January 20, 2017

How to Use Meditation to Gain Esoteric Skills

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meditation | esoteric skills

There normally comes a point in your life that you think life is too harsh. You want to escape reality even if just for a little while. Indeed, there is literally no one in this world who doesn’t seem to wish to be able to forget all the hustles and bustles in life even for a very short time.

Feeling so tired doing your daily activities, it makes a worthwhile reason to get rid of the negative vibes and voices in your head. One technique which some individuals apply is that of meditation to perform truly esoteric skills.

Meditation is believed to endow a particular kind of clarity of the mind as well as put the body into such a relaxing state. This means that the physical body loses its connection to the outside world.

But then again, learning how to properly meditate takes a long time. It is likened to learning the art of playing the piano. It is not learned via a single session. As a learner of meditation, it is required of you to devote enough time to learn the right techniques.

Oftentimes, the art of meditation is associated with a psychic ability. There are certainly people who are skilled in astral projection, remote viewing, and OBE or out of body experiences. These skills will never be carried out without the ample knowledge and technique to be applied.

There are a lot of techniques and kinds of meditation to perform truly esoteric skills. Among the most common include remote viewing, astral projection, and OBE. Let us see what each of them means.

Remote Viewing

This refers to the process of foreseeing or knowing what is actually happening in a different location right at the moment. It involves perceiving who are the people present in the place, what clothes they are wearing, and what they are talking about.

Out of Body Experience or OBE

This means traveling to another dimension by leaving the physical body. Practicing such can be really difficult and skepticism is not at all welcomed. There must be no factors that will block your entrance into a new world that is far different from yours.

There are techniques that need to be studied and the consistency in its practice is important to further program your mind into the act. More so, being calm plays an important role. Have the mindset that nothing or no one will harm you or else everything will stop. Soon enough, you will be taken back into the real world by any form of thought or sound.

Astral Projection

This term is also associated with OBE. It refers to the act of your consciousness that leaves your body and it exists into another plane which allows you to prove that you can do things which were once thought to be part of your limitations. This is said to only happen during the time of deep meditation and occurs mostly to people who are in deep crisis.

You see, there are varied ways of achieving meditation to perform truly esoteric skills. While some claim to be in these situations as they have the so-called near-death experiences, being able to manifest these actions more often than not require the adept skills.

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December 22, 2016

Qi, The Force–Chi Power Training?

chi | qi | qigong | Christmas Sale

Hey there,

Question I get a lot is…

So what is this energy, is it Qi, the force, Mind Force, or Chi Power Training?

The answer is it’s all of the above and more…

When I advertise that my systems can teach someone to put a candle flame out with their eyes only, I get called all kind of names…





And those are the nice ones–hahaha…

And with everything, there is a very logical and scientific reason why you can learn how to do that…


In fact I’ve taught 12 year old little girls how to do that many times… I’ve taught 60 year old guys also.

Click here to watch the video on the THE CHI POWER BLUEPRINT SYSTEM, and I’ll explain to you exactly

how it works…


It’s only about 6 minutes long but it will answer one of the most important questions I get and that is about

how can qi energy be emitted for “Chi Manipulation”?

And that includes the ability to use your chi to put out a candle flame with only your eyes…

Or move a small object with your chi only…

Now, I be the first to tell you, that I’ve far surpassed those simple “parlor tricks” and have amassed huge amounts of chi to manipulate where it works even better.

And I’ll teach you to do the same…

But only if you are willing to invest some quality time and effort to get the results…

It’s powerful stuff and you owe it to yourself to check it out, and for a very short time I’m extending to you an amazing

discount of 42% off of the regular price (SEE BELOW)

You can check it out here.

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November 18, 2016

What To Do When Bad Things Keep Happening, and You Don’t Know Why or What to Do About It

( Heather Mathews talks about failures… success, and abundance)


failure | Manifestation Miracle

Hey, it’s Heather Mathews here, and I have a deeply personal and heartfelt message for you today.

Most people don’t know this about me, but long before I achieved success and abundance as an online Law of Attraction specialist, I failed over and over and over in my life – for ten years in a row.

In fact, I failed so much and made so many stupid mistakes that I lost nearly everything:

– My friends
– My health
– My boyfriend
– My confidence
– My pride
– My savings
– My self-esteem
– My ability to just feel happy that I was even alive!

At one point, I was working 60 hours a week, I was $18,000 in debt, I was taking pills for anxiety and depression, I was carrying 35 pounds of excess fat, and at age 35, I was sleeping on the couch at my mom’s house…

… because I couldn’t afford a motel and I had nowhere else to go.

The humiliation, shame, and PANIC was indescribable.

I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t know how to fix things.

I felt that everyone else had it together, while I was stuck in some emotional and financial backwater, struggling my butt off and getting NOWHERE.

I just couldn’t figure out why all these horrible things kept happening to me.

And while I worked like a maniac, it seemed to make no difference. Every time I started to get a little bit ahead, some ’emergency’ would happen and I’d end up right back at ground zero.

I tried not to be bitter…

…but seeing everyone else get ahead while I struggled, pinched, and scrimped was like swallowing a mouthful of vinegar.

How come others were living lives of abundance, while I was slaving my guts out every day and getting nowhere?

Yet looking back, that string of humiliations and failures was hands-down the BEST thing that ever happened to me.


Because it led me to a chance meeting with an old friend…

…and a set of simple, almost magically effective ‘abundance principles‘ that turned EVERYTHING around for me.

Here’s the story.

(Warning: embarrassing confession ahead.)

One day, I was walking along, silently fretting to myself about bills and my weight and the stressed-out wrinkles popping up on my forehead, when I randomly bumped into an old friend.

He asked me how I was, and listened in silence while I blurted out the ugly truth like a sick cat vomiting up hairballs.

I have to admit, the story of my failures was pretty pathetic.

And I was expecting some sympathy, some pity, maybe a hug…

But instead, he said something that felt like a slap in the face.

‘Heather,’ he said sternly,’You’ve been going about this ‘abundance’ thing all wrong.

‘You seem to believe that abundance comes to those who work their asses off and never, ever give up.

‘But the truth is, hard work just plain isn’t how you get ahead in life.’

‘What,’ I snapped,’so I should just sit on my butt eating bonbons all day??’

‘No,’ he said calmly.’You just need to stop trying so damn hard all the time.

‘See, abundance doesn’t respond to stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

‘It responds to what you’re THINKING AND FEELING on the inside.’

Well, I was pretty annoyed by his simplistic approach to the complicated trainwreck that was my life…

…but at the same time, I’d run out of ideas on how to fix it myself.

So I swallowed my pride, and asked him,’What should I do?’

And he gave me 5 principles – 5 tiny, easy principles that turned EVERYTHING around for me.

These days, I’m solvent, secure, confident, and healthy.

I’ve dropped from a pudgy size 14 to a slim size 8.

I’m in a relationship with a wonderful man who makes me smile every single day.

I truly love my life.

And my biggest goal in sharing this personal story is to empower YOU with the tools I used to turn despair into prosperity and happiness.

In fact, these principles will help to turn your life around so fast you’ll be doing cartwheels in the grass and screaming THANK YOU! to the Universe at the top of your lungs.

The Five Abundance Principles:

1. There’s no such thing as the ‘privacy of your own thoughts‘; they are a megaphone right to the Universe’s ear. That means that whatever you’re thinking about, you’ll attract more of.

2. Worrying and stressing is like praying for what you don’t want. Stop worrying about running out of time, money, energy, or love. Know that whenever you spend valued resources in the joyful pursuit of what you love, you will generate MORE of those things. So stop praying for what you don’t want.

3. Doing too much to get ahead is WORSE than not doing enough. Quietness, downtime, and time to relax is the fuel that feeds your abundance fire. If you want MORE, then quiet time is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

4. Never, ever stop getting back up off the ground. No-one – and I mean NO-ONE – is exempt from criticism, suffering, pain, and failure. At some point, those things will strike us all. So quit giving yourself such a hard time. So you screwed up? SO WHAT! Get back up, and keep getting back up, as many times as it takes. Your attitude is the one thing that determines whether you’ll stay down on the ground, or if you get back up again.

5. Underneath every adversity hides a gift with your name on it. There is a purpose behind every problem – the Universe is preparing you for something bigger and better. So never, ever, ever give up.

So remember: no matter what you’re going through right now. No matter how desperately you need things to change. No matter how bad you’ve screwed up – I can almost guarantee you, I’ve been there or lower.

And I still managed to pick myself up and bounce back higher than ever before, simply through applying these principles to my life.

‘Ok Heather, so how do I actually USE these principles? What’s the next step?’

If you want to know EXACTLY how to turn catastrophe, overwhelm, poverty and stress inside out and unleash true abundance in your life, then you should click here and check out this free presentation I put together for you.

In it, I’ll share my humiliating (and exhilarating) journey of discovery, and teach you a powerful mindset shift called Destiny Tuning – a simple, effective vibrational technique that plugs you into the greatest source of power and abundance in the Universe, and drags more of what you love into your life.

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November 15, 2016

An Easy ‘2 Millimeter Trick’ that AUTOMATICALLY Turns You Into A Money, Succes, And Happiness Magnet (no hard work required)

abundance | Manifestation Miracle
Do you desperately want MORE in life?

Are you dreaming of good things, but bad things keep happening?

Do you feel like you have to slave your guts out for every penny, every good experience, every ounce of success that comes your way?

If so, then I have a quick (and kinda weird) question for you:

What is the ONE difference is between someone who is butt ugly, and someone who is drop dead gorgeous?

…Give up?

The difference between head-turning beauty and hideous ugliness, is…

…just two measly millimeters.

Achieving Abundance… the Sure Way

Here’s an example of what I mean (and yes, this has EVERYTHING to do with how abundant, or not, you are in your life currently.)

You know that little space of skin between your upper lip and your nose?

Well, the best plastic surgeons in the world know that, to be drop-dead gorgeous, that space needs to be the same width as your eye.

Just one millimeter off, and you’re ‘average’.

TWO millimeters off, and you’re ‘ugly.’

Just two millimeters between ‘beauty’ and ‘ugly’.


Now, here’s why this is important:

I want you to picture your body as a factory that produces emotions.

(Emotions are nothing more than chemicals sloshing around in your veins – chemicals that your body produces, and your brain experiences.)

Now, most people don’t know this, but emotions are the universal language of abundance.

That’s because all emotions, from happiness to rage to joy to grief, have a metaphysical ‘vibration’.

In fact, everything in the world has a vibration: your body. Money. Relationships. Good health. Bad health.

But emotions have the strongest vibration of all.

In fact, the vibrations that EMOTIONS give off are stronger than a nuclear explosion.

They HAVE to be, because emotions create the vibrations that bring in your LIFE.

Here’s how it works:

Everything you feel, every emotion you experience, sends out a vibration that says,’Hey, Universe! Bring in more of this type of experience!”

And the funny thing is, the Universe has to obey.

Whenever you feel anything, you are literally insisting that the Universe gives you more of that type of experience and emotion.

(In case you’re wondering, that’s not just my opinion – that’s physics. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not up to arguing with Einstein.)

So, as crazy as it might sound, the truth is this:

When you feel, say, stress or fatigue?

The Universe says,’Yes, Master! More stress and fatigue coming your way!’

When you feel excited, abundant, and happy?

The Universe says,’Hey look! Let’s send some more excitement, abundance, and happiness your way!’

So, in other words…

Emotional vibrations are the ‘loudspeaker of your mind’: they’re the universal language that FORCES the Universe to give you MORE of whatever you’re sending out.

(Incidentally, that’s also why ‘the rich get richer’ – because the Universe is obeying the universal laws, and sending ‘more’ money and abundance to those who already have it.)

So what do you do if you desperately want more… but you just can’t seem to catch a break?

The answer lies in your energetic vibrations.

Remember: whatever emotions you’re feeling are acting like a vibrational loudspeaker that’s signalling the Universe to send more of those emotions your way.

So, I’m going to teach you a simple trick for sending out the highest vibrations possible – signalling the Universe to bring in MORE of what you love.

Here we go.

First: Suck in a huge breath, jut your chin up, open your eyes wide wide wide, straighten your spine, lift your chest just a millimeter or two, and yell as loud as you can inside your head,’YEAH! YEAH! HELL YEAH!’

…Got it?

Feel a surge of excitement and energy?

(If not, repeat this first step several times until you can FEEL it. Remember, words aren’t enough, you’ve got to experience the emotion inside of you.)

Now. Got that feeling?


Next step:

Second: Let the air slump out of your body like something terrible just happened. Let your chest drop and let yourself slouch down – again, by just 1 or 2 millimeters.

Now, pay attention to how that slight ‘drop’ feels emotionally inside of you.

– You should feel a RISE of energy when you raise your chest a little…

– …and a DROP of energy when you slump down.

Just 2 millimeters.

That’s all it takes to raise or lower your vibrational state.

2 millimeters between beauty and ugliness.

2 millimeters between energy and fatigue.

2 millimeters between ‘lack’ and ‘ABUNDANCE’.

Next time you’re starting to give into those feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, lethargy, poverty, and lack, I want you to repeat this exercise.

Simply by changing your physiology in this TINY little way, you will instantaneously boost your vibrational state and send out a loudspeaker call to the Universe to bring in more of what you love. And the more often you do this, the stronger and faster the Universe will respond.

Finally, let me ask you something personal:

What’s your life like right now? Are you content? Do you have enough? Or do you have to slave your guts out for every drop of success that comes your way? If you want more – but bad things keep happening – then your vibrations may have something to do with it.

Click here to check out a free presentation I put together – it explains a simple psychological technique that’s powerful and far reaching enough to change EVERYTHING for you.


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November 3, 2016

Learn The Power of Persuasion through Hypnosis: Here’s How

hypnosis | persuasion | persuasive techniques

Why you should read this blog?

Because this can be the start of an amazing change in your life.

I was one of those who were blown away by the power of persuasion.

What is persuasion?

Persuasion is a technique that is used to give ideas using reasons and logic that can influence the subject. It may make use of an argument to persuade or make someone perform an action. More often, it is done under the power of hypnosis.

What amazing Abilities you can benefit from upon learning persuasion techniques?

Using a Pendulum

This is one of the hypnotizing method that is commonly used. How do you use it? Relax! The pendulum will show you the answer by picking up vibrations from your sub-conscious, causing the pendulum to swing. Any question can be asked.  And there it goes…

Rapid Induction Methods Guaranteed to Work

This method can hypnotize people 30 seconds or less. Yes, this can be a fast method of induction.

Learn the Law of Attraction Techniques

Learn how to properly use the Law of Attraction – achieve more abundance, wealth, and manifest everything you want.

Experience the Power of Autosuggestion
Reinforce the effect through suggestion. Experience the wonders of positive words and know how powerful each word in affecting your goals.

How to do Sleep Hypnosis

Yes, you heard it right. You can do hypnosis while sleeping. And what’s more amazing is that you can

Other abilities that you can learn to achieve more in life include:

  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance
  • ESP
  • Psychometry
  • Time Travel
  • Psychic Self Defense
  • and other Esoteric Skills

Now, how’s everything mentioned above can be possible? You’ll need an expert to guide you.

Let your journey starts here.

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October 28, 2016

The Fastest Way to Incredible Skills

esoteric skills | abundance

When it comes to learning MIND FORCE techniques…

Hey there,

Would you like to know the Fastest Way to Incredible Skills when it comes to learning esoteric techniques or even applying things like the LAWS OF ATTRACTION & ABUNDANCE?

It comes down to FOCUS…

You must commit to a certain set of skills and then discipline yourself to hone those skills until there second nature to you…

Like knowing your hand…Like knowing your name…

Most people jump around from one method to another, one technique to another and find their results are sometimes very limited as a result.

Don’t let this happen to you…

For example, I offer my MIND FORCE LIBRARY OF ESOTERIC MANUALS, and they cover many different esoteric skills such as…

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this incredible collection of “Master Level” of instruction.

>>>Volume 1– The Mind Force Secrets Collection- Contains 3 blueprints

1. Mind Force Meditation— The most simple and easiest guide to meditation you’ll ever find. I remove all the nonsense and leave you with the good stuff.
2. Mind Force Psychic Energy-– By far some of the most powerful techniques ever unleashed. Become a catalyst of esoteric methods with this blueprint. Originally sold for $100 when first released.
3. Mind Force Attraction— The Magneto Method is simple and to the point on how to set up an attraction mechanism for your life. Money, Luck, Relationships, Jobs, you name it, you can get it.

>>>Volume 2– Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence:

Taken from my very own notes that I used for years to persuade and influence using powerful hypnotic suggestions.

>>>Volume 3– The Hypnotic Influence Collection

1. The Hypnotic Influence Blueprint— This is one of the most authoritative guides on all aspects of hypnosis and how you can use it to amaze and mystify…
2. The Closed Door Self Hypnosis Files-– Super powerful methods of self induction to create the life you want in all aspects of manifestation.
3. The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize— You won’t find this training anywhere and yet is some of the most simple yet profound hypnotic training you’ll ever experience. Some of these methods when combined with “Advanced Qi Training” is like having an atomic bomb!

>>>Volume 4– The Chi Power Blueprint & Master Secrets of Qigong

1. The Chi Power Blueprint– More than 15 different methods of chi manipulation are taught in this simple yet powerful guide that has stood the test of time. Learn how to “Master The Power”.
2. The Master Secrets of Qigong— Little known concepts that only the most advanced of practitioners study to get to the higher levels.

>>>Volume 5– Dim Mak Secrets & Pressure Points

1. Dim Mak Striking– Fact or fiction, Dim Mak is one of the most talked about subjects in the martial arts and yet very few know it’s true power. Learn secrets that even the most advanced martial artists don’t even know.
2. Pressure Points for Healing-– The same points that can hurt can heal and that’s what you learn in this simple guide to healing with acupressure points. Come with full acupressure points posters.
3. The Secrets of Self Defense– Common sense tactics and strategies to use for urban combat. Self defense is simple if you have a plan and then put in the execution to make that plan work in the real world.

You can go to Amazon right now and get the hardcopy collection for $150+s&h or you can click the link below and save close to $100 plus get some really cool bonuses that you won’t get anywhere else.

Click here for the immediate download.



PS– Keep in mind that this amazing promotion will only be on for a few days more, so take advantage of this while you can.

Here is the replay link again.

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October 25, 2016

Are you a Boss?

abundance | boss

So, I got the following email and thought I’d share some insights as this could be your situation as well…

Response 1: From: xxxxxxx


HELP I’m about to quit my job because I hate being told what to do and answering to a nazi boss who reminds me constantly that she is my direct superior

Do ya think there’s something wrong with me? I can’t stand it! Why does everyone else not have a problem punching a clock and being told what to do.

Sent from my iPhone


I can relate as I’ve been in similar situations before…

I’ve worked retail, I’ve been a deli boy, I’ve waited tables and I did all those things when I was married and had 3 kids!

I had to suck it up a lot…

Sometimes we just have to be submissive to someone…

Submissive sounds weird right… Maybe even kind of kinky?

But that’s not what I mean.

Have you ever been pulled over by the police?

If you’re not submissive I can promise it might not go well.

If you have a manager or someone you report to, you sometimes have to be submissive in a sense as they are your superior (at least on paper).

Let me share a mindset I’ve always had and always will… I gained by learning skills taught in my MIND FORCE LIBRARY.

#1– No one is my boss– ever! They might be my manager, mentor, wife, etc but they are not my boss. This allows me to have in my mind the fact that “I’m the boss”. You may be my manager, but I’m the boss of my life…

In fact, whenever I hear a man or women say– “I gotta speak to the boss”, meaning their significant other– IT MAKES ME SICK!

Now, I know it is a common thing to say, but it perpetuates a sense of submission that isn’t necessary in my opinion…

#2– I don’t want anyone to call me their boss…I have employees, but if they call me their boss, I let them know they are their own boss.

Do you understand the power of this “re-frame”?

I want you to think about this, because it is so powerful that you take back the power of being the boss of yourself…

There’s a painting I love by the painter Gabe Leonard and it’s called “LIKE A BOSS”. In fact here’s a link to a 5m video showing how it was made.

Look at the painting and see the boldness and confidence it projects…

Whether you are male or female, you must project that kind of subtle power…

I’m going to be talking about power over the next couple of days so stay tuned, and if you haven’t had a chance to get my MIND FORCE LIBRARY. Now is the time!


Talk Soon,

— Alvin T.

PS– Think on the fact that YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOUR LIFE!

Here’s a link to the MIND FORCE LIBRARY

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October 19, 2016

The Real Secret to Being In Control of YOUR Life?

Do you want to know the real secret to being in control of your life?

I’ll bet you do!

I don’t know if I ever told you about how I got started…

Everyone starts somewhere, and like me I’m sure you can think back to the first time you thought of having more power in your life, right?

Maybe it was to get in great shape to impress that special girl or passing an exam to graduate and live your dreams…

Mine went kind of like this…

Married at 24 and by the time I was 27 I had 3 kids, dropped out of college and was not really hitting it big time…

In fact the job I had at the time paid me $1,000/mo and after taxes, I was left with about $827. I remember cashing my check one day and holding in my hands $827, knowing that my bills were about $1,350.


Not fun…

But True…Every word of it. Painful at the time for sure.

The reason I bring this little insight up is that we all have a starting point and we have to start wherever we are…Good or bad, right?

I always reflect back on how far I’ve come as it allows me to appreciate the blessings in my life…

And so should you…

The Real Secret to Being In Control of YOUR Life?

So, what’s the real secret?

The real secret is and always has been…

<———-THE SECRET——-> 

Having Total Dominant Control of Your Mind

<———-THE SECRET——->

And I’d like to tell you a little bit about what I’ve learned over the years.

Would you like me to share that with you? Seriously, let me know for sure.

I’m working on some stuff that will blow your mind so stay tuned.

–Abundant Alvin


PS– I want you to think about what I said above and recall a time in you life when you had total dominant control of your mind, even if it was for a limited time, because it will help as we go through this together.


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June 15, 2016

Shifting Scarcity to Success: Ways to Manifest Abundance


We all have that one time in our lives whereas we feel like everything about us didn’t work out the way we want it to be. It feels like the universe conspires to unsuccessfully give everything that we aim to have. And even the environment that surrounds us became a big world of scarcity. However, if you will dig out deeply on what are the real reasons behind every failure around us, you will end up finding that everything comes on how you look at things and how your mindset work!

At one point, we just think of any possible ways to hypnotize abundance to rule out our lives. However, a road to success will never be that easy. Unless, you follow a positive path to your way to success. This is why I am giving you these simple ways to follow.

Have you ever ask yourself, “what is abundance”, and how can it manifest in your life?

Abundance is the natural proclivity of nature to became a very large quantity. You can have this in love, friendships, opportunities, fun, food, good deeds, energy, time, spirituality in your life and abundance of everything on this planet. And there is an abundance of ways on how to manifest this into our lives. Check the list below:

Develop an “abundance consciousness”.

– Did you feel like you are not having the abundance in your life? Maybe because you alienate yourself from it and stop it from manifesting in your life. Start having “abundance consciousness”, by breaking through the limiting beliefs of your mind and have a wider point of view.

Be grateful.

– Always be grateful for the things that you have, and always keep in your mind that we are naturally born in an abundant world. And everything that we have is just a matter of mindset and positive attitude.

Embrace abundance!

– “I am abundant!” Let this message run throughout your whole being and you will definitely manifest abundance in your life.

Let’s all give ourselves the time to manifest abundance in our lives. We are innate to being abundant, we just need to cultivate it and let it grow to our wholeness. Be a hypnotist of success, check this link to learn more!!

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May 6, 2016

Mind Force and Hypnosis: Tools for Unleashing the Power Within

With all tools and techniques so available for everyone, what else can be done to increase one’s ability to achieve more in life? No matter how great those techniques are, still, our mind is the most effective tool that needs to be nourished and taken care of. Mind Force and Hypnosis can aid you unleash your potential- enhancing your mind to absorb everything that needs.

Your mind can be reprogrammed with this unique hypnosis program that will help you pick up and absorb new information, learn and develop faster thus improving your way of life.

  • Do you want to achieve more in life?
  • Do you want to have a better financial capacity?
  • Do you want building a successful career?
  • Do you want to learn instant mind power and accelerate your level of learning?

The gift of learning is not something you are born with. This ability is a skill that we can acquire and develop, all you have to do is to change the way you think.

What are the Advantages of Learning New Skills through Mind Force?

What can you get? What will be the expected result?

  • Save time and allot more of them to your family
  • Gain more opportunities
  • Stand out in competition
  • Reprogram your mind to tap to anything you want
  • Learn manipulation and other hypnotic skills

Learn the Notion of Hypnotic Influence and Mind Manipulation

Uncover the idea of Hypnotic Distancing. Don’t let this opportunity pass. Learn ways in mind controlling and hypnotizing someone from the distance.

Find out the Methods Used by the Master Mentalists: Know how to enter someone’s mind and influence them that your suggestion is the right one.

Familiarize “The Persona”: Adapt the brave and confident attitude of Master Persuader

Release the high velocity energy transmissions to capture someone’s attention: Let someone do what you want, when you want.

Quadruple your Rapport Skills: Build instant relationship with someone new like they were an old, long lost friend.

Hypnotize & Control in an Instant: Just what it says!! Instant induction methods! Put the abstraction quickly that the person won’t even know that they were under your influence!!

Decrease Weight, Earn More Money, Find Love: Nothing is impossible when you are a controller

Applied Force Methods: Sophisticated language patterns designed specifically to win over and manipulate in any area

Subliminal Influence at the Highest Level: Unconscious messages that work very well you’ll think you are cheating.

Start a Conversation with presuppositions: Find out why certain sentences presuppose an outcome that you design

Bonding Techniques that work like magic: Learn how people can get to know you, like you and trust you on the spot

How to Trigger and Set Stimulus Response: Adapt the method to leave behind post hypnotic suggestions and triggers that will be a possible mechanism to recall the same state as when you hypnotized them originally

For more details click here.

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