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October 6, 2011

Reiki Certification Course

Usui Reiki Healing Master

One of my goals has always been to provide information not usually found and I think I do a pretty good job…

In fact, I have trained with many of the top esoteric instructors in the world of Hypnosis, NLP, Qigong, Mind Force, Psychic Development,Martial Arts, but to name a few…

Well, I keep getting emails about Reiki, and how our system of healing differs from it.

A colleague of mine Bruce Wilson came up with a course on how to become a “Reiki Master”…

Now I got to tell you, whenever I hear someone say they are going to teach you to become a master, I am a little bit skeptical to say the least.

Well, here’s the deal, Bruce has put together a very fine course that will teach you many of the techniques of Reiki without having to pay the normal hundreds if not thousands of dollars in order to use the system…

Click Here to be taken to his page to find out all of the details. I think you will be quite pleased with it.

Talk soon,


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June 14, 2011

Cold Reading & Relationships (Video)


Please Watch The Video & Read the Post, So There is No Confusion…

Over the next couple of days, I am going to be promoting a new Relationship System for Men that some friends of mine are putting together…

I will tell you up front, it is probably going to be a “MENS ONLY PRODUCT”. That being said, if you are one of my female subscribers, please don’t be offended because I’m letting you know this upfront…Of course the video explains this as well…

That being said, over the weekend, I spent some time with a good friend of mine, Mike, who is a relationship Guru of sorts (he’s been on all kind of TV and Radio shows–Even the Rachel Ray show), and he has a new course exclusively for women to have a system to get their men to put the “Romance” back in their relationship…

Here is a link to the program, and there is some good FREE content…

Here’s the deal, before you pass judgement on it, just try some of the techniques out first and that way you’ll know it is for real…

Isn’t that fair?– I thought so!

Just thought I would have something for the female readers here, so that I’m not coming across as Chauvinistic. Anything I promote is something I have either purchased myself or I know the author, so be confident in knowing that it is usually a good offering…

So, for any of you ladies that might want to put a little bit more Romance back in your marriage or relationship, Click Here for the Details.

Cold Reading & Perception

The concept of Psychic Perception and Cold Reading is not new… In fact, it has probably been around as long as the human race had been around and we started looking for answers to our problems…

The video will give you the (3) three main ingredients to “Cold Read” someone or to tell if someone is doing it to you. The difference between cold reading and a real Psychic, is that a real psychic will have a sense of what is going on even before they ask you the first question.

I do think this little insight will allow you to see the value of asking questions in a certain way about certain topics, to get a certain outcome…You will discover that questions are the key to influence, persuasion and also in understanding someone’s motives about what they are doing…

Hope you enjoy it.

– Al


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April 6, 2011

This is Getting Out of Hand

When I announced that The Total System 2.0 would be available, I knew there would be a lot of interest, but I never knew it would be this much…

Last time I did this, we signed up about 50 new members and that was about all we could handle because THE TOTAL SYSTEM 2.0 is more like a COACHING SYSTEM than just a membership.

Well, this time I decided to up the ante just a little bit and open the system up to 100 new members

And believe me that is a lot of people to handle… I like to make sure everyone gets the information and training they need and to make sure they understand it and can get it to work for them…

Think about it…If you suddenly got over 100 emails per day that you had to answer, would you be overwhelmed?


As of this writing, I have 629 people on the “Early Bird” List to get access to The Total System 2.0, but only 100 actual memberships available…

I know what you’re thinking, this is some kind of ploy to get you to jump right on board, but this is serious…

Well, I did convince 26 that weren’t quite ready for the training to opt out, but that still leaves 603 people who want in…

Why would this matter, you might be thinking.

Well, since the Total System 2.0 relies heavily on Video, our servers can only handle so many people at one time. My tech guy said that 100 would be a safe number and that maybe we could expand it after that…Plus we already have quite a few members who are using the system. The good news is we moved everything over to a new set of servers to help with the increased load…

So, there’s good news and some bad news…

I’m still only taking on 100 people to access the system, so the bottom line is if YOU REALLY WANT IN, do it as soon as we open as I expect a lot of the spots to be taken pretty quickly.

And with over 600 on the Early Bird list, who have expressed an interest, I want to make sure everyone that wants in on the first round can do so…

After the dust settles I could very well open it back up, but I just don’t know…

Just giving you a heads up that this will be first come first served, and I think that is fair…

Talk soon,


PS- Oh by the way, I also found out that one of my affiliates leaked the prices out, and a lot of people are signing up on the list knowing that little fact… Everyone else has to wait until Friday.

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April 1, 2011

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong: Spiritual Training

The Third Piece to the Puzzle…

So, you’ve gotten a little bit of a feel for the Physical and Mental Training of Mind Force Quantum Qigong, but what about the Spiritual aspect?

Everyone talks about “The Spiritual”, but how many really understand it?

Do you?

It all starts with you not only believing, but knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a spiritual being.

That means in simple terms, your spirit is you…

And your body is the vehicle that for ever how many years you live on this plane of existence transports your spirit along…

Once the body dies, the body dies…Not your spirit. It lives on, and has lived on for many hundreds of years.

That’s kind of a weird concept to handle isn’t it?

Your name might be John or Betty, but the real you is the spirit within.

Go ahead and look into a mirror and see if you can really see the real you…You’re there if you look hard enough…

If you’ve read this far, hopefully you realize you are a spirit, if not, you need to do some “soul searching” (no pun intended).

When you find your spiritual essence you find the real you…The God within you, if you will..

When Spiritual Training is talked about, what is really meant by it?

I have spoken with hundreds of instructors and teachers and asked them about spiritual training, and all of them have a different concept.

When ever I meet someone who I may consider learning from, I ask them this one question.

Do you believe you are a spirit, and how do you train in order to identify it even more?

Spiritual Training is the process of doing specific techniques, meditations and visualizations to produce an effect that will cause you to know without a doubt you are a spirit.

Some of these things are:

  • Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences
  • Remote Viewing
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Teleportation
  • 3rd Eye Awareness

And the amazing thing is that probably all of you have experienced one or the other or all during your life, but may have not even recognized it…

In the Total System 2.0, you’ll learn specific techniques and exercises designed the separation of your spirit from your body on a conscious basis…

Here’s a quick formula that is simple and to the point.

1. Train your mind and body to accept the fact that you are a spirit
2. Allow your body and mind to relax enough that the body is “dead in a sense” and the mind is still lucid.
3. Do it first in your mind
4. Do it in spirit

Now, I know what you’re thinking…How long will it take me?

Let me give you a little secret about myself..

It took me  2-3 years before I had my first spiritual reality where I was consciously aware!

There I said it…

But after I learned how to do it, I was able to get others to do it much quicker…

Think about it…If it was so easy, your spirit would be jumping out all the time and it would be really chaotic…

However, I have meet some who have that happen…

Google the name “Colton Burpo” and see that the spirit is real from a little boys perspective…

The good news is you don’t have to die first to be a spiritual being.

Next week, I’ll uncover a video with some exercises that you can do to tap into that spiritual power…

Meditate on these things and find them to be true within yourself…



PS- Next week, if you are on the Total System or Quantum Qigong List, I will start sending you some of the best training videos you have ever seen..FOR FREE! You will need to be on the list however. Click here to sign up.

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March 1, 2011

Quantum Qigong Survey Results & Master System

I have a video below of the results of the Quantum Qigong System survey you took and I wanted to share it with you… I will reveal in the video a little bit about this new system and some of the elements of the system. However it is a work in progress and I am still putting everything together…Your input is always of great benefit.

First thing…

I had 7 Units of my Mind Force Master System that are slightly imperfect, that I am selling for $297 (Regular Price- $697) now I only have 6 left, so if you want one of these, get it while they are still here.

The video shows everything you get, including some awesome bonuses….If you want info on the Master System, just click this link.

I’ve added some spectacular bonuses, because I just need to unload these units to make way for the ones I can actually sell for the regular price.

Click here or the button below to buy one of the remaining copies and save a ton!

Enough of the pitch for the “Scratch and Dent” units, let me talk about the results for the Quantum Qigong Survey…

First off, I would like to thank everyone who answered the survey, because I got a lot of great feedback and now have an even clearer direction with which to go with this amazing new product I am creating…

Watch the video for all of the questions and comments.. To summarize the video, the two biggest things that people want to learn are the following:

  • Healing with Qi Energy
  • Using Mind Force with Qi Energy

This is taken from the actual comments not the multiple choice of the survey, which means my original assumption was right about helping people with combining Mind Force and Healing with the Qi Energy…

I am so very excited for this new system and I’m sure all of you who are interested will be totally jacked once you see all the cool and unique training features, that I have up my sleeve… I’ll be including charts, mind maps, daily workouts, progress charts, cheat sheets, you name it…

Just watch the video for all the details…

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January 12, 2011

Some More Inner Game Stuff…

So, if you’ve signed up for my Inner Game training files, you should be getting an email from me with a link to a session I just did today on audio for my Inner Game Coaching Clients…

I don’t do this a lot, but when I get enough emails asking the same thing, I like to respond with some advice, techniques or maybe just a little bit of motivation.

The fact is we all need to be motivated some time, don’t we?

In a couple of days, I will be opening up the Mind Force Inner Game Coaching System, and all I can say is I’m really excited for you (if you are one of the participants) as I have some really cool things in store for you…

By the way in this audio file (which you’ll get for free when you join the Inner Game list)  you hear me speak about the following:

  • Overview of Measuring your life, plan-do-review and the VAK method of Mind Control
  • The 4 ways to earn more money
  • The 4 Inner Game puzzle pieces of Motivation, Confidence, Discipline & Focus
  • And some other stuff you might find interesting.

Enjoy and I’ll talk to you soon.

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September 15, 2010

Hypnotic Influence & Energy (Article)

Welcome to this short article on influence. This article is going to give you some concepts on how to use energy with your Hypnotic Influence. The concept that I teach to my private mentoring students individuals that are involved in my inner circle, total system, closed system and now I am going to teach a little bit to you. Obviously you will get more detail if you join our inner circle or buy our hypnosis books at, our membership or where you can get the books.

I do want to give you an understanding of how this came about and how I learned this. When I first started chi training I knew nothing about hypnosis, I knew nothing about NLP or hypnotic influence, or subliminal influence or messages…

I did not know anything about it. l but as my energy started getting stronger and stronger, I noticed was able to influence people on a much greater level than I could before. It was the power of my energy, combined with the power of my words and thoughts, that I was able to influence at a much higher level.

That’s when I spoke to my instructor Sifu Jones and asked “why is this happening”, and he said it is the energy. Then I started learning, hypnosis, subliminal message, and different types of training like NLP and created my mind force method of hypnotic influence.

If you want to influence somebody, there are 3 factors that you have to have in coordination if it’s going to work at its highest level. Many of these concepts will take an intense study as well as put in the proper flight time in order to get them to work.

1. Energy – if you do not have good energy it will be very difficult to influence anyone from any kind of stand point.
2. The words that you use
3. Thoughts

People will say to me or I will read about energy workers where they say you have to use your energy but they do not know what they are talking about. Energy is a physical manifestation; it’s not just something you say.

In our chi power training, we teach people how to use the physical energy, how to emit physical energy to use it for very very cool techniques. What some people would consider extraordinary techniques, and we will teach you how to do that. When you influence somebody you are going to use all three of these components. If you use only one, it could work but when you use all 3 it’s like having an atomic bomb in your hands.

How do you want your energy to be? You want it to be strong yet refined. What I mean by that is that it is an energy that is out there, it’s strong, yet feels good to others… Anytime you are looking to influence anybody, the more you make them feel good, the more they will be receptive to whatever it is you are offering.

The days of you trying to convince them to do something by making them feel guilty or bad doesn’t really work for the long term and so your energy has to be clean, feel good, feel cool. You do not want it to be erratic; you do not want it to be hyper.
You make somebody feel good, they are going to follow you and do whatever you want them to do. Your words, they have to be direct. You have to let them know exactly what you want, they have to have power. Of course in my training manuals, you’ll find just that. You’ll find all the specific words, patterns and ways to use the power to do your bidding.

The power from the words will emanate with an energy that causes influence and persuasion to happen.

You then have to control your thoughts… They have to be clear and concise and they have to work with your energy and words. Your thoughts have to be the same as what you’re trying to accomplish with both your words and your energy.

If I have a concept that I want to get across to somebody and I have an energy that is pulling them in and making them feel good, like “buy my products now” or “you’re going to get so much enjoyment working with me”.

You are using words, and obviously the words have power and the direct ability to state to someone exactly what you want. The words have power; every word has a particular power. Some people say it was just a word. We all know that words have power. If someone says something to us, they can make us feel good or bad just from words.

It doesn’t really matter if it were spoken or written, words have power. The moment you realize that words have power you start to understand that every word you write, every word you say has the power to do good or bad. It is a double edge sword.

That’s why you need to make sure that all these things are working together… Your thoughts, they have to be clear and concise. You cannot have a mixed thought. You can’t be talking to somebody on how you want them to work with you in a certain way and then in your mind you have a jumbled up “oh I don’t know if they will, maybe they won’t”, that doesn’t work. You have to have a clear and concise idea of what you are doing.

One of the most difficult things that you will run into as far as hypnotic influence and using your energy, your words and your thoughts is getting them coordinated. When you work with us, we will show you how to do that.

Even if you have some of our products and have been through some of our memberships you’ll understand how it works. The reason why I did this article is that I get a lot of emails about some of these concepts and I wanted to clear it up.

In order to be an influencer, you have to have these 3 things lined up and if you don’t know how to physically emit the energy, if you don’t know the proper words, you don’t know the thoughts you need to be thinking then the next step would be to go to or

These are the two places you can go to get that information. I’ve enjoyed sharing this information with you. If you have any questions, please contact me on either of these websites. I would be happy to fill you in on some more of the refined details on how this works. Thanks for reading this article and have a fantastic day.

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