with
hot women, if you want to keep the attraction going once
you’ve got your foot in the door, then just trust me
– check out what Joshua’s going to tell you about it:

Bottom line: don’t miss this, because the opportunity to learn this
level of skill comes along VERY RARELY.



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April 5, 2011

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Video #2- Physical Training Exercises

So, did you enjoy the first set of (7) videos?

Today, I will share with you some really good physical exercises you can do…

Simple and to the point.

The question is will you use them??

Here’s what the videos cover.

Video #1- Intro
Video #2- Blood Washing
Video #3- Standing Meditation
Video #4- Seated Meditation- Qi Infusion Technique

If you haven’t signed up for them,  what are you waiting for?

Click Here

When you put in the flight time, you will get wonderful results…


Sifu Perhacs

PS- Tomorrow is a very special Mental Training Video & MP3

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March 29, 2011

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong: Mental Training

Most Qigong systems do a good job of teaching physical exercises, but do a very poor job with the aspect of Mental Training.

Don’t most Qigong practices talk about body, mind and spirit?

Where is the mental or Mind Force Training?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have trained with those that do very intensive mental training. In fact I trained with one Master who’s specialty was the mental training aspect.

He did almost no physical training for his Qi development, but the dude could put you down with his mind.

He could give you a plastic dart gun, and ask you to shoot him in the head from about 5 feet away.

He would ask you to pull the trigger when ever you were ready…

Guess what?

Before I knew it, he was disarming the gun.

I couldn’t pull the trigger…

The dude was in my mind…Kind of scary!

But the lessons learned is that the mind alone can exact a certain amount of force that will allow you to control a situation.

This guy was good mentally, but in terms of physical Qi, he didn’t really have a lot.

When I left that training behind, I knew one thing.

If I could combine both the Physical and Mental, how much more proficient could I be?

Are you beginning to understand the importance of combining Mind Force with Quantum Qigong.

By themselves they are powerful…Combined they exert extreme power!

So, let me share some mental exercises with you. Of course next week, I’ll have a video on Mental Training that you can check out as long as you are on the list.

Mental training or as I refer to it as Mind Force training can be broken up into a couple of different pieces..

  • Subliminal Influence
  • Mind to Mind Communication
  • Covert Persuasion
  • Thought Binding (what the guy did so I couldn’t shoot him).

Each one is potent and each one has its place, but combining any of these with a physical energy causes them to be that much more potent.


This is the ability to influence someone with words, energy & thoughts. It is influence directed at the subsconscious mind versus the conscious mind.

This is pretty subtle, and the fact is you are influenced subliminally ever single day. In fact several times per day.

Ever heard of an advertisment?

Subliminal influence at its best…


Do you think you could communicate with someone elses mind?

Of course you can, you do it all the time.

Have you ever begun to say something to your spouse or friend, and they blurt out exactly what you were thinking. They knew exactly what you were going to say…

That is a form of Mind to Mind Communication and man is it cool.


Is the art of using persuasion skills (call it hypnosis if you want) without the person knowing….

This is the true sneaky stuff that I’ve been teaching for years, and people love it. The ability to look someone right in the eyes and persuade them with power.

Truly unique my friends…But that’s not all…


Is the science of temporarily confusing someone so they can’t perform mentally…

You only need to do this for a couple seconds…

Think of The Jedi Mind Trick on steroids…Very cool indeed.

I remember doing this to a boss I used to work for many years ago. Walked right by his office without him knowing as he stared directly at me…

The next day, I asked him if he had seen me, and he said to me.

“When did you pass by my office”?

You see, he had a corner office and his chair faced directly out the big glass window as he was working on his computer…

I walked right by the window and looked directly at him (and he at me)…

Now don’t get me wrong, doesn’t work every single time, but when it does, you know you got some juice!

Well, that should get you a little excited for the videos I will be releasing next week, but keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg of what will be covered in The Total System 2.0.


PS- The guys over at MIND MOVIES 2.1 have some cool stuff that you might find interesting. Check it out here…

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March 21, 2011

Mind Movies Promotion

When you Click on this Link You’ll go directly to the Mind Movies page to sign up for their FREE video training.

Remember the Mind Movies Program is not yet for sale. However, you can gain access to the FREE training they are offering prior to it going on sale next week.

Click Here to get Access to the FREE Videos…

Now, if you decide to order, and you order it from my link, I will provide the following for you (Just need to email my support desk the receipt).

  • My Complete Inner Game Coaching System
  • A $50 Credit towards “The Total System 2.0 when that opens in about 2 weeks.

Enjoy the FREE Training and I’ll be talking with you soon.


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December 8, 2010

Psychic Perception Video Part 1

Yesterday I started a vision for you on how you can increase the power of your psychic perception. Today I’m going to take you to the next level in that concept with a video/audio that you can use to better understand the Psychic Perception and development process…

Since it is the season for giving, I have decided to wrap a little promotion around this video (actually it is two videos) training.

One of the the things I get excited about is attracting those things in life I desire, and I’m sure you do to. Well, as part of this season of giving, I’m going to offer you one of my best selling systems when you order a product that I’ve found to be very useful in the attraction process.

Joe Vitale (starred in “The Secret”) is a world renowned trainer of attraction, and I have learned quite a bit from his teachings over the years, and now I am going to offer you the ability to get these to work in your life. Well, Joe has an outstanding course on:

The Awakening Course: Discover The Missing Secret for
Attracting Wealth, Health, Happiness and Love.

When you place an order from this link (and yes I do get paid for this), I will stack some cool on  you by giving you one of my complete systems absolutely FREE! Just contact my personal assistant Lina and she will hook you up.

You can one of the following when you order from this special link.

  • Mind Force Meditation: Mind Portal ($77)
  • Internal Power Centers ($77)
  • Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method ($77)

Not a bad deal since Joe’s product doesn’t even cost that much…Now if you already have one of those, just let me know and I’ll have Lina hook you up with a product of equal value.

Is that fair?

Here’s your video training on psychic perception skills.


– Al

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November 5, 2010

The Death of Subliminal Audio Files?

Getting a lot of great feedback on the roll out of my new “Control Factor System”

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and phone calls from all over the world from people wanting to know if subliminal videos, audios and files actually work?

Many of these people have been using them, and not seeing the results they feel they deserve…

I decided to add a video to my Control Factor Series called “The Death of Subliminals”. This video showcases what works and what doesn’t when it comes to subliminal messages, self hypnosis, affirmations, auto-suggestions and other topics of interest.

Of course if you want access to this video and the other amazing training I’ve been giving out recently, just visit the Control Factor website and get your immediate access to the first video training…

No one is giving away the type of training I am willing to give out, and do you know why?

Because I have the confidence that once you get a chance to try all the great FREE content, you’ll be more inclined to try my play for pay services and realize they just might be exactly what you’ve been seeking all this time.



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