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July 25, 2017

Qigong Exercise: A Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle

Need to improve health and rest your mind? One effective way to be both physically and mentally healthy is doing qigong exercise.  Qigong exercise is a traditional practice of the Chinese people that helps the body in breathing, posture improvement and movement, and healing.  Most specialists say that there are over a thousand of different forms of qigong exercises. And to date, a lot of qigong exercises can be considered best qigong exercise to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

With so many benefits that qigong exercise brings including reduction of stress, improvement of blood pressure through increasing stamina, and strengthening the nerves of the body, doing qigong breathing exercises to heal can be a huge impact to finally make your body stronger. A helpful breathing is an important element that connects the mind and the body in doing qigong exercises. The flow of the energy inside our body when we do these exercises creates harmony in our body with the nature and leads to numerous benefits inside our body.

Here are some best qigong breathing exercises effective for healing mind and strengthening your body:

Full Chest and Abdominal Breathing

Full Chest and abdominal breathing is simply deep breathing. In doing so, take a slow and deep rhythmic breaths through your nose. When your diaphragm drops down, the abdomen expands allowing air to rush into the lungs. After this, the chest cavity expands to allow the lungs to fill completely. This is then followed by a slow, balance exhalation which unloads everything in the lungs.

Every Seventh Breath Full and Relaxed

This breathing exercise can be similar to Full chest and abdominal breathing.  However, this method gives consciousness of breath. In doing this exercise, it also brings the benefits of breathing throughout the day. Like the first method, take a deep, full, relaxed breath. As you exhale, relax and then breathe as usual. As you exhale, relax and then breathe as usual. After seven repetitions of regular breathing, take another deep and full breath.

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Extending Inhalation, Extending Exhalation

This breathing exercise allows the lungs to be filled and emptied to the fullest extent. Breathe deeply until you think that your lungs are filled. After this, take in three more consecutive short breaths until the fullest lung capacity. Breathe out to empty lungs and then let out another three additional breaths. Holding your breath and breathing out to the fullest extremes can multiply the benefits of breathing.

Exhale to compress organs

This technique requires exhalation of the full chest and breathing in the abdomen to a radical extreme which causes a shift to the pressure in the pelvic, abdominal and chest cavities. Breathe and then exhale until you feel that your body and organs are being compressed to the center. Every bit of air exhaled makes your abdomen push inward and anus pull upward causing it to feel that the organs are compressed in the center of the body. After a few moments, let your diaphragm drop and fill the lungs. This is usually done six to 20 breaths or throughout the day.

Rapid Abdominal Breathing

This breathing exercise is the rapid expansion and contraction of the abdomen wherein the air enters and exits rapidly through the nose. When you inhale, the diaphragm drops down while the abdomen expands. And then when you exhale, a rapid contraction of the abdomen happens while the diaphragm rises and breathes out air through the nose. This is done 25 to 100 times and is preceded by a large inhalation which is the goal of the method. This method greatly helps to the organs around the abdominal; and pelvic cavities.

The abovementioned qigong breathing exercises are very good for health maintenance, health enhancement, and disease intervention and these exercises can be your new secret to a healthy lifestyle. You can learn more about qigong exercises and proper breathing exercises when you check our website.

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December 22, 2016

Qi, The Force–Chi Power Training?

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Hey there,

Question I get a lot is…

So what is this energy, is it Qi, the force, Mind Force, or Chi Power Training?

The answer is it’s all of the above and more…

More on Qi, The Force–Chi Power Training?

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March 3, 2016

You Are Not Just Matter, You Are Energy

Human beings are made up of several layers of energy and vibration with its own distinct purpose and vibration. The physical part of human being is sustained by the body’s energy layers. The human body is an amazing vessel from which the soul experiences the physical plane of human existence.

The human body and the soul must work in harmony and balance. To experience this, the body and the soul must function together as an integral part of a whole. Humans are soul with a body, and not what we supposed to know, the other way around. We sense energy and possibly have a relationship with this.

We sometimes denied the fact that we are ultimately eternal, and cannot be harmed. We used to know that our physical body is who we are and what we care for ultimately. We got blinded by the physical things around and forgot the living energy inside.

It is said that experts know more of the human being than the being can know more of him or herself. But, science also confirms otherwise – that human being is capable of understanding him or herself, and can heal, support, inspire and lift others up.

Ancient sages have declared that the sustained awareness of self is eternal, will never get sick and will never perish. The “Primordial Energetics: Merging Wuji Gong and Qi Transmission is a way of transformation where the presence of peace and well-being is obtained.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Lastly, we have our own personal and direct relationship with the creator, the unified field, the original nature, God, the quantum, the source. This is the essence of our capacity to heal oneself and to accept the chance to help others be healed, be restored and be empowered by the energy within us. Human being is capable of connecting and recovering what is shattered by being the positive energy that aids the broken. The energy within us is so powerful. It holds the vibration of human beings true essence and is an important link in connection with the Creator.

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November 26, 2013

Do You Believe in Synchronicity?




Nothing to buy here, just a story of some recent events…

Do you know about the word “Synchronicity“?

The idea of synchronicity is that the conceptual relationship of minds, defined as the relationship between ideas, is intricately structured in its own logical way and gives rise to relationships that are not causal in nature. These relationships can manifest themselves as occurrences that are meaningfully related.

From Wikipedia,

If you believe in your mind, body and spirit to be in constant synchronicity, then you truly living the live you desire…

Let me tell you about a recent event that caused me to ponder this synchronicity and how it works.

I’ve had a car for several years, an Audi. I called it “The Silver Bullet“…

Well about a month ago, the silver bullet started making noise.

I took it to my mechanic. He couldn’t find anything wrong, but suggested I get a second opinion.

I didn’t…

The noise continued until it wouldn’t start…

I was stranded in North Jersey, and had to have the car towed almost 100 miles to my mechanic in Pennsylvania…

He still couldn’t figure it out, but suggested a Foreign car repair down the street…

At first they told me it would only be a couple of hundred dollars…Less than $1,000.

But then, The foreign car repair guy said the motor was shot…

…And that it would cost over $6,000!

That is a lot for a car with 166,000 miles on it. A lot for any car in fact.

So, as I contemplated what I should do, I borrowed my mother in laws car…

All my CDs, where still in my Audi…

I took a set of CDs that I downloaded back in 2007. I had never listened to them.

I finally listened to them and one of the speakers gave me some amazing insights and information I needed…

I bought his book immediately…

The book is incredible (I’ll tell you about the book later).

That is Synchronicity…

If I didn’t break down, and have to borrow my mother in laws car, I never would have picked up those old CDs looking for something to pass the time while driving.

Another thing to ponder…

I also place photos of the goals I have in my Iphone…I had a photo of my Audi up until a month ago…

For some strange reason I changed it to a Mercedes…

I wasn’t looking for one right now…It wasn’t in my plan, but it was there for my mind…

…And now I drive a Mercedes Benz.

I know, you are thinking this is just a bunch of tiny coincidences…

I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in SYNCHRONICITY…

…And you should too.

Napoleon Hill said– ” Out of Every Adversity is the Seed of an Equal or Greater Benefit”

Believe it…

Have a great day!


PS- I will be sharing more about the book I mentioned above. I promise it will be worth your time as the concepts fit perfectly with Mind Force and Quantum Qigong.I will also be covering more about the concept of syncrhonicity and how to get it to work in your life.

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