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September 18, 2013

The Law of Reciprocity


gifts]Are you still searching for mind power techniques?

Here are two gems I will impart to you today:

Have you ever noticed yourself sometimes not perceiving to value something given for free?

We often don’t see the value of something because of the fact it was given for free.

We ignore it, sometimes won’t use it, or put it aside.

There seems to have a feeling that a thing given for free has a lesser value.

On the other hand, when we spend money, time, and effort, in our mind we believe in what we’re doing because we are placing a higher value. That’s the way the mind works.

In fact, even when someone has given me free training or advice, I always find a way to pay them in some way…

This causes my mind to know that I gave a value and received a value.

But you know what?

We must not expect things for free unless we are willing to give something up in return….Your mentality should always be to GIVE BACK.

This brings into play the “LAW OF RECIPROCITY“.

When we receive something, we feel obligated to give back something. It’s different from taking advantage.

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Another huge key I teach people, is that when I give someone something, I expect at least a 3X return on that…

If I give you a dollar, I know I will get three back…In one way or another.

Does this make sense to you?

If we treat the mind the way it must be treated, we can get more maximum potential and power out of it than you ever can imagine.

Another valuable thought that I want to impart is that success can’t be in an instant.success2

If you want to learn something so big, you must break it into pieces.

Have you heard the cliché “How are you going to eat an elephant one bite at a time?”

That explains how we must deal with a process to achieve what we want to have.

It’s always a learning activity before accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Break it down into bite size pieces that you can handle and you will be able to learn much faster.

I hope you will THINK ON THESE and let them sink into your mind, because when you do that, you will begin to see the results of these concepts…

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January 31, 2011

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