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December 5, 2011

What Is Quantum Jumping?


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Everybody wants to know secrets don’t they?

I know I have been in search of them since I started on this road many years ago.

In fact, I have been in search of secrets, and have found many. In truth however, it was more like finding the needle in the haystack of worthless junk.

I’ve tried many systems…Some worked great, and of course I kept them and implemented them into my own system. Many on the other hand had no value…

What I am about to share with you is a method that thousands of people just like you have gotten a great deal of value from. I’ve used these methods myself and have found them to be extremely useful in all aspects of my training.

The really wild thing is they are taught by an 85 year old man, who has “been there and done that”. If you want an extremeley unique and valuable tool for your training, I highly recommend this program called “Quantum Jumping” by Burt Goldman.

You will find like I have a method that will help you to break free from some of the things holding you back…Try it, and I know you’ll really like it.

When training to a high level, you must mix up your training to constantly stimulate your internal energy and mind.

Burt Goldman will do this for you with this insightful training method. He offers some really good upfront training that will allow you to see the power in this type of esoteric training.

Then if you want, you can get his entire system, which is by the way magnificent.

So what is Quantum Jumping? It is a method that will allow you to travel to an alternate universe, and met an alternate you. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Would you like to meet one of your doppelganger? Maybe one who has a different perspective on your life and how you can make it to the next level.

A truly unique program by a truly unique man, Mr. Burt Goldman.

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Talk soon,


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December 29, 2010

New Years 2011- Day #1- Control Factor is Back!

I know I promised the 12 Days of Christmas, but many of you have told me that I missed the boat and should have done that leading up to Christmas, not after…

Point well taken, so I am still going to deliver the good stuff to you, just going to modify it…

I have now switched it to “NEW YEARS 2011” Promo…

So, what do you desire for the New Year?

Many have told me they want to be more in control of their life. How about you?

I always talk about control, and I’m here to tell you I need to take my own advice and work on being a better controller all the time. It really is the human condition…

Over a month ago, I came out with my newest system, and probably one that I am most proud of. It was my much anticipated “CONTROL FACTOR” system, which shows you in great detail how to:

  • Train your subconscious to do what you want it to do
  • Build amazing affirmations that actually work
  • Develop a rock solid, strong as steel self confidence
  • Self Hypnosis methods not found elsewhere
  • How to hypnotize your self and others
  • The keys to building powerful auto-suggestions
  • If that isn’t enough, just go to this page for more.

And that is just the tip of the proverbial Iceburg– BELIEVE IT!

And you can get the entire system for a measly $27 (Sells everyday for $47)

Click Here to access this amazing system for self improvement.

Just thinking this might be what you needed.



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