September 4, 2013

The Inner Child Meditation


The Inner Child Meditation is a powerful meditation of forgiveness and I’m here to tell you it is amazing…

It is sometimes called by it’s Hawaiian name “Ho’oponopono”.

Look it up, you’ll learn something cool…

Years ago as I was on my journey to learn methods that can do

amazing things, I ran across a “Huna” master…

Huna is a Hawaiin Energy art much like Quantum Qigong or Chi Power.

He taught me some really interesting techniques as well as a perspective

on energy that I didn’t have at the time (more on that later)…

Many of my students have used the healing power of “Mana” or as

we call it Chi or Qi

As you have probably realized by now, I research every different kind of method, system or formula I can find in order to help me get better and better…

Don’t you want to keep getting better, stronger?

Of course you do…

The key is to always be sharpening your blade of experience and knowledge…

Part of that is having tools on hand that can help you get better…

I have been using certain tools over the years that cause a breakthrough…

This is one of those tools…

Check it out if you want a really unique method of meditation that will transform your life once you understand the power of it…

Check it out here:

You can also find a lot of information just googling the method as well, but I have found this resource to be a great synergistic blend of how to get the formula to work easily and effortlessly…


Enjoy My Friend,

Sifu Perhacs

PS– Here is the link again


You can also watch Inner Child meditation video at



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June 3, 2013

Learning & Teaching Esoteric Concepts

Sometimes, I find it difficult to come up with something you are going to really like…

I know that sometimes, I will send you some type of offer or product you can buy and other times I just want to do a brain dump and share some good stuff with you….

Well, this is one of those times, where I want to share some meaningful information.

You’re on this list because you want to learn things that maybe you can’t learn elsewhere…

I do my best to not only provide my own brand of training through my Mind Force, Quantum Qigong and Chi Power Products, but through other products or services I have found useful and hope they are useful for you.

So, I was thinking that this month (June), I wanted to give you the best content I can…

….And the only way to do that, is for you to tell me what you would like to know.

Funny thing is, I’ve probably forgotten more concepts than most even teach.

I sometimes have to go back to my notes, videos and audio files just to try and remember all the information I’ve learned over the years…

Just the other day, a concept flashed across the screen of my mind and I rememberd a guy I trained with back in the 90’s who had added some significant concepts to my aresenal of methods…

So, tell me what kind of stuff do you want this month?

Some audio files?


or just some good written content?

I guess the BIG QUESTION is…Do you believe this?

You see, whithout belief, you will never be able to realize your full potential…

I get emails every day from people who just want to believe…

We all want to believe, don’t we?

I know when I started, I just wanted to believe that this (and I mean any of these concenpts) worked and would work for me…

I’m sure you’re like me and want to know the same, don’t you.

Will this work for you?

I can say that litteraly thousands have trained with these methods successfully and have shown some really amazing techniques over the years.

But, who cares about others, even if it is a million people. You need to know if they will work for you….

So, just reply back and let me know what you would like me to teach you this month, and I will take all of the requests and see how many of them I can get done this month…

I think this could be a very good month of learning for everyone…

In fact, if you have techniques, concepts or methods that you would like to share and would like to be a guest writer or contributer, let me know and we can talk about what you would like to share with everyone…

It can be a video, audio or a written document. Just let me know.

I look forward to creating some good conent for you this month. And I look forward for some of you to create some great content as well.

Talk soon,


PS- Don’t hold back, just do it…Make these things real in your life, as I have in mine…


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December 30, 2011

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Manuals Special

Check This Out!–Watch The Video Below– I Cover Some Great Info On Giving & Receiving–

Do you understand the concept of getting back three times (3X) every time you give?
Well , I discuss it in the video below…

Over the next couple of days, I am going to allow you to receive some additional gifts and bonuses when you order my set of manuals…

Click Here for Access

Once you order, I will be sending to you some special undisclosed and unadvertised gifts that I promise will be worth more than the actual manuals.

Here’s How it Works

  • The manual are $27, but will be $32 tomorrow, $37 on Sunday, $42 on Monday and then will go to $47 on Tuesday!
  • I will provide some additional bonuses that will blow your mind– GUARANTEED!
  • Delay and You might lose out on some really good stuff

Click Here to Order

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December 18, 2011

This Guy Hasn’t Eaten or Drunk for 70 Years!

This Guy Hasn’t Eaten or Drunk for 70 Years!

I know catchy title, but I didn’ create it…You have to read this article about this guy who says he hasn’t eaten or drunk anything in 70 Years!

Check out the entire article by clicking here.

When I talk about being in the “gas” stage, this is the type of phenomenon that can happen.

Is this real? Who knows for sure unless you can monitor him, but at least you can use this a “Belief Reference” to see what is possible.

When you do Quantum Qigong, you are converting your body from a solid to liquid gas state over time.

When I read an article like this, I cut it in half and then in half again. So, even if the guy hasn’t eaten in 30 days, that is amazing.

When your energy is high you can create some amazing things to happen.

Why not get your energy boosted to start getting results that will simply amaze you?

Now is your time….

Look for some super Christmas Specials this week on some of my best selling systems, products and courses.

Enjoy the article and talk soon,


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December 13, 2011

The Myth of The Balanced Life

Have you ever heard you need to have a balanced life?

Is the balanced life what you really need?

Well, that depends on what your objective is.

Let me explain…

Anyone who is good at any type of endeaver must
become “obsessed” with that endeaver.

If you are an athelete you must be compelled to
that activity if you are going to be a champion.

That leads to the question about balance.

For the most part, in order to be good at
one thing, you may need to put another thing
on the back burner.

Do you desire money?

If you do, you need to be obsessed with it!

How else will you attract what you desire, if
there is no obesession?

How will you get good at Mind Force or Quantum
Qigong if you are not obesessed and compelled
to become the best?

The truth is, you might be slightly out of
balance getting what you want and desire.

This is one of the keys to attracting or getting
what you want.

Often times, they leave this critical piece out of
the Law of Attaction type of training.

Let me sum it up…

If you want to be good at ANYTHING…That thing
must be a burning desire.

The question is, can you have balance if you have a
burning desire?

Can you reach one objective and still be focused on

Think on this and comment below, because what I will
tell you next is a revelation that could in fact
change your entire life!

Talk soon,


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December 5, 2011

What Is Quantum Jumping?


[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]Quantum Jumping by Burt Goldman[/headline_georgia_small_left]

Learn How to Manifest & Create Extraordinary Results

Click Here to Learn More


Everybody wants to know secrets don’t they?

I know I have been in search of them since I started on this road many years ago.

In fact, I have been in search of secrets, and have found many. In truth however, it was more like finding the needle in the haystack of worthless junk.

I’ve tried many systems…Some worked great, and of course I kept them and implemented them into my own system. Many on the other hand had no value…

What I am about to share with you is a method that thousands of people just like you have gotten a great deal of value from. I’ve used these methods myself and have found them to be extremely useful in all aspects of my training.

The really wild thing is they are taught by an 85 year old man, who has “been there and done that”. If you want an extremeley unique and valuable tool for your training, I highly recommend this program called “Quantum Jumping” by Burt Goldman.

You will find like I have a method that will help you to break free from some of the things holding you back…Try it, and I know you’ll really like it.

When training to a high level, you must mix up your training to constantly stimulate your internal energy and mind.

Burt Goldman will do this for you with this insightful training method. He offers some really good upfront training that will allow you to see the power in this type of esoteric training.

Then if you want, you can get his entire system, which is by the way magnificent.

So what is Quantum Jumping? It is a method that will allow you to travel to an alternate universe, and met an alternate you. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Would you like to meet one of your doppelganger? Maybe one who has a different perspective on your life and how you can make it to the next level.

A truly unique program by a truly unique man, Mr. Burt Goldman.

Click Here for all the information.

Talk soon,


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October 21, 2011

The Pathway Manifesto

I mentioned to you yesterday that I was inspired. And I was.

In fact I still am…

I wrote a 38 page “Manifesto” on The Pathway of The Mind Force & Quantum Qigong System.

I am more convinced after writing it that you need to read it.

I really did put some of my best stuff in here.

In fact I answer 6 of the most asked questions I get on a regular basis. Here they are.

[content_box_grey width=”75%”]

1. How can I do this training, I have no money?
2. How long will it take for me to move large objects?
3. How long will it take before I levitate?
4. Are these exercises really proprietary?
5. Can I really create energy, health and vitality like you say?
6. Can I learn how to use my energy for attraction and manifestation?[/content_box_grey]

Those are really the top six…

I go into detail on each one, plus I add in some other nuggets on health, belief, the three stages of growth, etc.

If you don’t get anything out of it, I really don’t have anything to offer you and you should immediately unsubscribe from this list…

And I’m serious…

The question is…Are you serious about attaining Extraordinary Skills?

That is only a question you can answer…

Check it out here.

[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”][membership_download_item_pdf link=”http://mf-quantumqigong.s3.amazonaws.com/The%20Pathway%20Manifesto.pdf” + target=”_self”]The Pathway Manifesto[/membership_download_item_pdf][/features_box_blue]



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October 20, 2011

The Inspiration to Do Greater Things…

Today I am inspired…

Why you might ask?

Well, for one thing I just completed a report that I feel will really allow people to see through the clutter of their mind and make a change that is positive and filled with energy…

I wrote a report on The Pathway Seminar that I did the other day.

The feedback from the seminar has been wonderful. I have received so many good emails from those who got a great deal of inspiration from it…

The other inspiration I got while meditating the other day, was to write another book…

And this time, I will make it the very best book/manual I have ever done.

The good news is, I want you to help me write it…That’s right, I want your input. The book or manual is going to be along the lines of the Mind Force and Quantum Qigong System, so I am looking to making a work that will help people to live a more vibrant life filled with health, energy and vitality…

Let me know what you think.


PS- The report will be done shortly so look for it if you are part of the list for the seminars.

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October 2, 2011

Psychic Power Boot Camp Incentive

Check out the video explaining how you can get access to the new “PSYCHIC POWER BOOT CAMP”. This promises to be a very special program which will reveal some really eye opening techniques and methods.

Once you have watched the video click here to go to this product page on the Quantum Qigong webiste.

If you want to just order The Internal Power Centers System Click Here

Talk Soon,


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August 1, 2011

Quantum Qigong Training

Think About This…

Why would hundreds of people go through the Total System 2.0 training?

SIMPLE: Because it works!

I sent you an email the other day about some of the pricing, and I can tell you I’m still reading through all of the emails…

I received that many.

Everyone who has gone through the training says it should be more money and those who haven’t think it should be less…

Funny how things work, isn’t it?

The amazing thing, is that many of the techniques taught in the first year of The Total System 2.0 (Inner Circle) are ones that I didn’t even learn until about 10 years of training.

And even more amazing is that on occasion over the years the price of just some of the techniques has been anywhere

from $500-$1,000 per technique…

If you don’t believe me, go back and review just one of the videos I did for you on “BLOOD WASHING” and do the exercise for a week or two and tell me you haven’t felt an increase in your energy…

Click here to get access!

That technique is a “baby step” compared to others that are taught in the system, yet we taught that exclusively for

over 10 years with excellent results.

…So, why was The Total System created?

To deliver valuable exercises and concepts that no one else is teaching and do it in a way that the masses can get at a

reasonable price.

Does this make sense?

I don’t expect everyone on this list to become a member.

After all, even after I recently removed 50% of my list, there are still 25,488 (as of this writing) in the data base…

I’m only looking to help a few, that’s why I created the 20+ videos that I am giving away for FREE at the Quantum

Qigong site.

Seriously, try them out and tell me they don’t work…

Here’s the link if you don’t have access…

Got more good stuff coming to you over the next couple of days…Still thinking about it.

Talk soon,

Sifu Perhacs

PS- Please access the videos ASAP, because I might be removing them in the very near future…Here is the link again.


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