Total Dominant Control of Your Mind

Mind Force Secrets

Sometimes when I travel it’s nice to have a little “me time” where I can do some serious meditation and training and part of that is training to get “Dominant Control of My Mind”.

Even though I’ve been training for more than 20 years with different types of MIND FORCE methods, I still have to train my mind, and so do you.

If you want Dominant Control. You see, training the mind for TOTAL DOMINANT CONTROL is a lot like any other type of exercise or ritual.

What happens if you work out with weights for years and years or run every day or do any kind of regiment?

You build a habit and you build what’s called “Muscle Memory”.

The concept is actually pretty simple, but actually getting it to work for you is what might not be so simple. I mean let’s face it, most people know how to lose weight right?

Cut calories and increase exercise… And yet we all (myself included) want to find an easier way.

Sometimes that easier way is broken down into actual routines you can do and the motivation that goes with it.

MOTIVE- ation! It’s the Motive that makes you act. When you watch a crime show, they always look for THE MOTIVE.
My question to you is– What is YOUR Motive to have DOMINANT CONTROL OF YOUR MIND?

You see, without the MOTIVE, you just won’t act.

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