Pre-Christmas Gift for YOU :-)

Christmas Sale

Hey there,

Just thought I’d send you a quick note…

Last year I did a huge sale on all of my books and courses and I’ve been getting emails about if I’m going to do it again…

Well, I decided to kick it off today, and will be running it until Christmas Day at Midnight.

You can check it out here.

Or Until the first 100 people take action on it…

That’s right, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

A secret that if you understand it and apply it, will serve you well.

Actually two things…

#1– People want what they can’t have

#2– When people get things for free they never see the value

In addition to the awesome sale I’m running, I’m going to share some cool concepts with you that

if you’ll just apply them, you might find a breakthrough in your life…

2017 is right around the corner and you have to ask yourself the question…


And it might just start when you decide to take action and learn some pretty cool skills.

(And you can feel good knowing a portion of all sales will
go toward supporting children in need this holiday season.)

So without further delay…

Here are the special links to use to take advantage of this
special Christmas Gift sale:

(You can click on multiple links to add multiple products
to your order…)


Mind Force Library (Digital & Hard Copy) $97 or $47

Just $56.26 (hard copy) or $27.26 (digital) (42% off!)

» Click here to order the library «

The Chi Power Plus Blueprint System (Digital) $67
Just $39.97 (42% off!)
» Click here to order the system «
Advanced Chi DVD $249.00
Just $99.00 (60% off!)
» Click here to order the DVD «
Closed Door Hypnosis Files (All Digital) $147
Just $79.97 (47% off!)
» Click here to order the Hypnosis Files «
Mind Force Psychic–Internal Power Centers $97
Just $27  (73% off!)
» Click here to order Internal Power Centers «
Mind Force Meditation– Mind Portal $97
Just $27  (73% off!)
» Click here to order Mind Portal «

Mind Force Attraction– Magneto Method $97
Just $27  (73% off!)
» Click here to order The Magneto Method «
Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Inner Circle Membership $49.95/mo
Just $29.97/mo (41% off!)
» Click here for the Inner Circle «

[———Master Classes——–]

“New”–Primordial Energy Protocol $197
Just $79  (60% off!)
» Click here to order Primordial «
Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp $201
Just $97  (52% off!)
» Click here to order Hypnotic Boot Camp «

Mind Force Subliminal Boot Camp $197
Just $67  (67% off!)
» Click here to order Subliminal «
Mind Force Inner Game System $197
Just $79 (60% off!)
» Click here for the Inner Circle «
*The “Whole Enchilada” otherwise known as “The Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Master System” Everything Above + some special suprises! The books, DVD Course, digital courses, All Additional Master Classes, & Inner Circle Membership: $1,645 Value – Just $297(Over 80% off!)

» Click here to get the “Whole Enchilada” Bundle «
You MUST order using the links above (if you visit our
website, you’ll see the regular price on everything)…
And because everything is backed by my super-generous “love
it or return it” 100% Money-Back guarantee, you don’t risk
a single penny by ordering today.
So here’s what I recommend:
Go ahead and do this right now while you’ve got this email
open and you’re still thinking about it…
Simply scroll back up, choose what you’d like to order, and
cash in on this one-day special event.
Don’t forget to finish your shopping- and I’ll talk to you soon!
Warmest regards,
Sifu Al Perhacs


P.S. – If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, just know these are the

same courses, systems and books that sell anywhere from 42%-80% more than

from this special Holiday Promotion. Here is the link again.

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