10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

When people are conscious within dreams, then that may be lucid dreaming. If you’re interested with it, here are the 10 noteworthy things you should know about lucid dreaming

1. Egyptians recorded the first ever case of lucid dream.

Maybe some of us are having some questions about when and how the concept of lucid dreaming began. Since Egyptians were one of the oldest civilizations in history formed 5,000 years ago, they were also the forerunners of oldest beliefs and traditions.

Based from the book Temple of the Cosmos, there are three kinds of bodies: Shat- the living body, Ka- physical body and Ba- the soul. Among the three, Ba represents the individual in an out-of-body state. It is a bird with a head of a human which flies above the physical body of a sleeping or dead person which was made through hieroglyphics.

According to Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner self, Ba is the earliest depiction of a “mobile awareness” which separates from the physical host. Also connected to flying, this Ba can be considered as a universal part of lucid dreaming.

2. Closing your eyes when having a lucid dream can wake you up.

When you are a lucid dreamer, you can take control of what’s going on and your emotions that may affect your dream. However, there is a thing which you can do if you might want to escape it. Closing your eyes may bring you back to your physical body. It is up to you whether you want to prolong that state of mind or not.

3. A person who loves to play video games and games tend to have more lucid dream.

Since our brain is the one responsible for this action, people who usually involve themselves in playing games have more active brain. They are more prone of having hallucinations and wild imaginations. You can take control of your dream and imagine the wildest things that you can ever experience same as the situations in video games.

4. Communicating while in a lucid dream state is possible.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced or saw someone who is talking while they are asleep. It’s proven by a Dr. Keith Hearne, a British psychologist who first proved the possibility of communicating while in a lucid dream state. In his lab, he recorded the eye movements of Alan Worsley as he slept and engaged himself in a lucid dream. Their eye movements served as their way of communication while inside the lucid dream.

5.Vitamin B6 helps you recall your dream.

A double-blind study in 2002 has revealed that people who make a daily intake of 250mg B6 supplement have made an increase in the dream content. Above from the usual maximum daily intake which is 100mg, this was not advisable to do for a long time. Participants in the said study did that for a span of 3 days only.

6. It causes sudden increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Though you may find it weird, it’s possible that the situations in your dream can make your heart palpitate hastily. Imagine that you are escaping from someone or having a great time with your love ones. Sudden excitement, joy, and fear can trigger this. But always bear in mind that when you are lucid dreamer, you can take control of it or just stop it by closing your eyes.

7. One out of five people are experiencing lucid dreams.

If you are a first time lucid dreamer, then you might probably think that you are the only one who has that case. It’s not! Actually, this is not a rare case.

In a survey conducted in 1988, it was found out that 20% of people are having lucid dreams every month while 50% said that they had only done or made it for just once. This was more often to children, as they are prone to nightmares which are more extreme and vivid. Thus, the part of the brain responsible for that will signal the person dreaming and said that “you are just dreaming”.

8. Orgasms in a lucid dream are possible.

Don’t be embarrassed if you are sometimes having orgasms. It’s a natural part of people’s lives. Lucid orgasms can be associated with a physical response according to scientists. Since having a lucid dream sex can be highly arousing, you may not even notice that you are already awake even before the thing happened.

For beginners, it may be not ideal until they have already learned to lengthen their lucidity and had already practiced to control their emotions and state of mind.

9. People who can meditate are more self-aware while dreaming.

Whether you are a beginner or not, I bet that you sometimes enjoyed moments while dreaming. Scientists have already proven that meditation can help you become more aware that you are in a dream. The level of meditation also determines the extent of your dream recognition.

10. Tibetan Buddhists Monks use lucid dreaming as a way to enlightenment.

Tibetan Dream Yoga is a philosophical practice created 1,000 years ago in Tibetan Buddhism. This practice aims to keep the mind awake while in a dream state to which they call, “apprehending the dream”.

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