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Will the 7 Pillars work for you?

Today I’d like to offer to you is not only some wisdom, but to let you know that while I still have a few spots open, you can get access to my ADVANCED CHI VIDEO SYSTEM & MIND FORCE QUANTUM QIGONG SEQUENCE MASTER CLASS.   And save over $300… Once I close it down, I […]

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Is there a Dark Side to Mind Force?

When ever I write a compelling email that gives out nuggets of great usable information, I always get questions… Here goes one I get all the time… ” You shouldn’t be teaching this Mind Force because it could get in the hands of someone who would use it for dark sided manipulation”. I agree and in […]

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“The One Thing”

Did you read the previous post about the simple 3 step formula? If you didn’t, it’s worth a read because it’s something that you can take action on immediately. When it comes to learning a high-level skill like those I teach, every single advantage you can get makes a difference. I was on the phone […]

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