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December 22, 2016

Qi, The Force–Chi Power Training?

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Hey there,

Question I get a lot is…

So what is this energy, is it Qi, the force, Mind Force, or Chi Power Training?

The answer is it’s all of the above and more…

More on Qi, The Force–Chi Power Training?

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September 4, 2013

The Inner Child Meditation


The Inner Child Meditation is a powerful meditation of forgiveness and I’m here to tell you it is amazing…

It is sometimes called by it’s Hawaiian name “Ho’oponopono”.

Look it up, you’ll learn something cool…

Years ago as I was on my journey to learn methods that can do

amazing things, I ran across a “Huna” master…

Huna is a Hawaiin Energy art much like Quantum Qigong or Chi Power.

He taught me some really interesting techniques as well as a perspective

on energy that I didn’t have at the time (more on that later)…

Many of my students have used the healing power of “Mana” or as

we call it Chi or Qi

As you have probably realized by now, I research every different kind of method, system or formula I can find in order to help me get better and better…

Don’t you want to keep getting better, stronger?

Of course you do…

The key is to always be sharpening your blade of experience and knowledge…

Part of that is having tools on hand that can help you get better…

I have been using certain tools over the years that cause a breakthrough…

This is one of those tools…

Check it out if you want a really unique method of meditation that will transform your life once you understand the power of it…

Check it out here:

You can also find a lot of information just googling the method as well, but I have found this resource to be a great synergistic blend of how to get the formula to work easily and effortlessly…


Enjoy My Friend,

Sifu Perhacs

PS– Here is the link again

You can also watch Inner Child meditation video at


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June 3, 2013

Learning & Teaching Esoteric Concepts

Sometimes, I find it difficult to come up with something you are going to really like…

I know that sometimes, I will send you some type of offer or product you can buy and other times I just want to do a brain dump and share some good stuff with you….

Well, this is one of those times, where I want to share some meaningful information.

You’re on this list because you want to learn things that maybe you can’t learn elsewhere…

I do my best to not only provide my own brand of training through my Mind Force, Quantum Qigong and Chi Power Products, but through other products or services I have found useful and hope they are useful for you.

So, I was thinking that this month (June), I wanted to give you the best content I can…

….And the only way to do that, is for you to tell me what you would like to know.

Funny thing is, I’ve probably forgotten more concepts than most even teach.

I sometimes have to go back to my notes, videos and audio files just to try and remember all the information I’ve learned over the years…

Just the other day, a concept flashed across the screen of my mind and I rememberd a guy I trained with back in the 90’s who had added some significant concepts to my aresenal of methods…

So, tell me what kind of stuff do you want this month?

Some audio files?


or just some good written content?

I guess the BIG QUESTION is…Do you believe this?

You see, whithout belief, you will never be able to realize your full potential…

I get emails every day from people who just want to believe…

We all want to believe, don’t we?

I know when I started, I just wanted to believe that this (and I mean any of these concenpts) worked and would work for me…

I’m sure you’re like me and want to know the same, don’t you.

Will this work for you?

I can say that litteraly thousands have trained with these methods successfully and have shown some really amazing techniques over the years.

But, who cares about others, even if it is a million people. You need to know if they will work for you….

So, just reply back and let me know what you would like me to teach you this month, and I will take all of the requests and see how many of them I can get done this month…

I think this could be a very good month of learning for everyone…

In fact, if you have techniques, concepts or methods that you would like to share and would like to be a guest writer or contributer, let me know and we can talk about what you would like to share with everyone…

It can be a video, audio or a written document. Just let me know.

I look forward to creating some good conent for you this month. And I look forward for some of you to create some great content as well.

Talk soon,


PS- Don’t hold back, just do it…Make these things real in your life, as I have in mine…


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December 23, 2011

Chakra Healing

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Discover These Unique Methods of Chakra Healing…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

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One of the questions I get the most is about healing.

I ran across a practitioner with some really unique methods that you might just be able to benefit from…

Chakra Healing by Carol Tuttle is a 20 hour video training presenting a wide range of the most effective chakra healing modalities available today.

And while her methods might be different than mine, she still has some really good concepts that I know you can integrate. In order to become a master, you need to learn many different methods and see which ones work best for you.

As I mentioned with all of the promotions I’ll be sending you, when you order you will get the following:

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]

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  • Access to any one of my courses or products for the same value in “Digital Format”
  • Access to other promotions to come



[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Check Out The Courses of Instruction You Can Get For FREE, When You Order This Course on “Chakra Healing” by Carol Tuttle[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]


[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”] When you order Chakra Healing, you are entitled to receive any of my products of an equal or lesser value for FREE…Just contact my support desk here, with your order and receipt number and we will hook you up!

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • Internal Power Centers- $77 
  • Mind Portal $77
  • Chi Power Plus System- $77
  • Dim Mak$39.95
  • Manipulation- $97  
  • Ultimate Hypnotic Influence$97 
  • Control Factor- $67
  • Magneto$77
  • Subliminal Solution System- $97
  • Inner Game Boot Camp$97
  • Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp- $147
  • Goal Getting System$27
  • Esoteric Training Manuals- $47



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July 7, 2011

Quantum Qigong Total System 2.0 Sale!

Since “THE TOTAL SYSTEM 2.0” was launched in April, those in the system are getting awesome results…

I currently have (17) Seventeen “Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Master System” packages that are slightly damaged, and I can’t sell them for full price… Normally $497, since they are damaged (everything works), I have them on sale for only $297, which includes 60 days access to THE TOTAL SYSTEM 2.0 (and then only $49.95) after the 60 days when you chose to stay a member.

–Only $297+s&h–

Click Here to Order This Limited Time Offer

The good news, is you will receive hard copies of all the products as well as the digital downloads…

Here’s What You’ll Receive Both Digitally & Hard Copies (Hard Copy Products in Red)

  • Advanced Chi DVD– $249
  • Advanced Chi DVD Volume 2– $297
  • Chi Power Stick DVD– $197
  • Chi Power Plus– $119
  • All 5 Manuals– (3) hypnosis (1) Chi Power (1) Mind Force (1) Dim Mak ($39.95x 5)- $199.75
  • Internal Power Centers– $119
  • Mind Portal– $119
  • Mind Force Attraction– $77
  • Dim Mak– $47
  • Manipulation Course– $147
  • Ultimate Hypnotic Influence– $147
  • Control Factor (self hypnosis)- $67
  • Rapid Fire Hypnosis– $27
  • Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp (3 payments of $67)- $201
  • Subliminal Solution System (2 payments of $67) $134
  • Inner Game System (2 payments of $67) $134
  • Power of the Mind System– $27
  • Goal Getting System– $27

Total Value-$2,334.75

Once the (17) Units are gone, you can still order the package but at the regular rate of $497 (Still an Awesome Deal)…Use the Special Link Below to Order…


To get access to the special $9.95 offer for a 14 Day Trial to the Total System Click Below


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March 9, 2011

An Amazing Discovery…

I’ve got a couple of amazing things for you to ponder today…

Yes, that’s right, some good old fashioned “pondering material”.

When I started online I never thought I would find so many kindred spirits who believed in a similar way in which I believed…

I never imagined I would have over the years close to 50,000 subscribers, thousands of customers and hundreds of members going through these training systems…

I get emails, phone calls it seems everyday with people asking when the “TOTAL SYSTEM” or Inner Circle will officially be back and kicking…

Well, it really never went anywhere, I just had to adjust some things based on feedback I’ve gotten from you and others.

Back in January, I took all my customers from the last 5 years (thousands of people from all corners of the world) and put them in a spread sheet.

I wanted to find out if the spreadsheet could in fact talk to me.

Talk to me about you…

And maybe tell me what you wanted…

So I gathered the info and then had a specialist run all the numbers to see if there were any similarities…

Here’s what I found and why I am changing some things up for the better….

I found out that over 70% of those who purchased from Velocity Group Publishing (my company), purchased both Mind Force and Chi Power related products…

I was shocked!


Because over the years, I was really building two (2) separate brands.

  • Chi Power
  • Mind Force

What I found out through this research is that the 2 are pretty much the same and that people want to learn the totality of the methods.

People want to learn:

  • Hypnotic Influence
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Subliminal Messaging
  • Qigong
  • Mentalism
  • Psychic Energy
  • The Laws of Attraction
  • Esoteric Meditation
  • Remote Viewing
  • Astral Projection
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Healing others and self
  • Mind Power
  • Thought Control

And that is just the short list…

So, over the coming weeks, I will share with you the ways I will be integrating these concepts, methods and techniques together to form what I know will be an even more impressive training system than before.

Tomorrow, I will have a small assignment that will allow you to focus in on what kind of results you want for your life…



PS- Over the next couple of weeks, I have some great things in store for you.

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February 16, 2011

Quantum Qigong System Survey

When The Chi Power Inner Circle was first created back in 2008,we were reluctant to even share what we did in that first 12 months.

In fact, when it was created, we didn’t even have the concept of  “The Closed System” or “Instructors Certification” progam in our minds.

We thought, we would add the Inner Circle as some additional training and leave it at that.

Well that was then, and it is 2011, and things have certainly changed…

For the better!

One of the reasons for a change, is I am coming out very shortly with a new system called:

“The Quantum Qigong System”

This new system will be a stand alone system which will compliment the membership program and school that has been so successful.

The Inner Circle has outgrown the  concept of just an inner circle, it’s more like “circling the world” with all the members we now have.

And that being the case, I need to adjust things for the future of this powerful brand….

I need your help…

Please answer the questions on some of the new directions I am taking the Inner Circle and how I could improve it for your benefit.

Click Here to Answer the Short 5 Questions

Since it is more than an Inner Circle, I  need to have a name that is more indicative of all (3)years of training


Of course, “Quantum Qigong” is a powerful name that myself and a mentor of mine came up with after researching the web…

I really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,

Sifu Perhacs

PS- I’m very excited about this new direction and you will be as well, once all of the components are revealed!
Click Here to answer the questions

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December 21, 2010

12 Days of Christmas- Day #2- Chi Power Inner Circle

After you watch the video, Click Here to see all the incentives

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December 15, 2010

The Four Hour Body Launch Party in NYC

So, my wife Mary Jane and I went to the Four Hour Body Launch Party last night in NYC…

Like a typical launch party, it was packed…In fact it was filled to capacity, which made it a little too crazy.

The temperature last night in NYC was about 19 degrees and it got colder as the night went on, so it was not a pleasure walking the city in the cold.

The party itself was pretty cool except for the fact that they were only serving drinks 3 drinks (open bar). I would have rather paid and have been able to get a beer and a martini for my wife. Oh well…

The good news is we hooked up with some old friends Matt and Ruth Harrigan, who we hadn’t seen in about 3 years (time flies). Matt is the developer of a new iphone app called “24/7 Chi”, which should be a best seller.

The funny thing is that Matt and I met while we were both working in the Real Estate Publishing business. Matt had developed “The Chi Watch”, and of course I have been one of the main promoters and innovators with the Chi Power line of products.

Just goes to shoe that when you are supposed to meet someone, you most likely will…

We left the party a little early, because it was just so crowded you could hardly move at all!

I did notice however that one of my other mentors was there, Ryan Lee, who I have learned alot from over the last year or so. In fact, I’ll be going to his offices in about a month for some continued strategy sessions…

So whats the point?

Get out there and do something. Go to different events. Expect that great things will happen. Become a part of your life and activate your dreams and goals (I’ll cover more of this later).

The new book The Four Hour Body is already a best seller on Amazon. In fact if you want some added bonuses, check this out, but is is only for a short and limited time.

Check out a couple of the offers on Tim Ferriss’s blog. If you are interested just order the book (link below), and fill out the form on his blog site. It doesn’t even matter where you buy the book from, you can still get the bonus items (but they are limited).

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December 7, 2010

Keys to Psychic Perception

Often times when I think about what I want to write about, it is usually something I meditate on and the answer comes to me.

This is one of those cases…

I was thinking about “Psychic Perception” and what that really means, but more important, how I’ve been able to develop mine as well as trained others to do the same thing.

To develop yours to it’s maximum, try the Internal Power Centers System. This system has worked for thousands and just might work for you.

Everyone is psychic to one extent or the other, but there are ways to bring out this psychic sensitivity in a more profound way.

When I first started training, I didn’t really care about any type of psychic abilities. I saw this as weird and something I didn’t really want (or even believe in).

Once I started researching and figuring out that I could in fact obtain these types of abilities I was a little freaked out.

So how do you develop this sensitivity? I’ll list a few of them.

1. Meditation (Must be a correct method)

2. Chi Power Training (This forces the psychic energy)

3. Spontaneous

4. Transfered

I’m going to be doing a video on these items shortly that you can have for free that will go into these four, but let me explain the concept of meditation for psychic perception.

Meditation is when you learn how to focus your concentration of energy into one specific intent. Meditation doesn’t always have to be laying down, sitting down or in some type of strange position.

To rapidly excelerate your meditation, check out Mind Portal Esoteric Meditation System, which includes over 20 different meditation sounds, music and guided methods. Truly unique.

It also doesn’t require a “Mantra”. It requires concentration, relaxation and the ability to give up to the meditation.

I could put you through many different types of meditation for many different types of effects. Some could be used for hypnotic trance, while others could be used for attracting what you desire or even the psychic perception that this is about.

This is kind of a dual process in the fact that you are taking yoru mind and body and putting it into a different place than it usually is. What I mean by that is you are transforming your body and mind at the same time.

You are instructing your body and mind to do what you want it to do, not what it wants to do.

So, here are some simple steps to enhnancing or developing your psychic energy.

1. Tell your mind and body that you are changing

2. Feel the perception increasing (I’ll explain this more later)

3. Use the concept of let it flow, then let it go

4. Practice regularly

I know I have been vague with this, but I wanted to prepare your mind for what I will be presenting next in a video or audio format (I haven’t decided yet).

But think on this first part, I know you’ll get some benefit out of it.

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