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September 22, 2013

The #1 Thing I Can Provide For You


So, I had the good fortune to speak with several of my top students and clients recently and I asked them…

What is the #1 thing I can provide for you?

There response was almost unanimous, they wanted to be kept up to date on any new tools, exercises, courses, etc…

And my response to them was, I would want the same from them…

You see, I spend thousands of dollars per year on continual education & training. I practice what I preach, which is to always be honing your craft…

Some of the times I can provide those pearls as free content and training, and sometimes it is a paid for option….

I recently paid a mentor of mine several thousands of dollars for some new concepts, methods and tactics, that I know will take me to the next level.

I’ll be going to New Zealand in February to meet with one of my Master Mind Groups…

The point is, If you want to get and stay good at any endeavor, you need to stay on top of your game…


The minute you think you know everything there is to know, is the minute you start to regress…

Always be like a little kid…

Always strive to learn more, to be more.

If I gave you a solution that cost you $25,000, but as a result you got back $100,000, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Of course it would…

However, you have to have two elements in order to make that happen…

Faith and Belief…


Do you really understand what faith is?

“Faith is the evidence of things hoped for, but not yet seen”

Wow, now that one line is worth a fortune to you if you will but embrace it…

This is a simple mental switch that you can make in your own mind whenever you desire…


Now belief is the concept that you know something works or is possible based on certain evidence that you have convinced your own mind to believe.

I want you to think on that one… 

Give me your feedback on how your beliefs have changed your life for the better and how you may have had to change them in order to move forward.

Or when you’ve used faith to overcome or have a certain breakthrough in your life…

I really would like to know…

I will be sharing some of my own over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Going forward, since many of you really want to know all the new tools, systems and information out there, I will provide an overview of the offers I’ve sent to you over the week, just in case you want to participate. If you don’t that will always be totally cool with me.

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December 5, 2011

What Is Quantum Jumping?


[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]Quantum Jumping by Burt Goldman[/headline_georgia_small_left]

Learn How to Manifest & Create Extraordinary Results

Click Here to Learn More


Everybody wants to know secrets don’t they?

I know I have been in search of them since I started on this road many years ago.

In fact, I have been in search of secrets, and have found many. In truth however, it was more like finding the needle in the haystack of worthless junk.

I’ve tried many systems…Some worked great, and of course I kept them and implemented them into my own system. Many on the other hand had no value…

What I am about to share with you is a method that thousands of people just like you have gotten a great deal of value from. I’ve used these methods myself and have found them to be extremely useful in all aspects of my training.

The really wild thing is they are taught by an 85 year old man, who has “been there and done that”. If you want an extremeley unique and valuable tool for your training, I highly recommend this program called “Quantum Jumping” by Burt Goldman.

You will find like I have a method that will help you to break free from some of the things holding you back…Try it, and I know you’ll really like it.

When training to a high level, you must mix up your training to constantly stimulate your internal energy and mind.

Burt Goldman will do this for you with this insightful training method. He offers some really good upfront training that will allow you to see the power in this type of esoteric training.

Then if you want, you can get his entire system, which is by the way magnificent.

So what is Quantum Jumping? It is a method that will allow you to travel to an alternate universe, and met an alternate you. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Would you like to meet one of your doppelganger? Maybe one who has a different perspective on your life and how you can make it to the next level.

A truly unique program by a truly unique man, Mr. Burt Goldman.

Click Here for all the information.

Talk soon,


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November 6, 2011

The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis

If you are familiar with the book from Wallace Wattles entitled “The Science of Getting Rich”, then you know how powerful a manuscript it is…

Well, a good friend of mine, John Vincent who is a certified Master Hypnotist, came up with a course that will shatter your concept of how to get rich with Hypnosis using the concepts found in this timeless classic.

I have this book on my Iphone and have read it several times and can attest to the power of THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH

John Vincent, takes it to the next level so that you can actually have a specific system to use the concepts combined with hypnosis to get what you desire.

When John contacted me about this about a month ago I was really excited about the possibilities of this and know you will get a lot out of it…

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]My Bonus Offer For You![/headline_georgia_large_centered]

[content_box_grey width=”75%”]

[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Closed Door Hypnosis Files[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

When you order The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis from the special link below, I am going to give you complete digital access to my best selling Closed Door Hypnosis Files at no additional cost…Absolutely FREE and only with this offer. The Closed Door Hypnosis Files includes:

[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Hypnosis Manuals– $39.95
  • Manipulation– $97
  • Ultimate Hypnotic Influence– $97
  • Control Factor with Closed Door Self Hypnosis Files– $67
You will pay over $300 if purchased separately and $147 when you buy it as a set. Get it for FREE when you get instant access to THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH HYPNOSIS course by JOHN VINCENT.


[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]How to Claim Your Bonus Closed Door Hypnosis Files[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

Simply send your order ID and information to our support desk so we can verify you purchased it through our special link and send you the bonus downloads (over $147 in value)

[hyperlink_large_centered link=”” + target=”_self”]Velocity Group Support Desk[/hyperlink_large_centered]


The system is a full course of instruction and John has it set up so you can either pay in one payment or 4 easy payments. For all the details and instant access click here

This course might be just what you’ve been searching for and when you combine it with my Closed Door Hypnosis Files, you really have a winner.

Talk soon,


PS- Here is the special link to order and get all the details again.


[add_to_cart_btn_style_2 link=”” + target=”_self”] [/add_to_cart_btn_style_2]








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December 8, 2010

Psychic Perception Video Part 1

Yesterday I started a vision for you on how you can increase the power of your psychic perception. Today I’m going to take you to the next level in that concept with a video/audio that you can use to better understand the Psychic Perception and development process…

Since it is the season for giving, I have decided to wrap a little promotion around this video (actually it is two videos) training.

One of the the things I get excited about is attracting those things in life I desire, and I’m sure you do to. Well, as part of this season of giving, I’m going to offer you one of my best selling systems when you order a product that I’ve found to be very useful in the attraction process.

Joe Vitale (starred in “The Secret”) is a world renowned trainer of attraction, and I have learned quite a bit from his teachings over the years, and now I am going to offer you the ability to get these to work in your life. Well, Joe has an outstanding course on:

The Awakening Course: Discover The Missing Secret for
Attracting Wealth, Health, Happiness and Love.

When you place an order from this link (and yes I do get paid for this), I will stack some cool on  you by giving you one of my complete systems absolutely FREE! Just contact my personal assistant Lina and she will hook you up.

You can one of the following when you order from this special link.

  • Mind Force Meditation: Mind Portal ($77)
  • Internal Power Centers ($77)
  • Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method ($77)

Not a bad deal since Joe’s product doesn’t even cost that much…Now if you already have one of those, just let me know and I’ll have Lina hook you up with a product of equal value.

Is that fair?

Here’s your video training on psychic perception skills.


– Al

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