Thoughts Rule the World: The Law of Attraction

Here are very useful information about law of attraction and how you can utilize them to create significant changes in life.

A lot of people ask me “Hey, what’s the difference between MAGNETO Mind Force Attraction  than all the courses out there?”

I have read a lot of books, a lot of courses, the secrets, a lot of that of things like that. I went through the secret training before they’re published on the DVD and they’re all valuable. But what I’ve done with my course, is when I’m doing with all my systems, courses and manuals, books, I try to make things simple. That’s why it’s called manuals more so than books, because in manuals, you jump in and you get results.

1.When you fully understand the connection between your magnetic attraction energy and your emotions, you will truly have the answer to attracting those things that you desire.”

 What does really it really mean? This magnetic attraction energy is very much a physical energy. It’s very much a physical energy , it’s coming off from your body whether you do chi power training like I teach or when you do meditation or anything else you have an energy coming out from your body. That energy is closely related to your emotions which means your emotions control how that energy works, so if you’re an emotional wreck, you’re not getting very good results. You will get results though there’s no such thing not getting results. Like, I won’t do this, then I won’t get that. That’s how it works. That’s how your energy body works. You got a little bit energy or a lot of energy, the fact is it works. It’s either working for you, there’s no neutrality. There’s no status quo, you’re either growing or not, or unless you’re falling back. And when you get your emotions in that attracting energy in the right pattern which is good if you’re blissful, you’re feeling good, you have the answer to attracting energy that you desire, you don’t need any courses, you don’t need my  books or my manuals. Now, obviously, what those things do is make your mind aligned and give you some techniques is to teach you how to get those energy and emotions aligned so you can get work better. But that’s simple. If you could read that sense right there, and you can get there to work, that is the answer to attracting those things that you desire, energy and emotions are so important.

We’ve all been in bad moods, I have seen things repel for me really dramatically. Obviously my spirit is pretty high, but I know that when I’m in a bad mood and have bad thoughts, things are just going chaos around me, guess what, business is bad, family’s bad, everything is not in the best, right? But when I get my mind focused, and when I get my energy and emotions set up, powerfully attracting, I attract the things I desired just the way it is. I want you to take this information and internalize it. Don’t just pass it off and say, “ that’s a nice video, a nice audio”, I want you to really embrace and talk it about that it’s true. You know it’s true. When you’re not in a good mood, when you have bad emotions, things do not go well for you as just the way it is. And of course when you’re high, when you’re energy is high (that’s  a good energy), it’s like you’re superman or superwoman, things just work great.

2.The law of attraction, attracts to you every thing  you need according to the nature of your thought life. Your environment and financial condition are perfect reflections of your habitual thinking. Now, this goes back to the concept that thinking to be rich, I’ve mentioned that book so many times, it’s thinking Grow Rich, being anything you want a place under that category, of being rich, job, relationship, it could be spiritual, there’s so many healthy things you out in there. But the law of attraction attracts to you, everything you need according to your nature of thought life obviously corresponds to your energy in corresponds to that emotion. What you’re thinking about has a tendency to be realized, your environment, where you live, your job stability, financial condition, are perfect reflections of how you think. If you’re thinking all the time, I’m glad you’re thinking all the time, things aren’t working all the time, how can you check positive? How can you attract wealth? How can you attract something this more powerful if that’s the thought? Because that thought as it generates, generates energy into energy goes out there and whether you believe it, actually you do believe it, because you know it’s true. You know when you think negatively, things get worse…and you know, when you think positively, things start to get better. What most people don’t know is that they don’t think positively long enough. They don’t reign in their emotions, they don’t reign in their thoughts, and they start thinking lack…Don’t think lack, start thinking what you can have.

3.Thought Rules the World. Everything that goes on has to do with thoughts. Everything you’ve ever done started as a thought first. It’s to your success, it’s the law of attraction for everything you want, starts in your mind.

Now when I come back, I’ve another video with more details to really know this kind of your thinking, and I want you to embrace this concept and really just get under control your thoughts, there’s nothing else to get and learn from it. That is the part of it that is controlling your own thoughts. Get rid of negative stuffs, it doesn’t serve you. Stay away from negative people and get your thoughts right. Because when you do that, you’re going to be able to attract and do what you want than ever before.

Put these principles into use putting into action and I promise you, you’ll get phenomenal results and of course, if you want to know more details and instruction, some techniques and some really cool stuff.

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