March 17, 2015

Access Mind Power You Never Dreamt Possible – Watch This


Have you ever thought how powerful your mind is?

It is compared to the most sophisticated computer which can save more than a large number of data including thousands of pictures, videos, and other memories.

As a matter of fact, just like the CPU, your mind can perform an estimated 10 quadrillion operations per second –without you knowing it.

The power house to who you are is actually your subconscious mind. It is your thoughts that can actually help you create significant changes in your life.

It was the subconscious that allowed Mozart to write his music… Shakespeare to write his plays… Einstein to create his theory of relativity…

If you could only learn how to reprogram your mind…just like the computer..but hey, you can!

Watch this video and you’ll be discovering a powerful technology that is so powerful that the US and British governments banned TV advertisers from using it without your knowledge.

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March 13, 2015

Reprogram your Mind and Achieve More Success in Life


Have you ever felt your life has been weakening day by day? Feeling a little empty and suffocated by stress in work and personal problems? Do you often feel rejections are pulling you down to the lowest point of your life?

A lot of us try positive thinking to get through it all. And nothing is wrong with that. Let’s accept it that in life, we are surrounded by negative forces that often engulfed us to accumulate negative results.

Scientists have stated that the average human being has around 50,000 thoughts a day. That amazing! However, the sad part is, 80% of them are negative. What about the 20%?

Let’s take for instance the following scenario:

You’re thinking of writing a great idea and you believe this will be a best-seller online, that you’re going to earn million dollars from it! However, due to lack of action, or let’s say you become too accompanied by other ideas, you forgot to do it. Worse, after 2 months or less, you found that book online — the exact idea that you had! And that book is really doing great in sales!

How pathetic the feeling is, right?

Now, what’s the catch there?

You and the one who wrote the book BOTH have the same idea, but hey, what’s the big difference?

You seem to lose in focus but the other one followed through the idea. Now, he’s reaping the success that would have been yours—if you just have taken action a little bit earlier!

Regrets are there, but do they still matter? Nope, not really! But they can actually be learning paths that the next time we had an idea, make it into reality, convert it to real one , make it happen!

We had positive thoughts, yes, but without action, they will be just clouds evaporating fast. Take time to listen to your inner voice. There it was, either pushing us to be motivated or pulling us to have the attempt to win in life. We became easily distracted when we hear or see something negative. We became submissive to things that we think are impossible. We let fear and hesitations gnawed us and left as  a loser.

Change your Life by the Way of your Thoughts
Here’s the point. If you could only change your way of thinking….if  you could only reprogram your mind to be focused on something that you believe can bring you success…and more success in life and relationship, everything will be more than just fine.

This is what you need to do: Unleash your powers of hypnotic and subliminal influence and become a total controller — of your own thoughts, of your own success and of others.

To learn how, visit here.



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November 13, 2013

The Power of Mind Force Hypnosis

I usually come across with articles on the Net asking if hypnosis or hypnotic influence is just magic trick. There are even people who think that hypnotists are just claiming that they have the power to make people be under their influence as well as having them to perform things the hypnotist wants them to do. Well…maybe some people are really still having doubts about it, and that makes them to be far from amazing results hypnosis can bring to them.
Is hypnosis, mind power, NLP, hypnotic influence really effective? Do they really work?

The fact is that the more you use your energy, the more you’ll get out of your hypnotic influencing skills…Most people who teach hypnosis, hypnotism, NLP, hypnotic influence, etc rarely even try to consider the energy factor…

The reason is most don’t have a clue about how using actual physical energy works. When I teach Chi Power methods to people, it is a physical, tangible energy that can actually be felt. When you use this with your Hypnotic Influence, your abilities go up exponentially. The above video will explain more for you to comprehend a lot about hypnotic influence and how to use your energies.

Unleashing Your Hypnotic Powers

Have you heard about covert hypnosis?
Do you know that a lot of us have been unknowingly using this in our entire lives?

If you can certainly know that there is a technology with which you could use and which can allow you to augment your capability to control yourself and all aspects of your life. Believe it or not, you will surely having yourself thinking as one of the world’s greatest! A famous performer? A successful business person? A persuader? An influencer? What if I told you: you can do it and still as moral and ethical as you are right now?

Interested to use it? For sure you are!

Becoming a controller of yourself is really be a lot easier than you can ever picture in your mind…The main basis why we don’t have control of our lives, is due to the negative thoughts we have been cached throughout the years…

Rewind your life for a moment. Think about those parts of your life where you have experienced those sufferings and difficulties in your life.
How many times you have set goals and fail to achieve them? How many times you have planned the path of your success and found out that you are leading the wrong way?

Do these failures make you become doubtful of success? Maybe it has also gave you the thought of yourself not worthy of success, either personal, career, social or any aspect of your life.
My programs and trainings have the aim of taking back the control, the power that have been lost to you, or the ability that have been dormant in your life. I want to help you get a more vivid focus, a target that will surely help you realize the success that you’ve been longing for.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

It is now a secret no more that we can actually reprogram or tap our subconscious mind. Just like a computer where data are can be restored, backup, delete and refreshed, our mind can do so.
Doing so can open great horizons to boundless opportunities; this can be your key to have abundance and success to aspects of your life where you used to have problems.

Amazing, isn’t it?

This doesn’t end there. There are still a lot of worthy things that can be learned when you realize the powers of energies and abilities you have within you.

Personal Proof

People may still be asking themselves if all these I talked about are being reliable and effective. Of course, anybody must have the basis, the proof that will give them the guts to follow and believe what I have said.

I have been in those parts of my life where I see nothing but negativity and failures. I have been rejected, flunked and devastated. I almost quit, but then thanks to those who have enlightened me.
I have attended trainings, several programs, working hard to learn amazing things such as chi power, hypnosis, hypnotic influence, and some other sorts of things like that. I have never regrets.

I now can prove that I have benefitted from those trainings and all the works that I have persevered on.
That is why my books and manuals also contain those personal notes which I believe can be helpful resources for people who are seeking significant changes in their life.

I want them to have the self-esteem and confidence that I have now. I want also people to experience the amazing happenings where I am right now.

I want YOU to also benefit from these amazing things. Contact me now and start creating significant results NOW.

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July 12, 2011

Subliminal Isolation Technique

The Subliminal Isolation Technique

Watch the video below on how to use this amazing technique.


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November 16, 2010

I Need Feedback on The Control Factor Training

So, you’ve had a chance to review some of the really cool training I’ve sent your way over the last several days…

Was it beneficial?

Did you learn anything you could use?

Please let me know by making a comment right here on the blog. I really would appreciate it.

Now, if you want to take your skills to an even higher level, click here for the entire Control Factor System

For the price, you won’t find a better system anywhere, and I guarantee it or your money back….

Once you do get the complete system, you’ll have access to some of the best self hypnosis, subliminal and Controller training ever!

It will change your life…For the better!

Have a great day,


PS- When you take advantage of the Control Factor Offer, you’ll automatically receive as a bonus, 30 FREE Days access to the International Mind Force Syndicate, a truly groundbreaking associaition of Mind Force Specialists.
Here’s the link again…

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December 4, 2009

Subliminal Proof for $1

Subliminal Proof

The fact is that certain sounds, beats and waves affect your brain…

It’s a scientific fact…

When you combine those sounds with cutting edge training on how to affect the subconscious mind in a subliminal way you have…

Subliminals on Steroids!

Well, that is what the totally NEW Mind Force Subliminal Solution System is all about. It’s about getting your mind to move in a direction you choose, not by someone else or by the programming you’ve had your entire life…

Cool stuff indeed.

The clock is ticking, but for a limited time you can get this powerful technology for $1. That’s right only a buck. Click here for all the info.


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December 3, 2009

My New “Mind Force Subliminal Solution System” Is Now Live!

Check This Link out for my special $1 Offer

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My New "Mind Force Subliminal Solution System" Is Now Live!

Check This Link out for my special $1 Offer

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