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How to Manifest What You Desire

How to Manifest What You Desire Last night, I did a Webinar for my good friend Rachel Rofe on “How Meditation Can Be The Control Panel for Your Life”. We got some great questions and the attendees loved the content. I’ll see if I can get a copy for you to view as it was […]

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Did You Meditate Today?

Did You Meditate Today? The reason I ask is that meditation is a key concept to getting access to all of your Mind Force abilities… Meditation can be as simple as relaxing into a thought or picture, and it can be as extensive as a specific intent such as my Mind Force Qi Infusion meditation. […]

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The #1 Secret to Meditation (Video)

I must have gotten this question a thousand times… Well, here is a quick video that will show you what the #1 Secret to Meditation is. Keep in mind that there are several different kinds of meditations, and I will cover several of them in this video…   Once you begin the meditation process, you […]

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