December 23, 2016

A Glimpse of 2016: Sending you Love and Gratitude to look forward to 2017

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What a year 2016 has been! I believe most of you will agree that this year has brought the most astounding moments in your life. (Well, of course, we all strive to achieve more success and become better each year.) The whole 2016 has been a meaningful journey for me and for all my endeavours. My purpose of helping other people to improve their personal strength and life situations rooted from the overwhelming gratitude of the love and support I got from the all the people around me.

This coming holiday, I made a glimpse of all the things that happened and pondered on what I’ve learned from them. I want to embrace Christmas Day with something worthy to cherish and welcome the new year with new hope to flourish.

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December 22, 2016

Qi, The Force–Chi Power Training?

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Hey there,

Question I get a lot is…

So what is this energy, is it Qi, the force, Mind Force, or Chi Power Training?

The answer is it’s all of the above and more…

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December 20, 2016

Pre-Christmas Gift for YOU :-)

Christmas Sale

Hey there,

Just thought I’d send you a quick note…

Last year I did a huge sale on all of my books and courses and I’ve been getting emails about if I’m going to do it again…

Well, I decided to kick it off today, and will be running it until Christmas Day at Midnight.

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November 3, 2016

Learn The Power of Persuasion through Hypnosis: Here’s How

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Why you should read this blog?

Because this can be the start of an amazing change in your life.

I was one of those who were blown away by the power of persuasion.

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November 2, 2016

Total Dominant Control of Your Mind


Sometimes when I travel it’s nice to have a little “me time” where I can do some serious meditation and training and part of that is training to get “Dominant Control of My Mind”.

Even though I’ve been training for more than 20 years with different types of MIND FORCE methods, I still have to train my mind, and so do you.

If you want Dominant Control. You see, training the mind for TOTAL DOMINANT CONTROL is a lot like any other type of exercise or ritual.

What happens if you work out with weights for years and years or run every day or do any kind of regiment?

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October 21, 2016

A Simple Method for Total Dominant Control of Your Mind

The motive is the essence of why you do what you do…

Or unfortunately why you don’t…

To get that Total Dominant Control of YOUR Mind, you need to have the Motive, which is short for Motivation…

However, motivation that is not harnessed in the right way is useless…

This email will be short because I’m not just writing you to hear myself speak, I’m here to help you get results…

Here are the 3 of biggest questions you need to ask yourself (and they will apply to every aspect of your life).

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May 12, 2016

It’s Our 28th Anniversary! – Mind Force Library at Great Discount!

There’s nothing more wonderful in this world than to have a partner and kids whom I can truly say the real wealth I have.

If you’re married or looking to get married, I can only hope you get to be married to your best friend for as long as I have. al_mj

Time flies when you are having fun…

But can I share a little? It hasn’t always been fun…

We got married young…Had kids young…And for a while we were wondering if we would make 10 years let alone 28!

A ‘Thank you’ is not enough. My heart is filled with so much gratitude that I wanted to share my happiness to others.

So, starting today and ending on Saturday May 14th, I’m going to share some wisdom and maybe some cautions of being married this long. I’m also going to give you a big discount on my Best Selling Mind Force Library!

That’s right– Save 40% until Sat and then the price goes back up to the already low price.

What you Need to Know about

Mind Force is Real…

The power of your internal Qi is real…

And when you can harness both of them, it can be scary…

When I first started to train my mind to be used as a receptor for advanced perception skills. And trained my body to build more and more energy it WAS SCARY!

And I wish I had a blueprint that could’ve guided me better. Well, now you can get 11 of my best blueprints at an incredible savings + get some awesome bonuses on top of it….

Click here for the 11 Blueprints

When you send enough energy and mental perceptions through your body, it can be frightening because you sometimes don’t know if you are sane anymore.

The things you see…The things you experience can be scary, but the truth is that if you want to get to the top of the mountain, you’ll need to experience some things that are uncomfortable…

You have to be…


I’m going to cover this concept in the new training I’m going to be offering so stay tuned because it is going to be really eye opening…

I want you to have the chance to get some of the best blueprints on Esoteric training you’re ever going to experience at a price that is a “No Brainer”...

Mind Force Library | Anniversary Sale

Stop wasting time with training methods that just don’t work or don’t work fast enough. Let me save you time and money searching for the hidden secrets when they’re right in front of you…


These 11 Blueprints hold the keys to many different esoteric so if you want to get immediate access to some of the best Esoteric Skills Training, go here now.


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April 21, 2016

What you Need to Know with Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are all over the place. They can be seen on TV ads, in every melody we listen, in articles like this etc. The subliminal messages are commonly hidden in almost everything we do. As a matter of fact, you are transferring subliminal thoughts without even knowing it.

How is it possible? Perhaps you’re not skilled in hypnosis, however you may acquire the same outcome that a hypnotist or someone that is well versed in hypnotic language may get.

The rationale is that a subliminal message is just a person’s ability to converse with someone’s subconscious mind. No matter if you did it purposely or by strategy, the effect works once it is done in a specific manner.

What is that specific manner? Well, a lot of advertisers and promoters utilize a subliminal directive in their ads to catch attention from the Shopper. This could be a clever sign to say “Buy Now” or “Grab It Today”, to more covert manner of hiding the subliminal implication into a sentence form.

The subconscious mind is a portion of the mind beneath the level of conscious thought or awareness. In contrast to the conscious mind which is based on logic, the sub-conscious mind will allow all thoughts that is feed to it and gather it for recovery later.

Subconscious mind is constantly alert, taking in every form of stimulus that you are giving it. Even when you are sleeping your subconscious mind is prepared for action.

While you purposely arrange a message, proposition or command that goes quickly to the subconscious and by passes the conscious mind, you raise a very powerful theory of subliminal suggestion.

Does subliminal messages really work and how well?

It works as well as how well it is formed. If an individual making the subliminal suggestion is doing it with a specific intent and has thought out all the ways that he/she can influence you, the directive has a good chance of working quite well.

Essential point to know is that normally, one suggestion made to someone may or may not work that effectively, but if you merge several related suggestions or directives at someone, their subconscious will start to pick up on the thought and start to act on it.

This is why advertisers know that it takes about 7 exposures or more of an advertisement before you fully recognize the message they are trying to convey. Unless the ad was so effective that you had to do something about it, you wouldn’t consciously remember it.

So, subliminal directives most unquestionably work, it just depends on the skill level of the person doing it, the intent of the person and how receptive the other individual is to the suggestion.

For more details, check this out.

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June 16, 2015


Sculptations with Paul HoffmanDo YOU have a mental picture of what you would like your IDEAL LIFE to look like?

YOU know a clear vision that excites and inspires the hell out of you!…

I’m sure you have moments like that 🙂 However I’m also sure you may not know how to achieve it…RIGHT?

And it’s those times that keep you up at night…because you fear you may never have it.

And it’s usually because you begin to listen to the Negative Self-Talk that stands in the way of you truly believing you can have it.

How to Become Successful with Sculptations

So what would it take for you to break free from those Sabotaging Negative Limiting Beliefs
that hold you back from making MORE MONEY, reaching your IDEAL WEIGHT, having UNSTOPPABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE and attracting the LOVE AND INTIMACY you crave.

Here’s a great suggestion..Take this 4 part quiz from my good friend, Paul Hoffman.

Click Here To Take The FREE 60 Second Quiz NOW

You see, in order to be living that IDEAL LIFE you so desperately want to have, you really need to know how to get out of your own way…and focus your mind on what you want in life.

Your success is driven by you knowing where you are, what you want, and how to release the sabotaging self-talk that is running in the background in your mind…and then and only then can you make the changes that will help you manifest your IDEAL LIFE.

The quiz gives you the opportunity to improve on the 4 most important areas in everyone’s life.

? Making More Money
? Reaching Our Ideal Weight
? Attracting The Love And Intimacy You Crave
? And Having Unstoppable Self-Confidence

I recommend you take the quiz in the area of life you most want to improve on…NOW

Click Here To Take The FREE 60 Second Quiz NOW

And once YOU are finished answering the simple, thought provoking and mind-opening questions…

You will IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE A FREE customized video report and email that nails precisely what’s REALLY blocking you from making MORE MONEY, reaching your IDEAL WEIGHT, having UNSTOPPABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE and attracting the LOVE AND INTIMACY you crave.

I took the quiz and frankly my results were scary accurate! So I wouldn’t miss out on taking it too.…

Sculptations with Paul Hoffman



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January 23, 2014

Master the Six Powerful Laws of the Mind Now


Do you know that there are six powerful laws of the mind which can allow you to become a controller? That is when you learn how to master and apply them. The said laws are effective understandings of how you can utilize the entire potentials and abilities our mind has. And with that, here’s your chance to have your Best Life Giveaways.

Let’s admit it. Life can be sometimes rough and we often struggle on how we can make it easier. We stumble and sometimes the problems we encounter make us wish the world just swallow us to end it all.

Negativities thrive all over the areas around us. But hey, let’s just consider those as normal part of life. And the good news is, there are available techniques on how you can change the kind of life you have.
Ever thought if a chance to become a controller? This means having the skills to attract whatever you want – including success in your relationships, in your business, even in your personal endeavors, health and more. Yes, this is true. You can actually unleash the secrets to attracting whatever you desire.
Remember, our mind is so powerful that we can actually capture wonderful opportunities. And believe me, you can get results that are beyond awesome.

The Gift that Can Change your Life
This gift is a set of secrets that has long been awaited by many. Here are some of the questions that can persuade you more to accept this gift. If your answers are all affirmative, then hit the link that follow and you’re on the go to The 6 Powerful Laws of the Mind.
Do you want to:
? Become a controller?
? Cultivate your mental images and create quality outcomes?
? Stop negativity?
? Learn the keys to effective thoughts, words and feelings?
? Recognize the difference between belief and intent?
? Learn exercises, techniques and systems to substantially strengthen your mind power?
? Know the secret to building “pure thoughts”?
You can have all these and more. So, click here and get these free gifts for you. You can also visit our website or check this video.

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