September 25, 2013

Your Best Life Giveaways


Several of my friends and I have gotten together
and assembled some of our best products and you are
invited to download them all here today at no charge.

You will have an opportunity to enjoy all these
titles from their respective owners:

* Unlimited Potential Life Plan
* The Wealth Switch Hypnosis Session
*101 Powerful Affirmations eBook
* Success High Rise Course
* Power of The Mind
* Heal Your Money Energy
* Limitless Wealth & Success
* And Much More!

This is an amazing collection of products that will
surely add value to your life and bring you untold
hours of success in your personal growth efforts, so
I encourage you to embrace this awesome opportunity
right now.

They are all 100% FREE, but there’s only one catch:

We can’t make gifts of this quality available forever,
so you only have until October 1 to take advantage
of this exclusive complimentary offer:

I wanted you to be the first to know about this – so please enjoy!
Check this link to get your 100% FREE GIFTS From Top Self Help Leaders :

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September 22, 2013

The #1 Thing I Can Provide For You


So, I had the good fortune to speak with several of my top students and clients recently and I asked them…

What is the #1 thing I can provide for you?

There response was almost unanimous, they wanted to be kept up to date on any new tools, exercises, courses, etc…

And my response to them was, I would want the same from them…

You see, I spend thousands of dollars per year on continual education & training. I practice what I preach, which is to always be honing your craft…

Some of the times I can provide those pearls as free content and training, and sometimes it is a paid for option….

I recently paid a mentor of mine several thousands of dollars for some new concepts, methods and tactics, that I know will take me to the next level.

I’ll be going to New Zealand in February to meet with one of my Master Mind Groups…

The point is, If you want to get and stay good at any endeavor, you need to stay on top of your game…


The minute you think you know everything there is to know, is the minute you start to regress…

Always be like a little kid…

Always strive to learn more, to be more.

If I gave you a solution that cost you $25,000, but as a result you got back $100,000, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Of course it would…

However, you have to have two elements in order to make that happen…

Faith and Belief…


Do you really understand what faith is?

“Faith is the evidence of things hoped for, but not yet seen”

Wow, now that one line is worth a fortune to you if you will but embrace it…

This is a simple mental switch that you can make in your own mind whenever you desire…


Now belief is the concept that you know something works or is possible based on certain evidence that you have convinced your own mind to believe.

I want you to think on that one… 

Give me your feedback on how your beliefs have changed your life for the better and how you may have had to change them in order to move forward.

Or when you’ve used faith to overcome or have a certain breakthrough in your life…

I really would like to know…

I will be sharing some of my own over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Going forward, since many of you really want to know all the new tools, systems and information out there, I will provide an overview of the offers I’ve sent to you over the week, just in case you want to participate. If you don’t that will always be totally cool with me.

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August 15, 2013

Do you know Wing Chun Kung Fu?

If you do, you realize it is
on of the most lethal forms of
street combat the world has
ever known…

Click the link below for 5
FREE Wing Chun training videos.

Now a days BJJ and MMA seem
to have taken the forefront,
but don’t forget about the
arts that were made just for
the street…

When I first started training,
my goal was to find arts with
pure self defense and street

I chose the following arts.

1. Chinese Kenpo
2. Pentjak Silat
3. Jeet Kune Do
4. Grappling & Ju-Jitsu

I’ve studied almost every
martial art out there, and
my criteria has always been
pure effectiveness in a real fight.

I mean, lets face it, that’s what
the real key to the martial arts is
all about, right?

Well, one of the base arts for
Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do is
Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun teaches great blasting
power power punching and allows
you defeat even larger opponents.

I have been using elements of Wing
Chun in my training for almost 20
years, and I can verify it’s effectivenes.

Check out the link below for access to
some free Wing Chun Training videos
that I’m sure you will enjoy and
learn a lot from.

If you want to get access to his
entire training suite that is
your call, but I know you’ll like
the free videos just the same.

By the way, I’m going to be presenting
some more insights for you on martial
arts in general in the near future
so stay tuned.

Even, if you are not into the martial
arts, I will apply it to how you ca
get the most out of your everyday

I began this journey as a martial artist
and fighter, and have learned so much
more, that I want to share it with you
have a great day.


Sifu Perhacs

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July 9, 2013


People ask me all the time:

“How Do You Do It?”

“What made that BIG-SHIFT in
your life when you made it big?”…

…And I’ve got to tell you
that although I don’t talk
about it often – I do have
a secret…

Something that’s part of every talk,
every training, every word I write…

===>The NLP Event

Something that’s worked it’s way into
every conversation…

===>The NLP Event

And that I use every day of my life – in
every single interaction I have with people…

…It’s been something I’ve used for years.

It’s my “Secret-Sauce” that I use to
supercharge everything I do…

===>The NLP Event

Everything I create…

You’ve experienced it more times than
you know – just being a subscriber of

It’s that thing that gives me an
unfair advantage over the competition –

Yet it’s so helpful and beneficial
to everyone who learns it – that
they can do things they would have
never imagined possible…

==> Achieve Peak levels of Performance

==> Attain your perfect weight

==> Overcome Countless Fears & Phobias…

And break-free from the chains
of mediocrity in any area of your life…

That’s why I am so honored to be speaking
among the most cutting-edge, the most
progressive, and the most effective trainers,
teachers and practitioners of this Secret Art…

It’s called N.L.P. and it changed my life.

Now it’s time to change yours.

===>The NLP Event

Please by my guest at this incredible event –
The N.L.P. Event – where I will speak with
the top 24 N.L.P. Experts in the world.

I have 2 tickets with your name on them.

R.S.V.P. Here:

===>The NLP Event

Then forward this email to someone
important who’d like to attend as well.

It’s my gift to you.


P.S. This is a “Tele-Summit” – A Virtual
event that you can attend from your phone
or computer. You are going to love it.
I can’t wait to connect with you during
the event.

===>The NLP Event

P.P.S. Remember to forward this email
to someone important so they can claim
their V.I.P. ticket as well.

100% on me. Enjoy!


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June 6, 2013

Manifestation Podcast

[testimonial1_arial author=”A. Thomas Perhacs”]“Manifestation Podcast– Download this 15 minute audio on 2 very powerful concepts as it relates to the Laws of Attraction”–[membership_download_item_mp3 link=”″]Manifestation Podcast/MP3[/membership_download_item_mp3][/testimonial1_arial]
I really need your help…I want to know what you want to learn over the next 30 days.It’s All About Ideas…Think about it, our world revolves around good ideas…In truth, it’s not only the idea, but the implementation of those ideas to bring them to fruition…Do you want to maximize your life?Do you want abundant energy?

Do you want total control back in you life?
So, let me know what you want to learn…
I’ll do my best to provide some great training for you to absorb…
Jake sent the email below to me and so I did a quick podcast/mp3 on a few of my favorite manifestation concepts…

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]

——— Forwarded message ———-
From: Jake xxxxx <>
Date: Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: Learning & Teaching Esoteric Concepts
To: “” <>Al:Hello my friend it is good to here from you.  I always enjoy the content I get from you.  You posed a question to me about what I would most like to see. Manifesting is one of my favorite areas, and I have been using a particular method for a while with much success.  First of all a person shouldn’t waste time trying to manifest trivial things such as a glass of water. It is much easier walking to the tap. Instead as for things that you can not do for yourself.  Second there must always be some form of intention or something the person would like to happen.  The next ingredient is will.  The person must want it more than anything else.  The last ingredient is belief. They need to believe that it will be so.  It is the only outcome possible.  This has worked for me in several areas of my life.I think another area that I might enjoy is any method you might have for busy people to de-stress.  Stress is the number 1 killer according to studies.  Qi Gong, Reiki, Yoga, and Tai Chi are all wonderful ways to relieve stress if you have an hour or two a day.  That doesn’t always work out that way.Sent from my iPhone


It’s only about 15minutes long, but packed with power…
Talk soon,

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January 8, 2013

The Hypnosis Event Featuring A. Thomas Perhacs

My FREE Hypnosis Seminar is tonight

Click Here for access…

Tonight as part of the amazing Hypnosis Event being put
together by Tellman Knudson, I will be speaking about Covert Persuasion &
Hypnotic Influence.

I promise to deliver non stop, rapid fire content that you can use in your hypnotic influence training…

…Trust me, this will be worth your time.

Not going to waste your time with a lot of chit chat.

Just be there…

Oh by the way, that was a hypnotic command, similar to what you will
learn tonight my friend.

You can listen to the call by going to the following page.

When you attend this totally FREE tele-seminar, you will also receive several free gift just for tuning in.

Talk to you then,


PS- I’m excited for you to discover these secrets. Here is the link again.

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March 26, 2012

Is Accelerated Learning Possible?

Everyone wants to learn techniques…

But techniques are just that.  And sometimes they are very limited.

I want to open your mind to begin to understand the real power that you possess.

The real power of learning is through systems. Systems that are built around getting you the quickest results.

In this simple email, I will give you a few concepts that will serve you quite well, if you will just apply them.

Over the years, I learned a vast array of esoteric skills.

I was a student first. Then I became an apprentice, and finally I became an instructor.

This process never changes, but you can accelerate it.

I’ve done it, and taught it to thousands over the last 10 years.

How do you get really good at something?

  • You immerse your self in the subject.
  • You then become a student of that subject.
  • And after a while you become knowledgeable. And after that you might even become good at the skill.

In a certain amount of time, you can go from a total beginner to advanced.

Some people asked me over the years, how did you get so good so fast?

The answer is, I put in more flight time than what most people would commit to.

And then I figured out systems to learn that material at a rapid rate. One that was quicker than even those on the fastest track.

Let me give you and example:

In 2000, I took my first hypnosis course….

A few months later I took one on NLP. And after that, I totally immersed myself into the study of how to become a controller of myself and others.

Within about 9 months, I was at a very high skill level, even better than some of the people who taught me.

I wrote my Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence system on the 13th month from the very first lesson I took.

A year from that, I was being asked on radio stations as an “expert witness” for a serial killer that was executing people in and around Maryland.

So, how does that happen?

It happened because I distilled the learning down to a system whereby I could learn the material at an accelerated rate.

You can do the same thing with anything you want to learn. Of course I want to teach you how to do this so you can become a master of yourself in the quickest time possible.

In my next email, I’m going to reveal the one concept I have used for years to get the maximum out of the minimum time.

This one concept has kept me at the top of my game, while my competition just wonders how I do what I do.

So, make sure you read the next one. I promise it will be good.

The lesson for today is– IMMERSION. Internalize this one concept and it will serve you well.

Talk soon,


PS- I am teaching you through these posts, not only a concept but a technique that I will reveal later that works everytime you use it.

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December 30, 2011

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Manuals Special

Check This Out!–Watch The Video Below– I Cover Some Great Info On Giving & Receiving–

Do you understand the concept of getting back three times (3X) every time you give?
Well , I discuss it in the video below…

Over the next couple of days, I am going to allow you to receive some additional gifts and bonuses when you order my set of manuals…

Click Here for Access

Once you order, I will be sending to you some special undisclosed and unadvertised gifts that I promise will be worth more than the actual manuals.

Here’s How it Works

  • The manual are $27, but will be $32 tomorrow, $37 on Sunday, $42 on Monday and then will go to $47 on Tuesday!
  • I will provide some additional bonuses that will blow your mind– GUARANTEED!
  • Delay and You might lose out on some really good stuff

Click Here to Order

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December 23, 2011

Chakra Healing

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Discover These Unique Methods of Chakra Healing…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

[hyperlink_large_centered link=”″ + target=”_self”]Click Here for All The Details[/hyperlink_large_centered]

One of the questions I get the most is about healing.

I ran across a practitioner with some really unique methods that you might just be able to benefit from…

Chakra Healing by Carol Tuttle is a 20 hour video training presenting a wide range of the most effective chakra healing modalities available today.

And while her methods might be different than mine, she still has some really good concepts that I know you can integrate. In order to become a master, you need to learn many different methods and see which ones work best for you.

As I mentioned with all of the promotions I’ll be sending you, when you order you will get the following:

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]

[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Access to any one of my courses or products for the same value in “Digital Format”
  • Access to other promotions to come



[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Check Out The Courses of Instruction You Can Get For FREE, When You Order This Course on “Chakra Healing” by Carol Tuttle[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]


[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”] When you order Chakra Healing, you are entitled to receive any of my products of an equal or lesser value for FREE…Just contact my support desk here, with your order and receipt number and we will hook you up!

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • Internal Power Centers- $77 
  • Mind Portal $77
  • Chi Power Plus System- $77
  • Dim Mak$39.95
  • Manipulation- $97  
  • Ultimate Hypnotic Influence$97 
  • Control Factor- $67
  • Magneto$77
  • Subliminal Solution System- $97
  • Inner Game Boot Camp$97
  • Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp- $147
  • Goal Getting System$27
  • Esoteric Training Manuals- $47



[hyperlink_large_centered link=”″ + target=”_self”]Click Here for All The Details[/hyperlink_large_centered]

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December 21, 2011

Silva Life System

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Jose Silva was one of the pioneers in linking up the mind, body and spirit through his training, and now you can learn many of the secrets that millions of people have learned over the years.[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

[hyperlink_large_centered link=”″ + target=”_self”]The Silva Life System Can Take You Places!– Click Here For All The Details[/hyperlink_large_centered]

The Silva Life System — FREE Training & 9 Part Starter Kit

Whether you decide to buy the Silva Life System or just try out some of the FREE exercises and meditation, I think you will benefit.

I first started learning about “The Silva Method” back in the 90’s and started to implement many of the concepts into my training. Throughout the years of my training, I have always looked for a “breakthrough, something that would allow me to get deeper access to my mind.

With the Silva Life System, you’ll learn how to get to the Alpha State during your meditations to many wonderful things.

This training compliments everything I teach and could give you a different insight and perspective on this type of esoteric training.

[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]When You Order From This Link[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

[features_box_red width=”75%” + border=”2px”]When you order the Silva Life System from the links on this page, you are entitled to receive any of my digital products of the same price…

[black_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Once you order simply contact our Support Desk Here
  • Let my support staff know which product from the product catalog you want– Click Here for Product Catalog
  • We will email you the download to the digital version (nothing will be delivered by postal mail)


I fully endorse the Silva Life System and know that even if you just use the FREE components of the training, you will get a great amount of benefit from it.

If you have any questions or comments, you can simply comment below in the comments section.


– Al Perhacs, Author, Creator, Visionary

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