June 6, 2013

Manifestation Podcast

[testimonial1_arial author=”A. Thomas Perhacs”]“Manifestation Podcast– Download this 15 minute audio on 2 very powerful concepts as it relates to the Laws of Attraction”–[membership_download_item_mp3 link=”″]Manifestation Podcast/MP3[/membership_download_item_mp3][/testimonial1_arial]
I really need your help…I want to know what you want to learn over the next 30 days.It’s All About Ideas…Think about it, our world revolves around good ideas…In truth, it’s not only the idea, but the implementation of those ideas to bring them to fruition…Do you want to maximize your life?Do you want abundant energy?

Do you want total control back in you life?
So, let me know what you want to learn…
I’ll do my best to provide some great training for you to absorb…
Jake sent the email below to me and so I did a quick podcast/mp3 on a few of my favorite manifestation concepts…

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——— Forwarded message ———-
From: Jake xxxxx <>
Date: Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: Learning & Teaching Esoteric Concepts
To: “” <>Al:Hello my friend it is good to here from you.  I always enjoy the content I get from you.  You posed a question to me about what I would most like to see. Manifesting is one of my favorite areas, and I have been using a particular method for a while with much success.  First of all a person shouldn’t waste time trying to manifest trivial things such as a glass of water. It is much easier walking to the tap. Instead as for things that you can not do for yourself.  Second there must always be some form of intention or something the person would like to happen.  The next ingredient is will.  The person must want it more than anything else.  The last ingredient is belief. They need to believe that it will be so.  It is the only outcome possible.  This has worked for me in several areas of my life.I think another area that I might enjoy is any method you might have for busy people to de-stress.  Stress is the number 1 killer according to studies.  Qi Gong, Reiki, Yoga, and Tai Chi are all wonderful ways to relieve stress if you have an hour or two a day.  That doesn’t always work out that way.Sent from my iPhone


It’s only about 15minutes long, but packed with power…
Talk soon,

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June 3, 2013

Learning & Teaching Esoteric Concepts

Sometimes, I find it difficult to come up with something you are going to really like…

I know that sometimes, I will send you some type of offer or product you can buy and other times I just want to do a brain dump and share some good stuff with you….

Well, this is one of those times, where I want to share some meaningful information.

You’re on this list because you want to learn things that maybe you can’t learn elsewhere…

I do my best to not only provide my own brand of training through my Mind Force, Quantum Qigong and Chi Power Products, but through other products or services I have found useful and hope they are useful for you.

So, I was thinking that this month (June), I wanted to give you the best content I can…

….And the only way to do that, is for you to tell me what you would like to know.

Funny thing is, I’ve probably forgotten more concepts than most even teach.

I sometimes have to go back to my notes, videos and audio files just to try and remember all the information I’ve learned over the years…

Just the other day, a concept flashed across the screen of my mind and I rememberd a guy I trained with back in the 90’s who had added some significant concepts to my aresenal of methods…

So, tell me what kind of stuff do you want this month?

Some audio files?


or just some good written content?

I guess the BIG QUESTION is…Do you believe this?

You see, whithout belief, you will never be able to realize your full potential…

I get emails every day from people who just want to believe…

We all want to believe, don’t we?

I know when I started, I just wanted to believe that this (and I mean any of these concenpts) worked and would work for me…

I’m sure you’re like me and want to know the same, don’t you.

Will this work for you?

I can say that litteraly thousands have trained with these methods successfully and have shown some really amazing techniques over the years.

But, who cares about others, even if it is a million people. You need to know if they will work for you….

So, just reply back and let me know what you would like me to teach you this month, and I will take all of the requests and see how many of them I can get done this month…

I think this could be a very good month of learning for everyone…

In fact, if you have techniques, concepts or methods that you would like to share and would like to be a guest writer or contributer, let me know and we can talk about what you would like to share with everyone…

It can be a video, audio or a written document. Just let me know.

I look forward to creating some good conent for you this month. And I look forward for some of you to create some great content as well.

Talk soon,


PS- Don’t hold back, just do it…Make these things real in your life, as I have in mine…


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December 18, 2011

This Guy Hasn’t Eaten or Drunk for 70 Years!

This Guy Hasn’t Eaten or Drunk for 70 Years!

I know catchy title, but I didn’ create it…You have to read this article about this guy who says he hasn’t eaten or drunk anything in 70 Years!

Check out the entire article by clicking here.

When I talk about being in the “gas” stage, this is the type of phenomenon that can happen.

Is this real? Who knows for sure unless you can monitor him, but at least you can use this a “Belief Reference” to see what is possible.

When you do Quantum Qigong, you are converting your body from a solid to liquid gas state over time.

When I read an article like this, I cut it in half and then in half again. So, even if the guy hasn’t eaten in 30 days, that is amazing.

When your energy is high you can create some amazing things to happen.

Why not get your energy boosted to start getting results that will simply amaze you?

Now is your time….

Look for some super Christmas Specials this week on some of my best selling systems, products and courses.

Enjoy the article and talk soon,


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March 16, 2011

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong: When Do You Want It?

When Do You Want it?

So, you know what you want.

When do you want it?

Are very cool skills something you just want, or is is something you need to have?

Many people procrastinate on decisions because they just haven’t put a priority on when they want what they want.

Did you ever notice that when you finally make the decision to get a new car or other desire, you make it happen?

Well, the same thing is true with these Mind Force and Quantum Qigong concepts.

Once you decide what you want, are you going to go after it?

I remember when I first started this training, I decided what I wanted to do, and I made a commitment to do it. I didn’t do it because I thought I would be in business or that it would eventually be my calling in life.

Remember the Nike slogan–


How simple, yet how profound at the same time…

I knew I wanted unique and esoteric skills, and I knew when I wanted them– NOW!

That brings up another issue.

The issue of timing…

I got off the phone with a young man the other day, and he was wondering how long was it going to take him to:

  • Open up his third eye
  • Be able to project Qi
  • Get his subconscious to do what he want
  • When could move an object with his Qi
  • Become a Hypnotic Influence Specialist

He wanted everything now…

We all want everything now, don’t we. I know I do.

This type of system of training of the mind, body and spirit is really no different than any other type of training.

You put the “flight time” in and you get results…

Now, you might get better results in certain areas than someone else, and vice versa.

Some of you will be able to learn how to heal faster than others, while some of you may be able to open your third eye quicker.

It really comes down to several factors on how long it will take you to arrive to your destination (your want or desire)

1. How much training time (flight time) you put in.
2. You natural talents
3. Your belief level

Pretty simple, and yet the simple things sometimes are the hardest.

One thing I was taught all those years ago, was that if you train a certain way, over time you’ll get the skills.

You really need to train your body and mind together so they are both growing together.

That’s why I’m combining Mind Force and Quantum Qigong to produce a melding of power…

And you know what’s funny?

That’s exactly how I did it.

I started training, knew what I wanted, knew when I wanted it, and then I pursued it with passion.

I never limited my training.

I trained with people in Chi Power, Meditation, Psychic Energy Development, Hypnosis, NLP, Subliminals, Healing, Martial Arts, and the list goes on and on…

When I wanted to learn something, I found the person who could help.

They say…

“When the student is ready the teacher will arrive”…

And I found that to be so true.

In fact, even today I have that same energy that I know I will run into the right people at the right time…

Synchronicity if you will…

My message to you is find your timing, and then make a decision to committ to something and then like the Nike ad says…




PS- I know many of you are excited of what is to come with this new system, and if you only knew how I am going to roll it out, you will be amazed and shocked (I promise).

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