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September 2, 2013

Journey Into The Chi

Tweet I always get the question: How did you get started doing all of this esoteric stuff? Or something like that… The funny thing, is when I got started on this path, I wasn’t so much skeptical as I was a total unbeliever in such things… I came from a very conservative background…I believed in […]

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June 3, 2013

Learning & Teaching Esoteric Concepts

Tweet Sometimes, I find it difficult to come up with something you are going to really like… I know that sometimes, I will send you some type of offer or product you can buy and other times I just want to do a brain dump and share some good stuff with you…. Well, this is […]

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December 15, 2010

The Four Hour Body Launch Party in NYC

Tweet So, my wife Mary Jane and I went to the Four Hour Body Launch Party last night in NYC… Like a typical launch party, it was packed…In fact it was filled to capacity, which made it a little too crazy. The temperature last night in NYC was about 19 degrees and it got colder […]

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November 3, 2010

The Power of The Mind Revisited

Tweet Back in 2001 I wrote a report that I later converted into a system, I called Power of the Mind…It was downloaded thousands upon thousands of times, and it was a great little report… I added (2) audio files. Actually at the time, I had two cassette tapes (remember those?) and I started to […]

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October 14, 2010

Secret Law of Attraction

Tweet Everyone talks about “The Laws of Attraction”…. If you want to know some good points on how it works, please watch the video above. The movie “The Secret” came out years ago and brought to light many of the concepts of attraction. Back in 2002, I wrote a manual called “Magneto”, on how to […]

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