August 3, 2017

Healing through Meditation: Here’s How to Improve your Life

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With all the stress and pollution our mind suffers and resists, our health and emotions may be greatly affected negatively. When that time comes, our bodies look for a way to have some peace in mind and relaxation for the body. Meditation is one of the best activities to do if you have been bothered and felt that your body is getting worse. Today, you’ll learn how healing through meditation can help you a lot.

Healing through meditation has been proven and tested by most of the experts and practitioners. The power of meditation has saved many lives in many ways and they come in different times and in different forms.

Here’s How Meditation Can Improve Your Life:

Reduces stress. Stress has been one of the reasons why we have weaker body and restless mind. Through the healing power of meditation, turning off negative vibes that surround you can be a lot easier. Deep breaths and calm moments have a lot to do with our anxious minds and so it help us to handle stressful situations better.

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Stronger body. Aside from giving relief to the pain in your body, study shows that 40 of 60 high blood pressure patients stopped taking their blood pressure medication when they started meditating. It is because meditation improves cardiovascular and immune health. Stress has a lot of connection to heart disease but meditation reduces stress and lowers the risk of heart disease.

Improves concentration. Reaching your weekly or life goals is very difficult if you find many distractions along the way. Through meditation, a greater concentration can be produced. Focusing on what you wanted to achieve can be easier since meditation also boosts memory and ability to learn.

Healthy Lifestyle. Most people who started meditating had given credit to meditation because it has been a form of eye-opener to avoid bad habits for their health. Because they are healing through meditation, their minds feel good and relaxed. This cause them to eat well with a healthy diet and avoid bad habits for the body including smoking and drinking.

Self-connection. Meditation benefits not only your body but also yourself. It has a way to make you reflect upon your feelings, thoughts, and who you really are. Through meditation, it increases your self-awareness enabling you to get to know yourself much better. It also increases the kindness within us that reconnects us also to other people.

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Happiness. People who have been meditating felt much happier because they have reduced the unwanted stress in their lives. It is also believed that brain signaling increases in the left side of the prefrontal cortex that is responsible for positive emotions and decreases in the right side which is responsible for negative emotions. Holding your grief better and going on the right track to be happy are just some simple but meaningful reasons why meditation benefits us a lot.

Healing through meditation is simply affecting your whole self, the overall quality in life positively. Now is the right time. Try uncovering the hidden healing power of meditation now!


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May 31, 2017

Psychic Abilities: Skills to be Nourished

Most people are bestowed with amazing skills. These skills, when nourished and developed properly, can bring big results to personal and social life. With the various abilities we are capable of, the mind functions as it has enumerable things that can be discovered. Some of us might have that ability to think beyond what others cannot perceive nor think. That skill might be due to the fact of being gifted with psychic abilities.


Let’s get more acquainted with psychic ability to have a better understanding of what skills you might have.


Psychic Abilities Defined


Psychic ability refers to a skill to be developed and be given such proper attention especially on the intuition and extrasensory perceptions. This includes the abilities such as the ability to know the about the facts, to see what is within reach of our naked eye and  to have intuitive response on the things through emotions as well as the sense of inner hearing.


It is unusual that we might ignore the fact that we might unleash the abilities that we have already. It is also something that would cause us to be scared on what people might think of this ability that you possess. Don’t worry, this is a gift that needs to be developed and rediscover on how to nourish it.


Secrets of Psychic Power Revealed: Discover How to Be Clairvoyant, Telepathic, Read Auras & Learn Precognition Methods, Plus More!


5 Suggested ways to nurture your psychic abilities


Discover your gifts and start your journey to developing them.


  • Accept the gift. You know already the gift you have and take time to believe that this is something very precious in order for you to improve it try to learn by having a research about it. Always think of the positive things that could possibly lead you to a better disposition.


FREE MINI-COURSE to anyone interested in finding out more about their psychic potential


  • Be optimistic in life. Keep yourself to be state of having positive aura will draw you closer to focus on supernatural. It helps you to concentrate on the things that are relevant and be having sense of happiness on the things that you have.


  • Trust your ability. It is in our own confidence that this ability can be developed. Yes, there might be people that can help you to in your journey but it is always been your responsible on it. This is not given for you to because it is exclusively meant for you.


  • Use your gift to extend a helping hand. Gifts are meant to be shares with other people. It is something that would give you such great feeling, knowing that you can be an instrument of goodness and blessing through the gift that you possess.


Find out our Internal Power Centers course that can help you develop more f your psychic abilities.


  • Practice meditation. One of the things to relax your mind and give you a focus on the things that let you escape from the all the things that you are occupying you such as negativities and anxiety of the world.


  • Find an instructor that really teach and guide you. Learning such skills is achievable when you find the best instructor who can develop and harness your skills, someone who is willing to teach the most profound secrets that master psychics & mentalists use. Meet him here.


Prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the proper training if you really want to unleash such abilities.


This is something strange for other people but having psychic ability makes you unique from the rest. We would be glad to help you out on this wonderful gift. Comment below or send us a message here.


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February 22, 2017

Decrease Your Anxiety with Meditation: Here’s how

Meditation, Balance, Harmony

The benefits of meditation have really blown me away. I was actually amazed when I knew how it works and what it can do to our mind might surprise you.

Meditation is the act of giving your focus to only one thing or as a way of becoming peaceful and relaxed. Mindful meditation and open-monitoring meditation are the two ways of doing it. The first one, mindful meditation is done by focusing on a specific object. On the other hand one, open-monitoring meditation is simply paying attention to everything around you without any reaction.

Anxiety is the extreme sadness. Most of us experience it. It comes when our brain and heart can’t take things anymore. A lot of people are suffering from this and the absence of proper attention to this can come up with negative results.

What Happens when we meditate?

Even for just seconds, when we focus on a certain object we automatically ignored what’s happening around us. And that’s exactly happening when we meditate.

The frontal lobe is the responsible for reasoning, planning, emotions and self-conscious awareness. The parietal lobe is part of the brain processes sensory information about the surrounding world, orienting you in time and space. Thalamus is the gatekeeper for the senses; this organ focuses your attention by funneling some sensory data deeper into the brain and stopping other signals in their tracks. Reticular formation this structure receives incoming stimuli and puts the brain on alert, ready to respond.

During meditation, all of these parts of our brain gets off or slows down.

Meditation Lessens Anxiety

The more we do meditation, the less we will experience anxiety.

Interesting, right? Meditation causes us to lose connections of specific neural pathways. Yes, it sounds bad but you will actually like the effects.

There is this section in our brain that sometimes called the ‘Me Center’  or Media Prefrontal Cortex. It processes all the information relating to ourselves. The neural pathways from the bodily sensation and fear centres of the brain are generally strong. When you are in a creepy or disappointing situation, it prompts a strong reaction in the ‘Me Center’,  which makes you feel so scared and lonely.

Every time we meditate, this neural link weakens. As a result, we will not react as normally we do. While we weaken this connection, we at the same time strengthen the connection between the part of our brains knowing for reasoning and fear centres. When we experience bad situation we can look it more rationally.

Lessening anxiety is just one. Meditation has more benefits. Though I found it weird at first, I actually recommend it to my friends. It is not just about having relaxation. It is reconnection. We should delete, reformat or reprogram our brain to regain its strength. Make it work. Make the work worth.

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January 20, 2017

How to Use Meditation to Gain Esoteric Skills

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meditation | esoteric skills

There normally comes a point in your life that you think life is too harsh. You want to escape reality even if just for a little while. Indeed, there is literally no one in this world who doesn’t seem to wish to be able to forget all the hustles and bustles in life even for a very short time.

Feeling so tired doing your daily activities, it makes a worthwhile reason to get rid of the negative vibes and voices in your head. One technique which some individuals apply is that of meditation to perform truly esoteric skills.

More on How to Use Meditation to Gain Esoteric Skills

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April 28, 2016

How The Existence of Psychic Energy Brings Positive Results

psychic power

Psychic energy is believed to be present in everything. It is an extremely powerful force which can either be positive or negative. It can be used for countless purposes such as in applying the law of attraction, psychic healing, mind-reading or telepathy and telekinesis to name some. A lot of people remain skeptical about the existence of psychic energy. But the truth is we all have psychic energy within us and we use this energy everyday whether consciously or unconsciously.

How can a person create and maintain positive psychic energy? It is done by simply keeping a positive outlook in life and a harmonious relationship with others. Remember that our reality is the direct manifestation of our desires, ideas and actions. Also, by maintaining positive psychic energy we can avoid and reduce the chances of getting infected with negative vibrations that can literally make us sick.

Think about this, the universe has countess of positive energies that wipe out the negative ones that is one reason why upon waking up every morning we feel rejuvenated and energized. Generating optimistic psychic energy on a daily basis by keeping a positive outlook on ourselves, situations, and relationships allows us to reach fresh levels of victory in all that we do.

On the other hand, the process of controlling psychic energy takes time, practice, dedication and discipline. Before a person can successfully control this energy, he must first start to learn how to focus his energy. There are various ways to do this and one method is through meditation which is very effective in focusing the mind. Meditation is a condition of consciousness that is said to convey ones ecstasy, clarity and best of all, serenity.

Meticulous understanding of these talents will assist us alleviate some of the stress related troubles such as insomnia, anxiety, hypertension etc. Appropriate mentoring is essential for individuals with less familiarity in this field.

Accordingly, we must make every effort to align and adapt ourselves to positive psychic energy. It is not good to be spending our time obsessing about negative thoughts because it hinders our productivity and drains our energy which leaves us feeling more depress and miserable that ever. Therefore, if we invest in more positive energy it will eventually grow and create the reality that we desire. The more constructive psychic energy we incorporate into our life, the more optimistic rewards we will be given.

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December 18, 2013

Secrets of Meditation Revealed


Relaxation  is the number 1 key to meditation. However, there are some problems that make some people to fail to achieve this. No matter how effective meditation is, this will not be effective if you don’t learn how to relax.

For some reasons, especially the beginners, are having hard time to relax due to  many factors. This is one of the major objectives of meditative programs and trainings.

Most meditations require postures that are uncomfortable, and a lot of times, very uncomfortable. Here are some of the common postures often used during meditation.

You may have heard a lot about meditation techniques such as the various postures that are used while doing the meditation process.

However, many of us do not understand that there must be a kind of posture to be applied to a specific meditation purpose.

Here are some:

a.) Lotus Position. This is the most common posture that you’ll see in mediation videos and presentation. Yet, when this position is not implemented properly, this can make the person uncomfortable and fail to concentrate. If you feel that you are doing well with the lotus position, well, this is the best meditation posture for you.

b.) Seiza Position. This is the Japanese posture that cuts off blood to legs, thus decreasing relaxation profoundly. Now, there are reasons why you would sit like this, and it does allow you to concentrate and focused in pain of your legs in rather than something else. There are benefits to this type of posture in terms of actual relaxation; however, if you want to do very extreme meditative practices, this will not give you there. I have never…, in all my years, met anyone that practiced this position has been able to do extreme abilities, and that is basically based on my experience, and people I’ve spoken to, worked with, counseled, and thousands of people all over the world to keep that one.

c.) Standing Position. This is very beneficial for energy development I call Yang Energy, but is not as effective as for relaxation, Yin Energy. So, again, it has its proper role in terms of meditation but it’s of more energy development than for relaxation.

Now, let’s look at the ones that work effectively to relax the body.

  1. Sitting Position in Chair. This is the most versatile of all of the postures as it can be performed anywhere. It is one that you really should become comfortable with because it allows you to get in meditative stage at any time, while you’re sitting on desk, or when you’re taking your five-minute break, and so on and so forth.
  2. Lying Position. This is the most effective position for esoteric skill development such as out of the body experiences, remote viewing and Lucid Dreaming. This is one I recommend most when you want to do extreme abilities. And in my experience again, it’s the one that is going to be responsible for you being able to do those types of skills about 95% of the time or more. Now again, all the other postures that mentioned, there are individuals that can get them to work for extreme meditative abilities. However, like I’ve said, it’s probably less than 5% of people meditating who can actually get effective skill enhancement, how those postures, the lying down posture or the sitting posture or the ones that’s best effective for you.

In Mind Portal System, you’ll learn the most effective strategies to access the hidden and esoteric skills that I teach. Now, let me give the methods on how to relax. Since like I’ve said, the number 1 secret to meditation is the relaxation.

Here are some tools to relax the body more effectively. You will Learn all these methods in the Mind Portal System as well as many others.

  1. Music. You can use classical, natural sounds, or symphonic music. Now again when I talk about each one of these tools, I want you to understand that there are some of those that will work for you and some of those aren’t. The way I teach is I teach it based on the person that I’m working with. And so I need enough message that there’s something you love, the one that you can actually use to get the most of effective meditation for yourself personal. It doesn’t matter what I can do, it doesn’t matter what somebody else can do, what I want is I have to customize this so you can choose what works for you. I still use music, most of the times, when I meditate and it can be extremely effective.
  2. Thought Binding / Stillness Training. This is where you use particular strategies in order to bind your thoughts. When you’re thinking, you can be totally relaxed because the mind is in the state of agitation. Both these thought binding and stillness training will help get you to a maximum relaxation.
  3. Guided meditation. One of the most important factors of guided meditation is that it allows you to keep your mind occupied on instructions as you’re getting relaxed into a deeper state. This is one of my favorite and I’ve been doing for several years. Now some people find guided meditation with distraction, it really depends on your personality, and you’ll be able to understand which the right method is for you.

      4. Trance/Fixation Method. There are ways to get into extreme stage of relaxation for trance and fixation. This method is using fixation method either by visualizing or by using particular things such as mantras. These are systems that you can use very effective in meditation training.

        5. Special Breathing Patterns for Increased Focused. I want you to do this exercise really quickly. This mind stilling exercise is gonna open up an incredible amount of power to you. Now what I want you to do is I want you to take a deep breath. And I want you to hold it for 20 seconds. As you hold your breath, will you able to think? Now, I want you to do it again, and this time I want you to try to think of something and you’ll the powerful concept I have with the Mind Force System

      6. Hypnotic Trance Inducing Audio Tracks. Subliminal powers, using alpha, beta, theta files that allows you to get your mind into a certain synchronization allows your mind, body and spirit to relax and enhance the phase.

These are the tools I teach you in order to do extreme meditation skills. Get access to Mind Portal today by visiting here.

The video below will explain more. Enjoy watching.

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October 25, 2013

The Right Track in Pursuit of Happiness

Do you know that finding happiness is the ultimate goal of anyone? People may be mumbling that they want to be successful in their business, career, and personal life. There are countless replies when you ask them of what they want to achieve. But all these fall to one answer when being asked WHY? It is because every one of us wants to be happy.

Several studies have tried to uncover the facts on how happiness promote physical health, but researches showing happy individuals may be more positive in dealing with their lives, just like being more discerning of illness’s symptoms. Happiness seems still to be elusive for some. But according to more than 30 studies, happiness can help healthy people prolong their lives for about 7.5 years!

According to an Australian psychologist, happiness can be learned just like some many other skills and abilities that are just waiting to be unleashed.

Here are some ways you can do to find the right track in your pursuit of happiness:

  1. Keep back a worry time. It is important that you set aside a time when you can ponder on your worries. Ironic it may seem, but it will help you concentrate on the things that you have to be done instead of always entertaining those worries in your head. You will then find that having some minutes or about half-an-hour for your worry time, you will then find out that you’re unleashing those negative feelings allotting more time welcoming positive energies beneficial for yourself.
  2. Give happiness a new definition. When people hear the word happiness, things are conceived almost the same – laughter, giggles, big smiles- all seemed to be focused in feelings. Maybe it’s time for us to consider the deeper meaning and essence of happiness. It can also deal with contentment. Find in your inner core what happiness means to you.
  3. Be more adventurous to find happiness. Rediscover. Reminisce. Reactivate your drive in being a person of value. Ask yourself? When was the last time you did something good to others? Do you know that it is a fulfilling act to give kindness and charity to others who are in need? Little things that are selfless are proven great magnets of genuine happiness.
  4. Do some things that will make you happy. When was the last time you treat yourself for a summer getaway? Have some relaxing or adventurous activities where you can discover new things. It can be a place to visit, a new kind of sport, or a new adventure to try.
  5. 5.       Learn new things on how to get success and happiness. Of course, having a plan, a goal, a target to hit, is one of the basic foundation if you want to get success. You try to look around and you’ll find amazing things you can use as tools to accomplish things that can bring you to your ultimate goal-to be happy. Leave those worries behind and have the change you badly needed. As the late President John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

Effective Tools to Find Happiness out from the Failures

We are all JUST humans. We may be strong in times of triumph, but we can also commit mistakes and fail in various times of our lives. As humans, it is normal to err. But as persons who are bestowed by knowledge and heart, we can make a big difference in our life.

Good thing to know that there are now a lot of tools that we can use to have the success leading to happiness. Things such as hypnosis, subliminals, hypnotic influence, affirmations, autosuggestions, attraction, meditations, covert persuasion and other kinds of energies that can be of great value to anyone.

Become a controller of yourself and others.

Attract wealth, harmonious relationship, romance, health, and other manifestations.

Learn the most effective way of meditating.

Your life can be changed in either a blink of an eye or lightyears ahead. It depends on the decision you will take.

Guaranteed methods are available now for you to check and put in your hand. Definitely, you will be very much interested to learn the following:

  • How to visualize your goals more effectively.
  • Learn advanced mind power secrets.
  • Increasing physical and internal energy.
  • Creating and implementing effective strategies.
  • Utilize the secret weapon to your happiness and success.
  • Maximize your ability to envisioning yourself having the things more than what you used to have – money, properties, etc.
  • Control and manage your emotional level at all times.
  • How to use the correct energies for a productive you

As stated before, being successful means happiness. So if you want to find the right track in the pursuit of your happiness, it is synonymous of having the success in every field of your life.

Interested to come to the right path? Visit .

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September 4, 2013

The Inner Child Meditation


The Inner Child Meditation is a powerful meditation of forgiveness and I’m here to tell you it is amazing…

It is sometimes called by it’s Hawaiian name “Ho’oponopono”.

Look it up, you’ll learn something cool…

Years ago as I was on my journey to learn methods that can do

amazing things, I ran across a “Huna” master…

Huna is a Hawaiin Energy art much like Quantum Qigong or Chi Power.

He taught me some really interesting techniques as well as a perspective

on energy that I didn’t have at the time (more on that later)…

Many of my students have used the healing power of “Mana” or as

we call it Chi or Qi

As you have probably realized by now, I research every different kind of method, system or formula I can find in order to help me get better and better…

Don’t you want to keep getting better, stronger?

Of course you do…

The key is to always be sharpening your blade of experience and knowledge…

Part of that is having tools on hand that can help you get better…

I have been using certain tools over the years that cause a breakthrough…

This is one of those tools…

Check it out if you want a really unique method of meditation that will transform your life once you understand the power of it…

Check it out here:

You can also find a lot of information just googling the method as well, but I have found this resource to be a great synergistic blend of how to get the formula to work easily and effortlessly…


Enjoy My Friend,

Sifu Perhacs

PS– Here is the link again

You can also watch Inner Child meditation video at


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September 2, 2013

Journey Into The Chi

I always get the question: How did you get started doing all of this esoteric stuff?

Or something like that…

The funny thing, is when I got started on this path, I wasn’t so much skeptical as I
was a total unbeliever in such things…

I came from a very conservative background…I believed in God, Family, Country (and still do).

I was not your best candidate for this type of training…

I though meditation had to do with evil spirits…

I looked at Chi or Qi as a mystical energy used by the devil or witches…

So, as you can imagine, the first time I heard about internal energy or chi, I was less than interested.

I ignored it for years, as I learned the physical or external side of the martial arts.

I looked at the internal as a distraction of the real power of the external body.

So, what changed?

First off, I always have an open mind about things I don’t know about. Even if I think it is stupid, I will at least listen.

I had done enough training for my mind that I want to know more. I want to know how far I could push my body and mind.

It was almost like an evolution…As I searched for that extra edge for my mind and body, I was lead to the Internal…The Chi was calling my name in a very subtle way.

By the time I was introduced to it, my mind was ready to accept the concept. You notice I didn’t say it all, because I still didn’t believe all of it.

I want you to be the same way…I want you to want to learn, but to test out that learning so you can understand the importance.

I will continue this discussion, but for today I want you to really embrace the concept of opening up your mind to new possibilities of power…

You’ll be glad you did.

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December 11, 2012

Richard Nongard Methods of Personal Empowerment

This is part of the “24 Most Powerful Hypnotists On Earth” Tele-Seminar (which I will be on Jan 8th, 2013)

Click Here to Sign Up

Replay Available– See Below

Please join me today Tuesday, December 11, 2012
at 9:00 PM Eastern (8:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Pacific)for a very special teleseminar with Richard Nongard

This is a free event, click here to sign up:

Richard Nongard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Professional Hypnotist. He has been using hypnosis, NLP and methods of personal empowerment with clients for almost 25 years. He is a popular trainer, and the author of several books. His most recent book, “Medical Meditation” is among the best selling books in its category. He is the architect of Contextual Hypnotherapy, a modern approach to hypnosis that draws from current research in psychology.


To attend, go to sign up page here.

If You Can’t Attend Live, You Can Listen to the Replay

When the call is over this is where we’ll publish a link to the replay.

If your schedule, or technical issues, prevent you from participating live in the teleseminar you’ll still have the option of listening to the replay. In fact, ten times more people listen to the replay than listen live.

The replay will be available for 48 hours after the teleseminar. This replay is available at no cost for everyone. Watch your email… we’ll send you a message as soon as the replay is online.

All right, that’s it. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure this teleseminar is a tremendous value for you.

I look forward to learning and growing with you on the teleseminar.


P.S. You can submit your question on the Audience Dashboard page once you sign up

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