Be an Action Taker Not an Excuse Maker

This Might get you mad

You’re might get angry with me after you read this, because I’m not going to pull any punches…

I’m going to let you know the truth, and quite frankly, if you don’t like that you can  unsubscribe from my list…

In fact, I am in the process of unsubscribing about half of the people on my list as we speak…

The reason is, I only want “Action Takers” on my lists.

And, no that doesn’t mean you have to buy everything I throw out at you. It means, you actually use the nuggets I give to you.

It’s all very simple…

Are you an action taker or an excuse maker?

Are you the type that likes to collect an endless amount of information yet never really puts it into action to achieve results?

Answer this…Did you watch the  INNER GAME video on “Measuring Your Life” that I sent to you?

Did you apply at least one of the concepts to your own life?

If you didn’t, then go watch the video (click here now)

If you did watch the video and haven’t done anything, what in the world are you waiting for?


Let me be honest, I do what I do to earn money and I make no excuses for that. I do that by helping others to either fix what is wrong with them or by helping them to maximize other areas of their life.

And it’s pretty satsifying to help others and earn a good living by doing so…

In a couple of days, I’m going to ask you for money…Not a lot, but I am going to ask.

There I said it…

And I don’t really care if you buy or not, because I know that everyone has their own timing for everything… And the one thing I know, is that the training I’m sending you right now, can change your life if you’d just use it…

And I’m not even charging you for it…

Now here’s what I want you to think about…

I’ve been teaching you over the last 30 days about how, when you give you get. Makes sense, right?

I give you some good ideas. Ideas that I usually charge for. I’m giving my time and my resources based on my experience helping others.

You decide to buy something from me ( that’s me receiving).

So, now you are the one giving. You have given to me a vote of confidence for my product as well as paying for it…

You gave, now you shall receive…

It’s that simple…Yet most don’t even believe that’s how it works.

And yet it does…Do you realize that everytime I give money to someone, I expect to receive?

That’s right, I expect it, because it is the universal law. Some say you  shouldn’t expect when you give, but why do they say that?

Because they just don’t know how the energy of the mind works. The don’t understand the Mind Force laws and how and why they work.

Are you still with me?

You take that information and you apply it, and get results. Now maybe you take some of those ideas to help others that you know, either through healing, hypnotizing, or just plan getting someone to take action in their lives.

You are now giving again….And You’ll get again.

This concept came into my mind as far as writing this about 30 minutes ago. I became inspired to give it to you and sat down at my desk and started writing this…

Stop Being an Excuse Maker, and become an ACTION TAKER!

Gotta run, it’s Saturday at 5pm, and I need a little down time.

Have a great weekend,


PS- Next Week, I’ll have more goodies for you.

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