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August 15, 2017

Numerology: What’s Hidden Behind your Name?

Numerology | Free Reading

Many people wonder about where their names came from and what does it mean. By tracing the etymology and the history of our names, we can develop a better sense to know who we really are.

When you want to decode your name, it is important to know that each letter in your name corresponds to a number. That is the Numerology Name Meaning which is actually an ancient study. For example, the letter A corresponds to number 1, the letter D corresponds to the numeric number 4. These numbers all have a unique definition and meaning. When they are put together, and add some calculations, the personality of one’s life will be depicted.

  • Expression Number – this actually reveals your talents, abilities, and the shortcomings that you have in this lifetime. The expression number is based on the letters of your full name that was given at birth. Knowing your expression number could tell you a lot about your unique skills that you have and the challenges you face. There are many websites that could offer how you can calculate your expression number and it will tell you about yourself. It will tell you if you’re a loving person, caring if you are open minded and how are you in dealing with relationships.
  • Heart’s desire or Soul Urge Number – This is the number that tells about the inner you. This tells about your true motivation. Also, this is what is behind your actions and the many choices that you make in life.
  • Personality Number – this is actually the outer you. This number will reveal how others see you.
  • Karmic Lesson Number – this core number will reveal which areas of your life you are weak at. These are the areas that need to work on and should be faced in life. The Karmic Lesson Number primarily deals with our weaknesses and there could be more than one Karmic Lesson Number.
  • Hidden Passion Number – the Hidden Passion Number appoints the particular ability of strength that you have. This will showcase your greatest natural talents and motivations. These strengths are actually available to you and all you have to do is to develop it and use it throughout your life.


These are the five core numbers of your name. If it is calculated, it could reveal the incredible truth about your life. With a lot of sources that are available today, it is easy to find the real meaning of one’s name. But in order to find the real meaning and the real corresponding name numerology, you have to make sure that you find a reliable website that could give you genuine results.

It is very helpful that you know the numerology of your name because this will tell a lot about yourself and by this one can know which the best career that will suit you. This is because, in Name Numerology, it could reveal your strengths and abilities that could help you in deciding the path that you wanted in life.

We all want to be fulfilled and happy, right? This is why Numerology is one of the tools that could help in fulfilling our potential and it could help us in making great decisions as well. Name numerology really enables us to understand ourselves and much more.

Start discovering more of what your name can bring you…

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August 3, 2017

Healing through Meditation: Here’s How to Improve your Life

meditation | medihealing

With all the stress and pollution our mind suffers and resists, our health and emotions may be greatly affected negatively. When that time comes, our bodies look for a way to have some peace in mind and relaxation for the body. Meditation is one of the best activities to do if you have been bothered and felt that your body is getting worse. Today, you’ll learn how healing through meditation can help you a lot.

Healing through meditation has been proven and tested by most of the experts and practitioners. The power of meditation has saved many lives in many ways and they come in different times and in different forms.

Here’s How Meditation Can Improve Your Life:

Reduces stress. Stress has been one of the reasons why we have weaker body and restless mind. Through the healing power of meditation, turning off negative vibes that surround you can be a lot easier. Deep breaths and calm moments have a lot to do with our anxious minds and so it help us to handle stressful situations better.

mind force meditation

Stronger body. Aside from giving relief to the pain in your body, study shows that 40 of 60 high blood pressure patients stopped taking their blood pressure medication when they started meditating. It is because meditation improves cardiovascular and immune health. Stress has a lot of connection to heart disease but meditation reduces stress and lowers the risk of heart disease.

Improves concentration. Reaching your weekly or life goals is very difficult if you find many distractions along the way. Through meditation, a greater concentration can be produced. Focusing on what you wanted to achieve can be easier since meditation also boosts memory and ability to learn.

Healthy Lifestyle. Most people who started meditating had given credit to meditation because it has been a form of eye-opener to avoid bad habits for their health. Because they are healing through meditation, their minds feel good and relaxed. This cause them to eat well with a healthy diet and avoid bad habits for the body including smoking and drinking.

Self-connection. Meditation benefits not only your body but also yourself. It has a way to make you reflect upon your feelings, thoughts, and who you really are. Through meditation, it increases your self-awareness enabling you to get to know yourself much better. It also increases the kindness within us that reconnects us also to other people.

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Happiness. People who have been meditating felt much happier because they have reduced the unwanted stress in their lives. It is also believed that brain signaling increases in the left side of the prefrontal cortex that is responsible for positive emotions and decreases in the right side which is responsible for negative emotions. Holding your grief better and going on the right track to be happy are just some simple but meaningful reasons why meditation benefits us a lot.

Healing through meditation is simply affecting your whole self, the overall quality in life positively. Now is the right time. Try uncovering the hidden healing power of meditation now!


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May 26, 2017

Law of Attraction: Simple Steps on how you can create it

law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is the Law of Attraction that uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and eventually materialize it into reality. If you focus on negativity then you will be doomed to it, but if you focus on positive thoughts and you have goals to achieve, then you will find ways to achieve them in massive action.

The best way to use the Law of Attraction is to realize that you will get exactly what you desire. But how will you use the Law of Attraction to your advantage?

There are three words that can make Law of Attraction work for you. Ask, Believe and Receive.

  • Ask

It is believed that asking for the creation of Law of Attraction is very important but before you ask, be sure what you really wish for. Try to ask yourself what you desire and ask the Universe for it. Know exactly what you want and have a detailed picture of it. Get a piece of paper and write down how you would like it to be.

You can also make a command to the universe. Make a request and send a picture of how you want it to be. For example, you want to buy the most expensive mobile phone then see yourself handling that phone and taking pictures.

Once you truly decide what you wish for and give your command, then stay focused and ask.

“Ask and You Shall Receive.” The Secret. Cosmic ordering. What the Bleep. The Law of Attraction. Get it here.

  • Believe

The next step should believe. You have to believe that whatever you wish for or asking for already belongs to you. The key to this is through visualization. Visualize that it is already on its way to you. When you are trying to create the Law of Attraction, you must see things that you want as yours now.

But you must remember also that things don’t usually happen instantly but don’t lose hope. Just stay positive and allow each day with passion, desire, and strength and certainly what you wish for will come. The effectiveness of your belief system is the foundation of trust. Do not let negative emotions serve you as this may hinder to your dream.  Stay patient, focused and determined that it will happen.

The believing process is actually the most important and powerful step in the Law of Attraction because this is where it starts working and there is the feeling that you don’t need it anymore because you already feel that you have it.

  • Receive

Congratulations. You’ve already received what you desire Get into the feeling that you’ve already received whatever it is you want. Once you feel it, then you will be sending positive vibes to the universe. Just feel it and your wants will display.

Once you received it, just make sure to show appreciation. Show gratitude and be thankful for what you already have and also be thankful for the other things that were given to you and you will be receiving in the future.

If you truly believe that everything will work out, then it will. Always remember that the Law of Attraction is based on you. The results of positive thoughts will always be a positive outcome and negative thoughts will always lead to bad outcomes.

Now, it is up to you whether you want to feel good or bad. Are you ready now?


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March 7, 2017

“The One Thing”

Mind Force | Focus

Did you read the previous post about the simple 3 step formula?

If you didn’t, it’s worth a read because it’s something that you can take action on immediately.

When it comes to learning a high-level skill like those I teach, every single advantage you can get makes a difference.

I was on the phone with a guy last week and he said–

“What was the one thing that propelled you forward with your training”?

That’s a really good question, one I had to think about for a minute, but once I did the answer was simple.


Get out of your head the idea of multi-tasking because it’s a fools game…

Now let me explain…

One thing at a time could mean one thing I’m doing for one minute, for 5 minutes, for one hour, for a day…

The issue is not what I was doing, this issue is focusing on that thing.

Laser like focus for specific periods of time…

If you’re going to train for one minute, make it the best minute of your life!

That might be a little facetious, but you need to think on these things in order to get the most out of it. I don’t just say things to fill up an email letter, I give you principles, techniques and concepts you can immediately use…


Everyone wants secrets, yet when you tell them, they are expecting the secret to be packaged up in a different way.

Tomorrow I’ll go into some really important ideas on techniques, concepts, and principles as it relates to Mind Force and what the difference is.

And oh by the way, you can still pick up a copy of my Mind Force Library with Distilled Learning System and save a bundle over going to Amazon.

Click here to get immediate access.

Talk soon,



PS– I sent an email out the other day saying WHY YOU SHOULDN’T BUY THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY, and that reason is the same reason if you don’t find these emails of value, you should just unsubscribe and not waste your time even opening them.

Here is the link again to get THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY.

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March 5, 2017

Become a Controller! 3 great ideas…

become a controller | hypnosis

So, it’s Monday morning and I’m planning out my day and my week.

Do you take time to plan out your days and your weeks?

I learned a simple concept a long time ago and it has served me extremely well over the years and that is the concept of:

  1. Plan
  2. Do
  3. Review

I know what some of you might be thinking– “What does this have to do with Mind Force and Esoteric skills?”

It has everything to do with what you want to learn and how you can become a true “CONTROLLER” of your life.

I get it, but hang with me and you’ll understand…

Let me break this simple concept down and allow you to understand why you need to do this. It takes discipline, and focus, but once you begin to live your life this way, you will never want to go back to being average.


Successful people in all endeavors take the time to plan, average people fly blindly.

Successful people take action (do) once they set a goal or plan to achieve.

Successful people then take the time to review and analyze what they just did to see if they can get better.

The key to your success with getting any kind of skill to work is to always look to get better. If you do more today than what you did yesterday, and more tomorrow than today, you are on your way.

I’ll be including some of these tidbits for my new book that I’ve tentatively titled “THE MIND FORCE MANIFESTO”

What do you think of that title? Let me know by replying back to this email (It goes straight to me)

If I had to break these three items down in order of importance I would as follows:

Planning- 20%

Action — 70%

Reviewing– 10%

Sometimes you’ll have to switch the numbers around, but let me tell you that right there is a formula that works and will work for you when you put it into action.

And, if you’re looking to get a handle on how to take your skills to a new level, there’s nothing better than my MIND FORCE LIBRARY OF books, which you can get access to by clicking here

If you want to have a step by step plan, then getting access to THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY with my new DISTILLED LEARNING SYSTEM is one of the best ways to do it…

You might just be surprised to find out that it changes your life for the better.

I want you to not only think on this concept of PLAN–>DO–>REVIEW, I want you to take action…


That’s right, stop what you’re doing and set your plan for the week, and then execute on that plan with a focused intensity.

Talk soon,


PS– My goal is for you to be successful with crazy skills, and I know the best place to start is with THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY–Click here to get access.

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January 27, 2017

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucid Dreaming


Lucid Dreaming | Esoteric Skills

When people are conscious within dreams, then that may be lucid dreaming. If you’re interested with it, here are the 10 noteworthy things you should know about lucid dreaming

More on 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucid Dreaming

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January 20, 2017

How to Use Meditation to Gain Esoteric Skills

(Note: This post also appeared on: MindPowerNews.com)

meditation | esoteric skills

There normally comes a point in your life that you think life is too harsh. You want to escape reality even if just for a little while. Indeed, there is literally no one in this world who doesn’t seem to wish to be able to forget all the hustles and bustles in life even for a very short time.

Feeling so tired doing your daily activities, it makes a worthwhile reason to get rid of the negative vibes and voices in your head. One technique which some individuals apply is that of meditation to perform truly esoteric skills.

More on How to Use Meditation to Gain Esoteric Skills

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May 12, 2016

It’s Our 28th Anniversary! – Mind Force Library at Great Discount!

There’s nothing more wonderful in this world than to have a partner and kids whom I can truly say the real wealth I have.

If you’re married or looking to get married, I can only hope you get to be married to your best friend for as long as I have. al_mj

Time flies when you are having fun…

But can I share a little? It hasn’t always been fun…

We got married young…Had kids young…And for a while we were wondering if we would make 10 years let alone 28!

A ‘Thank you’ is not enough. My heart is filled with so much gratitude that I wanted to share my happiness to others.

So, starting today and ending on Saturday May 14th, I’m going to share some wisdom and maybe some cautions of being married this long. I’m also going to give you a big discount on my Best Selling Mind Force Library!

That’s right– Save 40% until Sat and then the price goes back up to the already low price.

What you Need to Know about

Mind Force is Real…

The power of your internal Qi is real…

And when you can harness both of them, it can be scary…

When I first started to train my mind to be used as a receptor for advanced perception skills. And trained my body to build more and more energy it WAS SCARY!

And I wish I had a blueprint that could’ve guided me better. Well, now you can get 11 of my best blueprints at an incredible savings + get some awesome bonuses on top of it….

Click here for the 11 Blueprints

When you send enough energy and mental perceptions through your body, it can be frightening because you sometimes don’t know if you are sane anymore.

The things you see…The things you experience can be scary, but the truth is that if you want to get to the top of the mountain, you’ll need to experience some things that are uncomfortable…

You have to be…


I’m going to cover this concept in the new training I’m going to be offering so stay tuned because it is going to be really eye opening…

I want you to have the chance to get some of the best blueprints on Esoteric training you’re ever going to experience at a price that is a “No Brainer”...

Mind Force Library | Anniversary Sale

Stop wasting time with training methods that just don’t work or don’t work fast enough. Let me save you time and money searching for the hidden secrets when they’re right in front of you…


These 11 Blueprints hold the keys to many different esoteric so if you want to get immediate access to some of the best Esoteric Skills Training, go here now.


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February 18, 2014

Mind Force and your Goal Setting: A Review

We have previously published an article about goal setting and how to become more energetic this 2014. We  have also mentioned how a thing we call “mind force”, can bring a great impact on realizing the goals we set with the aid of the power of the mind. Success, as we want it, will be more possible if goal setting and taking actions will be done consistently.goal setting

A Review of the Goals You Set

You have made the first step. A project, a plan, any goal that you want to achieve must be first laid with a plan. Let’s ask these questions again:

–          Have you REALLY set your important goals to accomplish this year?

–          Have you REALLY created a game plan, a plan of action for those goals?

–          Have you REALLY committed yourself to become dedicated and compelling until the attainment of those goals?

Now, take a moment to rewind. How much have you’ve been dedicated and persevering in working with your goals set? Did you miss some points in there? Or have you even exceeded some of it? Do you think there are changes to be made?

If you’re still having some lapses on those plans and goals that were set, try to list them and learn how to evaluate. What are still to be done? What are some to be changed? Are there some to be put in limit? Or are there any to be accelerated?

Questions-Answers-Actions Relationship

In scientific study, a hypothesis is an important stage. Before any solution can be a proven theory, this must be tested and then validated. In life, solutions to problems or changes that we want to achieve are must be first tested to let us know if they can be effectively beneficial.

Listen to your queries and then look for answers. However, some people are very good in planning but then suddenly stop. They’re like first ignited hot at first and then gradually lose the flare. Darkness then  follows.

If one thing, in one instant of our life has failed, do we need to stop at once? Do we need to turn our backs and give up everything?

I have said it before. I have been a failure. I have experienced having nothing. I’ve been in the crossroads where all I see is confusion. I almost surrender. I almost lose faith and the courage to continue. I even got envied to those people I see having everything they want-which are also things that I have been dreaming for a long time. I almost got crazy thinking and asking why life seems so unfair. And then I was enlightened. I have asked this: Am I just going to watch myself become a loser without giving a fair fight? I then dare to choose to take action, and then DO SOMETHING.

This is a great reality that everyone must comprehend. If still questions linger on your mind about how some people achieve great success and some others are not, it is best to know that those successful people implement excellent execution skills. The better you plan, the better you implement; thus the better you perform, the bigger the opportunities and challenges you will overcome.

How Powerful Mind Force Is

Who will argue with the fact that the mind is so powerful? That it can be an effective tool in getting what we really aspire? This can make possible in attracting wealth, relationship, money, career, and more? Positive thoughts attract positive actions; negative thoughts denotes failures and negative output.

It is the critical mind which screens and analyzes the given information, compares it with the existing data, and determines if it is valuable to be done. With the use of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, it is how the action will be executed. The more we implant negativity to our mind, the weaker are us to accomplish more things.

That is why the secrets that have long been hidden were now being implemented to guarantee you that everything you plan, and strive to act on constantly, will be possible.

For more helpful information on how you can evaluate if you’re taking the right track for the goals you set, and even achieve more, visit us here.



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January 4, 2014

Getting More Energetic and Successful This Year with Mind Force

Jumping Over a Challenge to Achieve SuccessThe first week of January 2014 is about to end. So, how was it? Are you seeing yourself getting into the right track in accordance to the resolutions, goals and plans that you’ve set? Well, maybe it’s time to evaluate it a little earlier so as to keep yourself a little bit easier to comprehend what has to be made or what has to be changed. This article will tackle various points. Ponder on these nuggets and with mind force, you will for sure make the coming days better and more challenging.

Reviewing Your Goals Set

“A single step is the start of a long journey”. This adage is already worn-out yet still, a very useful one. In every endeavor that we will take, it’s very important to set goals and objectives. It’s like building a house with a draft, with a plan of what is to be accomplished. So here’s what you should do, let’s do some reviews. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Have you REALLY set your important goals to accomplish this year?

– Have you REALLY created a game plan, a plan of action for those goals?

– Have you REALLY committed yourself to become dedicated and compelling until the attainment of those goals?

If your answers are all YES, well, you’re making it great. Go on and follow the path of success. If you’re doubting if you’re doing them all right, it’s time to get more vitality and keep going to where you should be. Remember, goals set must are like precious gems to be harnessed to make the most out of it. A diamond never shows its magnificent shine without polishing its rough surfaces, right?

Click here to find more info about goal setting.

Visualize How to Get Your Story to be a Successful One

Sometimes, we need to look back and become nostalgic with the way we dream when we are still young. Remember how we lively we answer when being asked what we wanted to be someday? Full of zest, we create stories of what we wanted to become. Why not plan now to have a story of yourself yielding to become someone greater, someone better? Inspire yourself by the plot of events and visualize yourself on each chapter of your story, as a person with great success and accomplishments.

What kind of story you would like yourself to be a cast of?

Would it be a story of DELIVERANCE? How are you going to turn things around on a hot streak?

Should it be about IMMENSE SUCCESS? If so, think how you started 2014 fast, focused an on fire!

Would it be an untold story of REGRET and how you let so many opportunities slip by?

Or, will it be about EXCUSES and directing the story on how hard it was to get anything done of what’s on your goal-set?

Rekindling the Passion, Getting More Focused

So, you have your goals set; you laid your plans and are ready to take actions. But how committed are you to do it in a consistent basis? Are you willing to take these actions through the end?

We must put in our minds that it is not a healthy concept to start this year with no focus, unorganized, and uncommitted.

This is a great reality that everyone must understand. If still questions linger on your mind about how some people achieve massive success and others are not, it is best to know that those successful people implement excellent execution skills. The better you plan, the better you implement; thus the better you perform, the bigger the opportunities and challenges you will overcome.

Rekindle the passion of what you love to have, stir up for success and instill a more focus perspective. Here’s how.

Know Why Resolutions Fail to Work

Years have passed and it is sad to realize that we have set so many resolutions, yet many of them, if not all, are not realized. We failed what we planned to achieve. Thus, it leaves us weaker, less inspired and feebler.

Why do resolutions fail to work? There may be nothing wrong with your resolutions.

Here’s why.

Be More Persevering, Keep Going

This year is absolutely a year for you of BIG GOALS, BIG PLANS and BIG OPPORTUNITIES. However, more often it also entails BIG FEAR and BIG UNCERTAINTIES to hinder the way we want things to be.

Remember this: Fear and doubts are never a reason for quitting. Only fools and feeble-minded use them as excuses to face their insecurities and dread. Life can be tough, so what? Be tougher then.

Perseverance is the key to keep going. Your thoughts are powerful. They can lead to more powerful actions. So, keep going, Be more optimistic and willing to take the challenges. It is an overwhelming idea about who you are and what you are capable of achieving.

The more challenging your goal is, the greater improvement you can have. IT IS a very important reality.
Tests given to you to measure your potentials. And I can tell you this, when you pass these tests, you will become more resilient, more flexible and any field, tougher.

Be More Committed, Yet Ready for More Challenges

In overcoming challenges, it is but normal to experience pains, failures and shortcomings.

That is true.

You can experience pains, anguish and grief.

It will take time; success does not happen overnight.

It will demand willpower; that is why taking actions requires great effort.

Success requires dedication, passion, and commitment.

And sacrifice, too.

There are times you will think of giving up, of ceasing what you have started.

But the fact is….

When you do achieve your goal…

Success will far exceed the pain…

It will be worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears…

It will be worth of every sacrifice, every endeavor and every task you’ve done…

And you’ll make yourself proud.

Because, all of us must…

Elevate and enhance our game…

Dream big dreams and…

Concentrate on doing whatever it takes to achieve our goals…

Acceptance, Understanding and Taking Actions

These all that we must do. Learn to accept, understand, and push ourselves to take actions.

Because, whether we like it or not…

You don’t achieve success by JUST….Hoping

You don’t achieve success by JUST….Talking

You don’t achieve success by JUST….Wishing

You don’t achieve success by JUST….Talking

It is not as EASY as that.
It will take time, effort and great actions.
What you need to cease?

STOP delivering excuses.

STOP complaining.

STOP taking for granted big opportunities.

STOP bitching and moaning…

STOP crying over wasted times…

STOP worrying and being sluggish.

And STOP believing that you are NOTHING.

Keep in mind that you can do EVERYTHING, ANYTHING.

Your mind is so powerful. With mind force, you can utilize every valuable concept to make this year and the coming years more productive, more successful and truly incredible. Find also details about subliminals, hypnosis, hypnotic influence, manipulation, meditation, and a whole lot more here.





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