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August 31, 2017

Let me Hypnotize you with my words alone

Al Perhacs | Mind Force Hypnosis

I wrote the other day about THE DARK SIDE OF MIND FORCE and how it can be used against you as well as how you can protect yourself from those trying to manipulate you in the wrong way…

Something you should know– And believe me this is power.

Almost every sentence can be marked for Manipulation, Influence and Persuasion

Let use an example from above…

Something you should know– And believe me this is power.

If I want to enter your subconscious mind as you read this simple sentence I can do it very simply by “marking off” the words I want to influence you…

For example– Something YOU SHOULD KNOW— You’ll notice I marked off YOU SHOULD KNOW.

This enters your subconscious mind and your mind automatically reads it as a question and tries to answer


The next part is two fold– And BELIEVE ME

So I just commanded you to BELIEVE ME

And the next part– THIS IS POWER

So with that simple sentence I can influence and manipulate you if I wed to (and I do sometimes).

I’m giving away a very powerful secret here, so don’t dismiss this.

So in essence I can control your thoughts to an extent even with just the written word…


That is the set up so that anything after you will believe me and know it has power which could entice you to do as I say…

Now, can you imagine how much more powerful this can be if I am sitting in front of you and say these words with the right tonal quality, energy and mental thoughts?

It’s called ATOM BOMB powerful….



Talk soon,


PS– If you really want to know the best ways to do this, check out Manipulation manual which you can get for only $9.95 and it comes with a 14 day trial to my famous 13 Week Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp.

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July 29, 2009

Autosuggestions & How They Work

Check this video out on how you can get your autosuggestions and subliminal messages to work even more powerfully.

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May 21, 2009

Hypnosis Mind Control

Hypnosis is a sophisticated and a higher stage of day dreaming or meditation. There is more to hypnosis than just making some one bark like a dog or behave like a toddler! It is a therapeutic tool which is least explained or understood.

It can serve as a tool for helping people conquer fears, pains, and mental stress. It has also proved helpful to quit smoking, and over come the habit of alcohol and drug abuse. It is also used effectively along with weight loss therapies and as sleep therapy. Another lighter use of this technique is entertainment for masses. Stage shows are conducted by the professionals in this field. But it is due to these shows that people get an impression that hypnosis is a method of gaining control over another’s mind.

Contrary to the general belief, no one can be hypnotized with out consent or mental willingness to get hypnotized. Shy and timid persons are easy to hypnotize. If the person to be hypnotized have faith or trust in a trained professional, he or she will easily get hypnotized. Also it is possible for anybody to hypnotize one self after learning and practicing hypnotism. This is called as self-hypnosis. This and many other principals of hypnosis are beyond the logical reasoning, but are practiced in hypnotism. And so this phenomenon is not for all, and difficult to master and practice. But this method must be considered along with other stress management techniques. There are clinical studies available which show that hypnosis helps reduce pain in people getting treated for burn wounds and also help women to manage pain during child birth.

Hypnosis needs exercises for mental training. With good training and lot of practice one can put this technique to use and experience enormous benefits from it. There are books, eBooks, and online hypnosis courses available. These provide hypnotherapy guidance for self improvement, hypnosis to stop smoking and many more such topics. The right method of learning is one’s own choice. It is also interesting to note that many people practicing hypnotism may not want to share their knowledge and skills in hypnosis.

It is expected that some ethics are followed when demonstrating hypnosis. A person under hypnosis should not be asked to do any things that are beyond his or her physical and mental ability. Under hypnosis no qualities like a super human are attained.

It is likely that many of us go in to the state of hypnosis several times a day! A deep fixation in thought while reading a book or watching a movie leads to wandering of thoughts or day dreaming, which is a similar state of mind as hypnosis. By the above logic, hypnosis is a naturally occurring event some time. People and sites promoting and selling hypnosis related books and materials will generally project them to be easy to learn exercises. But they many not be so in real practice.

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