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September 7, 2017

The antidote to sitting all day (takes only 45 seconds)…

Metabolic Prime | Weight Loss

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the news:

The average American sits 11 hours a day…shocking!

Yet what’s even MORE shocking is what happens while you’re sitting:

* Muscles deteriorate, fat loss slows and calorie burning drops to 1 calorie per minute…
* Blood flow dips, LDL and triglycerides clog your arteries and heart attack risk jumps by 125%…
* Sugar piles up in your blood, insulin skyrockets and diabetes risk shoots up by 90%…

Your body receives the signal that it’s time to shut down…

… so it starts preparing you for death. Yikes.

That got me thinking:

If we also sleep an average of 7 hours a day, that’s 18 hours of not moving.

And since most of us are working those other 6 hours (or more)…

How the heck can we find the time to work out, burn fat, and prevent this bodily decay?

The answer: most of us can’t!

–> Well, good news: now you can.

Thanks to the world’s fastest workout I’m going to introduce to you today.

It combines the:

* Fat-torching power of high intensity interval training (without hurting your joints)…
* With the strength-building power of resistance training (without going to gym)…
* With the body-sculpting power of yoga (without actually doing yoga)…

… into a simple set of hyper-efficient, metabolic “micro-bursts”…

… that get the most results… in the least time.

And it all happens in less than 45 minutes… a WEEK… not a day… a WEEK!

The secret to this workout’s success?

It releases a firestorm of genetic signaling agents called MPAs.

There are 5 specific ones that act like metabolic drill sergeants that command your body to:

* get and stay lean…
* be full of energy and thrive…
* fight inflammation, ward off disease and stay young…

Unfortunately, these 5 MPAs have descended into a deep state of hibernation as we’ve aged.

And THAT has caused your metabolism to age prematurely?

Fortunately, now can now time-warp your metabolism back to it’s prime…

… thanks to what’s being called the world’s fastest workout…

… and the scientifically-designed “micro-burst” movements it uses that you can see here:

–> The “micro-burst” technique that shreds fat and sculpts muscle… (see it here)

Don’t let anybody convince you that age is a barrier to hitting your goals?

? you just need to re-awaken your 5 MPAs, let them command your metabolism to do what you want?

? and let your body naturally become leaner, more energetic and healthier, each and every day from there on out.

I’m pretty excited about this, and can’t wait for you to try it out.


PS – These metabolic “micro-bursts” have been carefully designed so that any one, at any age, regardless of what shape they are in, can do them. It’s got variations for beginners… along with “metabolic amplifiers” for those wanting to go hard-core.

Here’s how it works


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August 18, 2017

Improve your metabolism with Metabolic Prime

Do you feel you’re losing your focused mind and concentration? Or, you’ve been experiencing problems with your sleep and notice that there are various changes in your body? It’s time to understand what’s happening in your health. It’s time to cease all your frustrations. Learn about Metabolic  Prime and how this can bring back your teenage metabolism .

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February 19, 2016

Repair Your “Stressed” Thyroid With Metabolic Prime

Let’s admit it. Most of us over 35 do not have the physical ability — or the time — to move like a teenager. The energy and agility that we used to have when we are still younger seemed to vanish and things we used to do are no longer that easy to accomplish.

With the many advancements of when it comes to diet and weight loss program, more and more people are getting more confused in finding what really can help the body becomes more active and healthier.

Doing exercise helps. But…

It’s not about the time you put into exercise.

… it’s about the genetic response each movement creates. That’s where the magic is found.

Micro-bursts create a powerful genetic response. They “rewrite” an outdated part of your DNA that’s currently dormant, covered by the rust of time.

These genes signal your brain to release the same 5 molecules present in the metabolisms of LEAN AND HEALTHY TEENAGERS.

This molecular restoration will give you the next best thing to having the same fat-burning, muscle-sculpting, energy-soaring benefits as you had back in the prime of your life!

What if you could reawaken these 5 metabolic molecules without having to move like a teenager?

Want to depress your thyroid by 28.2%?

Guess which of these 3 common exercise types can do exactly that:

– Running, spin classes or hot yoga sessions…

– Lifting weights, kettlebells or even just bodyweight…

– CrossFit or another high-intensity workout…

Shockingly, every single one can slow your thyroid – and fat burning – to a crawl.

I’ll share why in just a minute… PLUS:

You’ll discover a scientifically-designed, 4-phase body-sculpting workout…

… that actually enhances your thyroid’s ability to burn off excess body fat.

It’s being hailed as the world’s fastest workout. And for good reason.

First: a sluggish thyroid is VERY bad news for weight loss.

Your thyroid provides the oxygen to fan the flames of your body’s metabolic fire.

If it’s not working right, it snuffs out your ability burn up body fat.

It can ALSO cause horrendous, dementia-like symptoms, even in your 30s, 40s and 50s like:

– Inability to recall peoples’ names (even your closest friends)…

– Stumbling to find the right words (in the most embarrassing situations)…

– And forgetting why you walked into a room (extremely depressing)…

Exercise can help… yet most people do WAY too much, too soon.

That sends your thyroid into a panic and it shuts down.

And as anyone with thyroid problems will tell you, that can years to fix… if ever.

This Genetic “Reset” Is The Secret To A Leaner, Fitter, Energetic, And More Youthful Body…


Today I’ll show you how to move smart and put these 5 molecules to work for you so you can…

  • INCINERATE even your most stubborn body fat in record time…
  • MOLD your muscles the way a sculptor molds clay and creates that lean, sleek, toned physique everyone wants…
  • ENERGIZE the power centers of your body’s cells called the mitochondria, giving you near boundless and jitter-free pep…
  • REJUVENATE aging organs, bones, and skin, leaving you feeling as fantastic as you look…
  • SHIELD your brain from the ravages of age, keeping you sharp and mentally nimble throughout your years…


Metabolic Prime is perfect for you if:

You Work Hard At Your Job And You’re Short On Time!

You’re An “Empty Nester” And Prefer To Focus On Living Life!

You’re A Busy Mom Juggling More Balls Than A Circus Performer!

You’re A Weekend Warrior, Ex-Athlete, Or True Fitness Junkie!

You’re Retired And Taking It Easy!


But, still, do not forget to:

Stay motivated.

Enjoy the feeling of staying right on track

Give your ego a boost every day by “quick-scanning” your momentum and the goals you’ve already achieved.


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