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January 27, 2017

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucid Dreaming


Lucid Dreaming | Esoteric Skills

When people are conscious within dreams, then that may be lucid dreaming. If you’re interested with it, here are the 10 noteworthy things you should know about lucid dreaming

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December 20, 2016

Pre-Christmas Gift for YOU :-)

Christmas Sale

Hey there,

Just thought I’d send you a quick note…

Last year I did a huge sale on all of my books and courses and I’ve been getting emails about if I’m going to do it again…

Well, I decided to kick it off today, and will be running it until Christmas Day at Midnight.

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November 3, 2016

Learn The Power of Persuasion through Hypnosis: Here’s How

hypnosis | persuasion | persuasive techniques

Why you should read this blog?

Because this can be the start of an amazing change in your life.

I was one of those who were blown away by the power of persuasion.

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June 22, 2016

Common Misconceptions about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is one of the most misunderstood and controversial methods of psychological treatment. These misconceptions about the true nature of hypnosis were possibly due to the influence of entertainment and media industries.

Simply put, hypnosis is actually a genuine psychological phenomenon that has an important use on the clinical and medical field. It is a state of extreme focused attention or concentration toward a specific object, event or circumstance that involves relaxation and heightened suggestibility. Under hypnotic trance, a person is more open to suggestion than they usually are.

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June 15, 2016

Shifting Scarcity to Success: Ways to Manifest Abundance


We all have that one time in our lives whereas we feel like everything about us didn’t work out the way we want it to be. It feels like the universe conspires to unsuccessfully give everything that we aim to have. And even the environment that surrounds us became a big world of scarcity. However, if you will dig out deeply on what are the real reasons behind every failure around us, you will end up finding that everything comes on how you look at things and how your mindset work!

At one point, we just think of any possible ways to hypnotize abundance to rule out our lives. However, a road to success will never be that easy. Unless, you follow a positive path to your way to success. This is why I am giving you these simple ways to follow.

Have you ever ask yourself, “what is abundance”, and how can it manifest in your life?

Abundance is the natural proclivity of nature to became a very large quantity. You can have this in love, friendships, opportunities, fun, food, good deeds, energy, time, spirituality in your life and abundance of everything on this planet. And there is an abundance of ways on how to manifest this into our lives. Check the list below:

Develop an “abundance consciousness”.

– Did you feel like you are not having the abundance in your life? Maybe because you alienate yourself from it and stop it from manifesting in your life. Start having “abundance consciousness”, by breaking through the limiting beliefs of your mind and have a wider point of view.

Be grateful.

– Always be grateful for the things that you have, and always keep in your mind that we are naturally born in an abundant world. And everything that we have is just a matter of mindset and positive attitude.

Embrace abundance!

– “I am abundant!” Let this message run throughout your whole being and you will definitely manifest abundance in your life.

Let’s all give ourselves the time to manifest abundance in our lives. We are innate to being abundant, we just need to cultivate it and let it grow to our wholeness. Be a hypnotist of success, check this link to learn more! http://hypnoticabundance.com!

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September 18, 2015

How to Attract Abundance in Life? Plus More to Improve your Life!

secret abundance

From the Secret Abundance Giveaways, Download any of these Gifts to welcome abundance, love, wellness and more improvement in your life.

“Positive attracts. Negative repels.”

This is a fundamental principle of charge interaction. In physics, it literally means that two poles of the same charge attract and poles of different charge repel. This also applies to oneself. You attract positivity when you exhibit positive attitude, likewise negativity follows you when you entertain negative thoughts on your mind.

The selected internet’s top personal growth masters are offering FREE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT GIFTS. What are these gifts? These are self-help and personal development tools that can help you achieve the change you want for your life. You may select from a variety of this e-books and you may download all of these FREE only for a limited time between September 15 – 30, 2015 from this Secret Abundance Giveaway Promotion.

These are the lists of FREE downloadable e-books:

1. Get 7 Full Mind Sync Chakra Tuning Downloads by Geoff Wilkins
This features different chakra: muladhara (root chakra), swadhistana (sacral chakra), manipura (solar plexus chakra), anahata (heart chakra), vishuddhi (throat chakra), ajna (third eye chakra) and sahasrara (crown chakra).

2. Hypnotic Abundance Affect by Al Perhacs
This e-book features the 7 internals steps on controlling own internal “Attraction Mechanism.”
3. Affirmation & Abundance Video Course by Sunny Vig

From this e-book, you will access the following: massive 5 e-book series on affirmations, video and audio course on affirmations, 10 daily affirmations, massive 5 e-book series on abundance, video and audio course on abundance and 10 daily abundance tips.

4. 5 Day E-Course For Setting Goals by Sim Aulakh
This features self help 5 day crash course to the power of setting goals for professional and personal success.

5. The Prosperity Triliminal by Song Chengxiang
This is a brand new mind programming audio technology developed by Morry Zelcovitch. This is designed to change the your brain and to help you attract abundance and prosperity.

6. The Key to The Secret by David Hirsch
This is a PDF report from the book and movie “The Secret.”

7. 30 Day Self Love Challenge by Sarah-Jane Farrell
An e-book that narrates the 30 Day self love challenge and explains the importance of loving your own self to help others be the person they wants to be.

8. Affirmative Prayer by Michael Evans
This book will help you get your understanding of affirmative prayer, know the basics of prayer, meaning of affirmative prayer and how it works, getting the right mindset and a lot more.

9. The 3 Steps to Emotional Success by James Dawborn
This book features the steps to emotional success and the journey of self discovery.

10. 101 Romantic Ideas by Michael Webb
A book that features romantic ideas on different stage of relationships previously featured on Oprah and 500 other TV and radio shows.

11. Sleep Well Solution: Better Sleep Guide by Larry Ostrovsky
A guide to having the better sleep guide featuring perfect sleep environment, relaxation techniques, role of exercise and diet to sleeping, ways to quiet the mind to promote better sleep and beneficial natural help supplements.

You can also find more info about energy, chi and esoteric skills at www.chipowersecrets.com.

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July 22, 2015

Do you Have a Millionaire’s Brain?

manifestation miracle quizHere are some questions you can ask yourself

How would you like to FIRE your boss? Quit your day job?

Add an extra four, five, or even six figures a MONTH to your income?

While this might sound almost unbelievable at first, what I’m about to show you is
a scientifically proven breakthrough that literally downloads the brain of a millionaire
into your head…

Giving you the brain, thoughts, and WEALTH of a millionaire in just minutes a day.

Follow this link:

Scientifically Proven Secret to Millionaire Results

Think I’m crazy?

Guess again…

This is rock-solid neuroscience proven by the best brains in the world.

And by the way… this method was designed for people without a lot of spare time…

So it works FAST. No need for discipline or willpower.

Just imagine…

You waltz up to your boss and, with a huge smile on your face, you QUIT YOUR JOB

You stroll out of your workplace, never to return…

You wave goodbye to the horrible fluorescent lights…

The boring commute…

The lack of CONTROL over your own life…

And you say hello to a life of MORE… in just minutes a day.

Make sure you check out this INCREDIBLE video right now:

Watch This And Download A Millionaires Brain Into Your Head

The method you’re about to discover works even if you’ve failed at every single
attempt to make money in your life up till now…

…and you’ll see results starting the very first time you use it.

Dr Steve G Jones, a millionaire and world-renowned hypnotherapist for celebrities
has recently developed a cutting-edge 60 second quiz which reveals how closely
your brain matches that of a millionaire.

Take Dr Steve’s quiz below and find out (plus get your own personalised free report):

60 second quiz: Do you have the brain of a millionaire?

manifestation miracle vsl

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January 4, 2014

Getting More Energetic and Successful This Year with Mind Force

Jumping Over a Challenge to Achieve SuccessThe first week of January 2014 is about to end. So, how was it? Are you seeing yourself getting into the right track in accordance to the resolutions, goals and plans that you’ve set? Well, maybe it’s time to evaluate it a little earlier so as to keep yourself a little bit easier to comprehend what has to be made or what has to be changed. This article will tackle various points. Ponder on these nuggets and with mind force, you will for sure make the coming days better and more challenging.

Reviewing Your Goals Set

“A single step is the start of a long journey”. This adage is already worn-out yet still, a very useful one. In every endeavor that we will take, it’s very important to set goals and objectives. It’s like building a house with a draft, with a plan of what is to be accomplished. So here’s what you should do, let’s do some reviews. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Have you REALLY set your important goals to accomplish this year?

– Have you REALLY created a game plan, a plan of action for those goals?

– Have you REALLY committed yourself to become dedicated and compelling until the attainment of those goals?

If your answers are all YES, well, you’re making it great. Go on and follow the path of success. If you’re doubting if you’re doing them all right, it’s time to get more vitality and keep going to where you should be. Remember, goals set must are like precious gems to be harnessed to make the most out of it. A diamond never shows its magnificent shine without polishing its rough surfaces, right?

Click here to find more info about goal setting.

Visualize How to Get Your Story to be a Successful One

Sometimes, we need to look back and become nostalgic with the way we dream when we are still young. Remember how we lively we answer when being asked what we wanted to be someday? Full of zest, we create stories of what we wanted to become. Why not plan now to have a story of yourself yielding to become someone greater, someone better? Inspire yourself by the plot of events and visualize yourself on each chapter of your story, as a person with great success and accomplishments.

What kind of story you would like yourself to be a cast of?

Would it be a story of DELIVERANCE? How are you going to turn things around on a hot streak?

Should it be about IMMENSE SUCCESS? If so, think how you started 2014 fast, focused an on fire!

Would it be an untold story of REGRET and how you let so many opportunities slip by?

Or, will it be about EXCUSES and directing the story on how hard it was to get anything done of what’s on your goal-set?

Rekindling the Passion, Getting More Focused

So, you have your goals set; you laid your plans and are ready to take actions. But how committed are you to do it in a consistent basis? Are you willing to take these actions through the end?

We must put in our minds that it is not a healthy concept to start this year with no focus, unorganized, and uncommitted.

This is a great reality that everyone must understand. If still questions linger on your mind about how some people achieve massive success and others are not, it is best to know that those successful people implement excellent execution skills. The better you plan, the better you implement; thus the better you perform, the bigger the opportunities and challenges you will overcome.

Rekindle the passion of what you love to have, stir up for success and instill a more focus perspective. Here’s how.

Know Why Resolutions Fail to Work

Years have passed and it is sad to realize that we have set so many resolutions, yet many of them, if not all, are not realized. We failed what we planned to achieve. Thus, it leaves us weaker, less inspired and feebler.

Why do resolutions fail to work? There may be nothing wrong with your resolutions.

Here’s why.

Be More Persevering, Keep Going

This year is absolutely a year for you of BIG GOALS, BIG PLANS and BIG OPPORTUNITIES. However, more often it also entails BIG FEAR and BIG UNCERTAINTIES to hinder the way we want things to be.

Remember this: Fear and doubts are never a reason for quitting. Only fools and feeble-minded use them as excuses to face their insecurities and dread. Life can be tough, so what? Be tougher then.

Perseverance is the key to keep going. Your thoughts are powerful. They can lead to more powerful actions. So, keep going, Be more optimistic and willing to take the challenges. It is an overwhelming idea about who you are and what you are capable of achieving.

The more challenging your goal is, the greater improvement you can have. IT IS a very important reality.
Tests given to you to measure your potentials. And I can tell you this, when you pass these tests, you will become more resilient, more flexible and any field, tougher.

Be More Committed, Yet Ready for More Challenges

In overcoming challenges, it is but normal to experience pains, failures and shortcomings.

That is true.

You can experience pains, anguish and grief.

It will take time; success does not happen overnight.

It will demand willpower; that is why taking actions requires great effort.

Success requires dedication, passion, and commitment.

And sacrifice, too.

There are times you will think of giving up, of ceasing what you have started.

But the fact is….

When you do achieve your goal…

Success will far exceed the pain…

It will be worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears…

It will be worth of every sacrifice, every endeavor and every task you’ve done…

And you’ll make yourself proud.

Because, all of us must…

Elevate and enhance our game…

Dream big dreams and…

Concentrate on doing whatever it takes to achieve our goals…

Acceptance, Understanding and Taking Actions

These all that we must do. Learn to accept, understand, and push ourselves to take actions.

Because, whether we like it or not…

You don’t achieve success by JUST….Hoping

You don’t achieve success by JUST….Talking

You don’t achieve success by JUST….Wishing

You don’t achieve success by JUST….Talking

It is not as EASY as that.
It will take time, effort and great actions.
What you need to cease?

STOP delivering excuses.

STOP complaining.

STOP taking for granted big opportunities.

STOP bitching and moaning…

STOP crying over wasted times…

STOP worrying and being sluggish.

And STOP believing that you are NOTHING.

Keep in mind that you can do EVERYTHING, ANYTHING.

Your mind is so powerful. With mind force, you can utilize every valuable concept to make this year and the coming years more productive, more successful and truly incredible. Find also details about subliminals, hypnosis, hypnotic influence, manipulation, meditation, and a whole lot more here.





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January 2, 2014

Using Your Hypnotic Words, Thoughts and Emotions Effectively

Welcome 2014!

So, it’s another year that’s been unfolded, another road that is yet to be taken. Opportunities and chances that are all great are just like gold accumulated along the way that are just waiting to be gathered and utilized at their best. We may have finished enumerating our resolutions and listed all the things that we want to achieve – by hook or by crook- some may say! My previous blogs have provided a lot of information on how to start 2014 right. These talk about how to set goals, objectives and how to make them into reality. The videos, documents, and videos which are included there, are very useful resources where you can delve into. The 100DayChallenge that have been mentioned in my previous blogs is one of the best motivator to begin this year more positive and full of vitality. So, aside from the mentioned goal-setting and action-planning, what else can be done to make this year a productive one? Well, maybe some of us have been focusing on TVs waiting for the exciting predictions for your sign. (it’s Year of the Wood Horse, hmmm…) Well, I believe that in some points those predictions are positive “enhancers” on how we can be excited on what we can be and what we can achieve for the coming months this year, on how we can live the most out of this year, becoming more of what we have surpassed in the previous years. Here are some valuable nuggets of information that you can apply these year to achieve more success.

How to Use Your Hypnotic Words, Thoughts and Emotions Effectively

We’ve hearing this all the time. What we do is the product of our thoughts. What we are is the product of our thoughts, words, actions and emotions involved. Because our mind is so powerful, it can even makes each of us becomes a person who can do greater things as we expected. Let’s focus more on these three powerful factors in our life.


Imagine the world without words being spoken to communicate. Although there are gestures and sign languages being used to communicate with others, still it’s a great aspect to have words as one of the major resources in creating a better understanding. Words can be so powerful that it can transform ideas into great realization. In business, the words of a Director or company’s President, can build or destruct a business. Some words that are cruel can destroy friendship, relationship, and other things that are being established. On the other hand, soft words can solve even the biggest argument, or pamper even the heaviest emotions. Hypnotic words such as autosuggestions and subliminal suggestions, when used and applied in the most effective way can create massive results. Do you know that it is also easy to hypnotize someone even when sleeping? So, how to hypnotize someone effectively? As for always, the best way is to get them relaxed first. Try to search online and you’ll find that people who are doing hypnosis sessions usually use words with soft and relaxing tone.


As I’ve stated before, our thoughts mostly created the actions that we do. Some people may even ask if it’s similar concept that thinking the thought, or projecting the thought into the words that you’re using even though the words that you’re using doesn’t mean same things as the thought itself. Well, some people can amazingly control themselves of not shouting angry words even though in their minds are the gnawing anger t lingering their thoughts. So, how our thoughts can be powerful in generating colossal output? Thoughts that are collected by our subconscious mind can be either negative or positive. Of course, negative thoughts must be avoided since they can disturb us in making our goals and plans to be effectively implemented. They can make someone lowers his/her self esteem as well as the urge to keep on going or persevering achieving the goals. On the contrary, positive foods are like energy that fuel our body and mind to make everything possible. No difficult tasks are hard to accomplish and no big ideas are impossible to make real if you are optimistic. If you have absorbed and cached positive thoughts in your mind, your actions will be the result of these thoughts. So just imagine how far and big we can have at hand when we manage ourselves to have only positive thoughts in our mind. Hypnosis and hypnotic influence, as well as subliminal suggestions and autosuggestions are all helpful ways in enhancing and developing our thoughts.


Emotions are tagged to be the reasons why life become as colorful and meaningful as it is. Emotions are so powerful that when you’re going to do hypnosis or hypnotically influence other people, you have to make sure that their emotions and the emotions that you’re transferring to them are both fitted to the situation. When hypnosis is involved, creating the best feeling is one of the foundations if you want to effectively make someone under your influence. Make them feel good. Make them relaxed so as to create a clear mind to make it possible for them to accept what you want to implant on their subconscious mind whether it’s an affirmation, autosuggestion, or an NLP statement.Combining these powerful three build a meaningful underpinning to achieving goals and implementing plans. Powerful thoughts create powerful words and powerful emotions. Learn how to use them now and continue doing them everyday, and I’ll assure you, this year will be more productive and more successful. Enjoy and take the chance of wisely handling every opportunity that will come in your way. For more information about how to use hypnotic words, thoughts and emotions powerfully, watch this video.

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November 13, 2013

The Power of Mind Force Hypnosis

I usually come across with articles on the Net asking if hypnosis or hypnotic influence is just magic trick. There are even people who think that hypnotists are just claiming that they have the power to make people be under their influence as well as having them to perform things the hypnotist wants them to do. Well…maybe some people are really still having doubts about it, and that makes them to be far from amazing results hypnosis can bring to them.
Is hypnosis, mind power, NLP, hypnotic influence really effective? Do they really work?

The fact is that the more you use your energy, the more you’ll get out of your hypnotic influencing skills…Most people who teach hypnosis, hypnotism, NLP, hypnotic influence, etc rarely even try to consider the energy factor…

The reason is most don’t have a clue about how using actual physical energy works. When I teach Chi Power methods to people, it is a physical, tangible energy that can actually be felt. When you use this with your Hypnotic Influence, your abilities go up exponentially. The above video will explain more for you to comprehend a lot about hypnotic influence and how to use your energies.

Unleashing Your Hypnotic Powers

Have you heard about covert hypnosis?
Do you know that a lot of us have been unknowingly using this in our entire lives?

If you can certainly know that there is a technology with which you could use and which can allow you to augment your capability to control yourself and all aspects of your life. Believe it or not, you will surely having yourself thinking as one of the world’s greatest! A famous performer? A successful business person? A persuader? An influencer? What if I told you: you can do it and still as moral and ethical as you are right now?

Interested to use it? For sure you are!

Becoming a controller of yourself is really be a lot easier than you can ever picture in your mind…The main basis why we don’t have control of our lives, is due to the negative thoughts we have been cached throughout the years…

Rewind your life for a moment. Think about those parts of your life where you have experienced those sufferings and difficulties in your life.
How many times you have set goals and fail to achieve them? How many times you have planned the path of your success and found out that you are leading the wrong way?

Do these failures make you become doubtful of success? Maybe it has also gave you the thought of yourself not worthy of success, either personal, career, social or any aspect of your life.
My programs and trainings have the aim of taking back the control, the power that have been lost to you, or the ability that have been dormant in your life. I want to help you get a more vivid focus, a target that will surely help you realize the success that you’ve been longing for.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

It is now a secret no more that we can actually reprogram or tap our subconscious mind. Just like a computer where data are can be restored, backup, delete and refreshed, our mind can do so.
Doing so can open great horizons to boundless opportunities; this can be your key to have abundance and success to aspects of your life where you used to have problems.

Amazing, isn’t it?

This doesn’t end there. There are still a lot of worthy things that can be learned when you realize the powers of energies and abilities you have within you.

Personal Proof

People may still be asking themselves if all these I talked about are being reliable and effective. Of course, anybody must have the basis, the proof that will give them the guts to follow and believe what I have said.

I have been in those parts of my life where I see nothing but negativity and failures. I have been rejected, flunked and devastated. I almost quit, but then thanks to those who have enlightened me.
I have attended trainings, several programs, working hard to learn amazing things such as chi power, hypnosis, hypnotic influence, and some other sorts of things like that. I have never regrets.

I now can prove that I have benefitted from those trainings and all the works that I have persevered on.
That is why my books and manuals also contain those personal notes which I believe can be helpful resources for people who are seeking significant changes in their life.

I want them to have the self-esteem and confidence that I have now. I want also people to experience the amazing happenings where I am right now.

I want YOU to also benefit from these amazing things. Contact me now and start creating significant results NOW.

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