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August 1, 2011

Quantum Qigong Training

Think About This…

Why would hundreds of people go through the Total System 2.0 training?

SIMPLE: Because it works!

I sent you an email the other day about some of the pricing, and I can tell you I’m still reading through all of the emails…

I received that many.

Everyone who has gone through the training says it should be more money and those who haven’t think it should be less…

Funny how things work, isn’t it?

The amazing thing, is that many of the techniques taught in the first year of The Total System 2.0 (Inner Circle) are ones that I didn’t even learn until about 10 years of training.

And even more amazing is that on occasion over the years the price of just some of the techniques has been anywhere

from $500-$1,000 per technique…

If you don’t believe me, go back and review just one of the videos I did for you on “BLOOD WASHING” and do the exercise for a week or two and tell me you haven’t felt an increase in your energy…

Click here to get access!

That technique is a “baby step” compared to others that are taught in the system, yet we taught that exclusively for

over 10 years with excellent results.

…So, why was The Total System created?

To deliver valuable exercises and concepts that no one else is teaching and do it in a way that the masses can get at a

reasonable price.

Does this make sense?

I don’t expect everyone on this list to become a member.

After all, even after I recently removed 50% of my list, there are still 25,488 (as of this writing) in the data base…

I’m only looking to help a few, that’s why I created the 20+ videos that I am giving away for FREE at the Quantum

Qigong site.

Seriously, try them out and tell me they don’t work…

Here’s the link if you don’t have access…

Got more good stuff coming to you over the next couple of days…Still thinking about it.

Talk soon,

Sifu Perhacs

PS- Please access the videos ASAP, because I might be removing them in the very near future…Here is the link again.


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March 28, 2011

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong: Physical Training Exercises

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong: Physical Training

There are many different aspects to the concept of the Total System of Mind Force & Quantum Qigong that I want to bring to your attention over the next week or so…

On or around April 7th, the new Total System 2.0 will be re-launching and I can promise you’ll be surprised to find the immense value it will hold for you.

The system has many components and if you have signed up for the “Early Bird” list you will have access to the actual training videos I will be allowing access to next week. Make sure you keep an eye on your email so you don’t miss them.

Ok, so I want to give you a few insights to one of those components and that is the aspect of “Physical Training”.

Physical training is one aspect of Quantum Qigong that allows you to take charge of your energy in a proactive fashion.

When I first started training close to 20 years ago, the physical aspect was what I concentrated on…

There is nothing mystical about Quantum Qigong and some of the unique and esoteric skills you will acquire when you do this training. It is just the way you are training your body to adapt to new stimulation…

Just like when you lift weights you cause a stimulation.

You force the muscles to grow by putting an increased amount of stress on them. That stress is what causes the muscle to grow.

Actually, it breaks down the muscle fiber and then the recuperation causes it to grow… If you just lifted weights without resting and feeding the muscles, you would see the muscle atrophy instead of grow.

Well, the same thing is true with Quantum Qigong training, except we are not really stressing the body, but creating a stimulation to the internal core of the body, that hasn’t been done before.

Most Qigong systems teach a lot of exercises that have no real value other than, they were handed down from the “master”.

Quantum Qigong uses scientific precedents to stimulate the body to increase its internal energy.

If you are familiar with Bruce Lee, and the Martial Art he created, called Jeet Kune Do, “The Way of No Way”.

Simply stated, you use what is useful and discard that which is not…

That is what the Total System 2.0 is all about…Removing any exercises or techniques that are not effective and only using those which are…

Makes sense doesn’t it?

I’m going to explain some exercises here, then next week I’m actually going to send you a video so you can see how they are performed…

Even if you don’t ever become a part of The Total System 2.0, I will give you some good exercises you’ll be able to use for your lifetime, and they’ll be better than most you’d pay money for…


Ok, here are a couple of exercises that have been found to produce enormous amounts of Qi.

Standing Meditation

When I first heard about this, I wasn’t excited about standing for any lenght of time. I just didn’t understand the importance.

The thing is, most people who do Qigong do it all wrong.

They stand for hours at a time thinking they are maximizing their Qi.

Been there, done that, and it doesn’t work.

Well, not that it doesn’t work, you have to do it the correct way in order to get it to work the most effect way possible.

Here’s what makes the Standing Meditation effective or not.

  • Flow Patterns
  • Ability to harness the chi and move it around while standing
  • Proper breathing
  • Learning to relax while standing

Again, I’ll go into more detail in the video, but I wanted you to know some of the basics, so you’re prepared.

Blood Washing

Now, this is a trade secret…Haven’t ever seen this exercise done anywhere unless they learned it from this system.

This one exercise will increase your Qi exponentially over most other exercises.

This one exercise is why we charge $249 for our Advanced Chi DVD and people buy it all the time at that price!

I will show you the basic Blood Washing on the video next week, but keep in mind that the more advanced forms will be in The Total System 2.0.

Blood washing is a circular pattern exercise that super charges your energy by increasing the size and density of the nerve fibers. It also allows more blood, oxygen and energy to flow through your body, so it is excellent for circulation and health.

Seated Meditations

When doing seated meditations, you can do them for energy development, relaxation or specific techniques such as healing, remote viewing and even Mind to Mind Communication.

When doing Seated Meditations, you must understand that you are in “the cockpit” of where you can change your life. Simple concept, yet profound if you truly understand it…

Most Don’t…

There are many other physical exercises, but I think I gave you enough to wet your beak just a little bit for the video I will be sending you next week (provided you signed up for it)…

The next article I do will be on some of the concepts surrounding “Mental Training Exercises”.

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March 12, 2011

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong: What Do You Want?

So, What Do You Want ?

So, what is it you really want through this Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Training?

Think about that. Really think about that.

Do you want amazing healing skills?

The ability do really esoteric skills like OBEs and Lucid Dreaming?

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize both yourself and others with power?

How about attract the things you desire in life?

Or learning how to tap into your “psychic self“?

When I first started doing this type of training, I asked myself the same question…

Now, don’t laugh at this, but my first goal was to learn how to kill better… I know, pretty stupid, considering I was a nerd working for a technology company…

But that truly was what I wanted to know how to do… I wanted to Dim Mak people and learn how to manipulate my energy for martial arts…Really for Self-Defense if you know what I mean.

I didn’t even know there were any other uses for chi.

Well, I’ve done a complete 180 (or is it 360, I can never figure that out).

The thought of using weird techniques to hurt others has been replaced with helping and healing others both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Quite a journey…

You are on a journey, and if you are not, then either figure one out or just stop teasing your self with “what ifs”.

You can’t lie to yourself.

Either do it or forget about it…Seriously!

The other question is how bad do you want it? Is it a burning desire?

Well, I’ll visit that in another post…

I hope you enjoyed the video I did on the (4) Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself.

If not Click Here for access…

PS- This is a new start for many of you and I look forward to helping you on that journey.

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March 11, 2011

Quantum Qigong Website & 4 Questions Video

So, did you check out the blog post from the other day?

Pretty interesting stuff eh?

If over 70% of the people who have actually purchased from me like the idea of having access to all this material than I’m sure you do…

I’m so excited, because in the next couple of weeks, the all new “TOTAL SYSTEM 2.0” will be opening up, and I guarantee it will be the best Esoteric Coaching & Training System online…

And before that happens, I’m going to give you some great FREE training to wet your appetite for what is to come…

Just did a video on “4 POWERFUL QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF” as it relates to Mind Force & Quantum Qigong training.

Make sure you also get a copy of the special FLOW CHART & MP3 I added as well…

You can get access here…

More cool training coming over the next couple weeks, so make sure you keep an eye on your email inbox…

Have a great weekend.


– Sifu Perhacs

PS- I’m going to teach you how to create an awesome blueprint for your life as it relates to your Physical, Mental & Spiritual Aspects…Here’s the link again.

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