Mind Force Method: Ways on Beating Negativity

mind force

The world you are living today is big battleground wherein your greatest opponent is yourself. People wake up every day conquering fear and doubts. Fear of the unknown; fear of the future, and what the present holds to what you will become.

But can you believe that if you can control your mind you can control your life? It’s because your mind control your actions and our bodies follow whatever we consistently think. Like the Law of Attraction says – you will get back whatever you put in the Universe.

It is true that everyone experiences bad days. But don’t let that unfortunate experience dictate your future; you have the power to control your mind now so you can have a brighter future ahead of you.

Ways to Win the Battle in Mind

Here are some ways to defeat negativity in your mind to delete negativity in your life:

  1. Reject negative thoughts right away.

A negative thought can affect your life negatively on the other hand positive thoughts can affect you positively. People are made emotional in nature. Admit that you feel hurt by just thinking that you are hurt. In other way, you can also feel happy by just thinking happy thought. When you think positively even in a negative situation you already defeat negativity on that particular time. And if you will practice using mind force and think positive always, that is big step to success.

  1. Start saying what you want to happen instead of feeling sorry for the negative situation.

Use your mind force to your advantage. Whatever you verbalize will right away direct of your thoughts. You may be in a negative situation and you can’t do something about it for now, but you can always do something about how you will look at it. You can think something positive from it or just live it like that and start to over think that negativity.

  1. Meditate

People are too busy thinking and working all day. You sit down and still working on your mind. People nowadays do not stop on keep themselves busy doing loads of activities. Other people work from one place to another and then sleep just for few hours a day. They forget to think of themselves, meditate and take some rest.

In just 5-10 minutes before your long day start you can be ready for a day of battle ahead of you. And in just 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed you can evaluate your day and make a plan to improve tomorrow.

  1. Guard your thoughts

No one can do that for you except yourself. Take in charge of your thoughts. When you start worrying, know that you still have a chance. When you are about to start stressing,  stop that thought and think that everything will end up well.

Try these steps and you will see yourself improving day by day. And you will start winning the game in your mind.

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