A Glimpse of 2016: Sending you Love and Gratitude to look forward to 2017

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What a year 2016 has been! I believe most of you will agree that this year has brought the most astounding moments in your life. (Well, of course, we all strive to achieve more success and become better each year.) The whole 2016 has been a meaningful journey for me and for all my endeavours. My purpose of helping other people to improve their personal strength and life situations rooted from the overwhelming gratitude of the love and support I got from the all the people around me.

This coming holiday, I made a glimpse of all the things that happened and pondered on what I’ve learned from them. I want to embrace Christmas Day with something worthy to cherish and welcome the new year with new hope to flourish.

What I’ve Learned?

There are trials, problems, and failures I have had. Just thinking of them made me realize how I become stronger today. Those things made me confirmed that life can be always a perfect one. Problems are normal part of lives. However, they must be made as a sturdy pathway to find the road to success.

As a father and husband, I learned how to value more of every moment I spent with my family. I gave importance of the little things such as my children’s smiles and laughter. The short talk and get-together with them were mostly the most valued minutes of my life. Through them, I realized that more often, the simple things bring more happiness and colour to our lives.

I learned how to handle negative feedback and comments from customers and friends. As we always hear, we can’t please everybody. However, we are always given the chance to correct mistakes and improve services. The more we listen to complaints, the more we learn on how to establish stronger relationships.

My books, courses and programs are focused on not only improving people’s self-development, but also in making communities of people more vigilant in finding and discovering useful energies and vitality. Once they are developed the right way, it will be surely an amazing way to create functional benefits to the world.

You, too can learn what you can see around you…

Looking around, most of us will be threatened to persevere on our goals since there are a lot of negativity in the world. Bad news linger the media and a lot of people are being affected. Most of them lose hope and cease the motivation to achieve their dreams.

That is the time we must open our minds on how to evade such negative things and start unleashing the power within us.
So, this coming 2017, brace yourself to jump start to a higher level of dream achieving, from planning to complete realization of all your dreams.

Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. And of course, Spiritually!

Success Tips from Sifu Perhacs this 2017

Here are useful tips I can recommend to ignite your motivation and power up your course of action. Through these, you can make sure that 2017 will a more meaningful and abundant year for you and your family.

1. Create an impact, build something significant. Every one of us here in the world has a special purpose that needs to be done. Ask yourself: what is your passion? What is that one thing you love to do most? Develop that. Enhance that. Make a name. Share the world what you’ve got. Showcase your talent. Put value on what The Creator has bestowed on you.

2. Practice time management. Learn to prioritize. Set aside things that will be least of importance. Use time wisely. You’ll feel contented when you know that you make the most of every second of your life.

3. Focus on work and don’t forget to relax as well. Be serious on your work especially if you’re dealing with services offered to your customers, subscribers, and students. However, so not forget to take time to relax and take care of yourself. Travel if you have time. Visit a new place, meet new people, collect new memories, and share your visions.

4. Extend your help to others. Be involved with charities. Kindness is another way of giving yourself a new dimension of improvement. Of becoming a better person. This is also an avenue of developing and preparing yourself to a holistic way of living. You’ll be more inspired to create more meaningful life’s endeavours. This is once you see smiles from people and gratitude from those whom you’ve given help.

Kindness | Al Perhacs | Success

5. Dream…plan…take action! Success is a decision. It’s not achieved overnight. If you’ll just keep on dreaming and do not exert effort to take actions on realizing that dream… well, you’re just like a barren land watching the gloomy sky under the dark, cold night. Everything will be useless…and you’ll achieve nothing.

6. Be open for new challenges and embrace opportunities for new experiences. This is very helpful, I assure you. Be ready for new challenges, tests and trials that will come into your way. Always believe that in every challenge, you’ll gain something worthwhile. There is always an opportunity from new experiences.Opportunity | Al Perhacs | success
Now, are you ready for 2017? Comment below for your plans and other tips to become a better someone. Share your ideas coz’ we’ll love to hear from you ?


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