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September 15, 2017

The mysterious accuracy of astrology


How could something free be so accurate?

That’s what I asked myself after getting THIS report.

There’s a mysterious precision to astrology that goes beyond logical explanation.

Sure, the ancients studied the heavens, tracking them over generations and then comparing worldly events in order to form – over hundreds of years – what we know today as astrology.

But still …

This astrology report revealed things about me that some of my closest friends don’t even know. All I had to do was give them a little bit of my birth data and wow! It blew my mind.

You don’t have to believe me though. Just check it out for yourself.

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PS: Let’s see if your reading surprises you as much as it surprised me!

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August 15, 2017

Numerology: What’s Hidden Behind your Name?

Numerology | Free Reading

Many people wonder about where their names came from and what does it mean. By tracing the etymology and the history of our names, we can develop a better sense to know who we really are.

When you want to decode your name, it is important to know that each letter in your name corresponds to a number. That is the Numerology Name Meaning which is actually an ancient study. For example, the letter A corresponds to number 1, the letter D corresponds to the numeric number 4. These numbers all have a unique definition and meaning. When they are put together, and add some calculations, the personality of one’s life will be depicted.

  • Expression Number – this actually reveals your talents, abilities, and the shortcomings that you have in this lifetime. The expression number is based on the letters of your full name that was given at birth. Knowing your expression number could tell you a lot about your unique skills that you have and the challenges you face. There are many websites that could offer how you can calculate your expression number and it will tell you about yourself. It will tell you if you’re a loving person, caring if you are open minded and how are you in dealing with relationships.
  • Heart’s desire or Soul Urge Number – This is the number that tells about the inner you. This tells about your true motivation. Also, this is what is behind your actions and the many choices that you make in life.
  • Personality Number – this is actually the outer you. This number will reveal how others see you.
  • Karmic Lesson Number – this core number will reveal which areas of your life you are weak at. These are the areas that need to work on and should be faced in life. The Karmic Lesson Number primarily deals with our weaknesses and there could be more than one Karmic Lesson Number.
  • Hidden Passion Number – the Hidden Passion Number appoints the particular ability of strength that you have. This will showcase your greatest natural talents and motivations. These strengths are actually available to you and all you have to do is to develop it and use it throughout your life.


These are the five core numbers of your name. If it is calculated, it could reveal the incredible truth about your life. With a lot of sources that are available today, it is easy to find the real meaning of one’s name. But in order to find the real meaning and the real corresponding name numerology, you have to make sure that you find a reliable website that could give you genuine results.

It is very helpful that you know the numerology of your name because this will tell a lot about yourself and by this one can know which the best career that will suit you. This is because, in Name Numerology, it could reveal your strengths and abilities that could help you in deciding the path that you wanted in life.

We all want to be fulfilled and happy, right? This is why Numerology is one of the tools that could help in fulfilling our potential and it could help us in making great decisions as well. Name numerology really enables us to understand ourselves and much more.

Start discovering more of what your name can bring you…

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June 16, 2012

Does Numerology Work?

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When I first started training, I asked myself the very same question, wondering if you can really know youself by the numbers in your life.

Well, the fact is everything is energy and that energy relates to all areas of your life from the significance of your name, birthdate, and other factors.

I have trained Numerologists, Psychics, Qigong Instructors, Hypnotists, Handwriting Experts, Criminal Investigators, and a host of other niche specialtists over the years…

And the thing I find out most, is that all of their related specialties comes back to interpretation of “data”, which can be interpreted through the energy itself.

Now, if you take each one of those mentioned above, you will find there is a physical, mental and energetic component.

I want to focus on Numerology and how you can understand your life and energy based on the numbers in your life.

I’m no expert in Numerology, but I know someone who is and when you click on the link below can get a FREE Numerology reading.

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Special Bonus!

Once you read some of this information, you just be compelled to try some of the methods used, and if you do, I will grant you access to any one of my products in the same price range.

All you need to do is contact my support desk once you purchase and let them know which “Digital Version” of one of my products you desire.

My suggestion would be INTERNAL POWER CENTERS, as it is my MIND FORCE PSYCHIC POWER course and relates well to the Numerologist training.

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Learning this powerful information, allows you to have but one more tool in your arsenal to be able to become a better Controller of your own life and destiny…

Truly a cool course of study that I know many of you will enjoy and get a great benefit out of…

Check it out here.

Have a great day!


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