Harness your Telepathic Ability through the Power of Meditation


There were moments in your life where you feel a sudden sensation as if you already know what will happen, as if you already know what is going on. The moment you are planning to go at your friend’s house and out of a sudden you see the same person coming at your house. In the middle of your conversation, you came up knowing what will be the next set of words your friend will say, and that’s it. He just says the exact thoughts inside your head.  That is telepathy. You may assume that it is a hidden power or let just say a mystery?

You may have a hard time dealing with the real thoughts behind the unexplainable power of mind. This uncommon scenario in terms of thinking process is phenomena of telepathy.

What is Telepathy?

For you to know about this is better and to answer all the hanging questions across your mind. Telepathy comes from the Greek words “tele” which means distant and word “pathos or patheia” which means experience, perception, passion and affliction. This term was coined by Frederic W. H. Myers, a classical scholar and founder of Society for Physical Research.

This ability is made possible by the use of mind. It is known as a direct communication without the use of any sensory channels or physical interaction. According to study of Aristotle, dreams are passed from one person to another while they were sleeping.

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Delving more on different forms of telepathy

According to research there were six existing forms of telepathy. These are Latent, Retrocognitive, Precognitive, Intuitive, Emotive, and Super Conscious Telepathy.

Let us now define each form:

First of which is the Latent Telepathy. This type is about a kind of delay or time-lag in between the process of transmitting communication. Delayed may be due of distant and other external factors.

Second kind of telepathy is Retrocognitive Telepathy or what is so called “seen before” or “already happened”. It is all about realizing that what is currently happening now is exactly the same on what is happened before. You may come up thinking that you already experienced the same kind of moment.

The third one is Precognitive Telepathy. It is the power of placing your thoughts into the future scenarios. Precognitive telepathy is the ability to see future in just using memories. This can be developed by the help of practice.

The fourth one is the Intuitive Telepathy. In this kind of telepathy, it talks about your inner thoughts that will help you decide how to respond with a particular situation you are facing.

Emotive Telepathy is the fifth one. It is a kind of skills that involves a process of transferring emotions from one person to another. This is more applicable to those people who have strong emotional power of connection.

The last form is the Super Conscious Telepathy. This kind of telepathy focuses in the usage of six senses as an aid to help a person in decision-making. You can develop guidance from day to day lives from the kind of telepathy which is considered to be powerful. It also serves as a bridge from the past events. One major feature of this is the power to extend your love to other people through the help of emotive telepathy.

Develop your Telepathic Ability through Meditation

Meditation process can be a great help for you to develop telepathic ability. It is just a matter of concentration and manner of focusing your thoughts toward your goals.

Here are the different tips you can do in the process of meditating to develop telepathic ability;

  1. Find a comfortable or peaceful place to stay with. Close your eyes and feel your environment. Think about your goal which is developing your skills.
  2. Relax yourself and imagine your body and feel like you are hanging in the surface away from any problems.
  3. Formulate a kind of light that will surround your body. Be open in accepting positive thoughts. After a couple of minutes meditating, bring back your body to the real world.
  4. Once you are back, have some light set of exercises, and then open your eyes.

The above mentioned meditation steps, you can develop telepathic abilities in communicating with living creatures and with nature.

Developing your telepathic ability will not just end in just one session, it requires a continuous practice and meditation. Setting your goals is a must consideration for you to know the real purpose on why there is a need for you to develop your telepathic ability.


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