June 2016

June 22, 2016

Common Misconceptions about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is one of the most misunderstood and controversial methods of psychological treatment. These misconceptions about the true nature of hypnosis were possibly due to the influence of entertainment and media industries.

Simply put, hypnosis is actually a genuine psychological phenomenon that has an important use on the clinical and medical field. It is a state of extreme focused attention or concentration toward a specific object, event or circumstance that involves relaxation and heightened suggestibility. Under hypnotic trance, a person is more open to suggestion than they usually are.

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June 21, 2016

Brain Improvement Tips for Increased Mind Power

Are you wondering why there are many people that are more successful than you? If you’re thinking that we are all given a tool to reach whatever we want in life and yet you’re always left behind the line, then chances are you are not maximizing the power of this very amazing tool—your brain.

mind powerJust like the simple tools in life, your brain tends to weaken if not use properly. The more dull moments you have, the higher the possibility that your brain would have a hard time in concentrating to do the tasks at hand. And that’s where most people fail, when they lack the ability to control things and situations like failures by using the power of the mind.

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June 15, 2016

Shifting Scarcity to Success: Ways to Manifest Abundance


We all have that one time in our lives whereas we feel like everything about us didn’t work out the way we want it to be. It feels like the universe conspires to unsuccessfully give everything that we aim to have. And even the environment that surrounds us became a big world of scarcity. However, if you will dig out deeply on what are the real reasons behind every failure around us, you will end up finding that everything comes on how you look at things and how your mindset work!

At one point, we just think of any possible ways to hypnotize abundance to rule out our lives. However, a road to success will never be that easy. Unless, you follow a positive path to your way to success. This is why I am giving you these simple ways to follow.

Have you ever ask yourself, “what is abundance”, and how can it manifest in your life?

Abundance is the natural proclivity of nature to became a very large quantity. You can have this in love, friendships, opportunities, fun, food, good deeds, energy, time, spirituality in your life and abundance of everything on this planet. And there is an abundance of ways on how to manifest this into our lives. Check the list below:

Develop an “abundance consciousness”.

– Did you feel like you are not having the abundance in your life? Maybe because you alienate yourself from it and stop it from manifesting in your life. Start having “abundance consciousness”, by breaking through the limiting beliefs of your mind and have a wider point of view.

Be grateful.

– Always be grateful for the things that you have, and always keep in your mind that we are naturally born in an abundant world. And everything that we have is just a matter of mindset and positive attitude.

Embrace abundance!

– “I am abundant!” Let this message run throughout your whole being and you will definitely manifest abundance in your life.

Let’s all give ourselves the time to manifest abundance in our lives. We are innate to being abundant, we just need to cultivate it and let it grow to our wholeness. Be a hypnotist of success, check this link to learn more! http://hypnoticabundance.com!

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Powerful Daily Affirmations


Daily Powerful Affirmations

Have you ever felt that your life is insignificant to the people around you? Have you waken up and felt that you don’t have the courage to face the entire day the same way again? Have you lost the love and appreciation you have for yourself?

We are guided by specific set of norms that taught us how we should live our own life. We are controlled by the people around us – we have rules and laws to follow. We are born and raised with so much love from our family. As we grow, love is overshadowed with fear, shame and guilt. Sometimes, we forgot how special and unique we are; we forget that we are valued and appreciated.

Affirmations help you change the way you see life. Believe that you are what you feel, and then your life will be what your thoughts and emotions are saying. Positive thoughts creates positive feelings and results in a positive and cheerful version of you. You’ll then attract positive people and circumstances in your life. Here are some daily affirmations that may help you brighten up your situation and to never think less of yourself again:

  1. I love and accept myself for who I am.

Love grows when it begins from the inside – that is self-love. Have you met a person full of love, but lacked love and acceptance towards himself? Remember, despite how worse your past is or how bad you feel for yourself, never be ashamed of yourself. Accept your flaws; we are all made up of flaws. The day you realized how beautiful your scars and wounds the past has brought you, you’ll find out that each of us unique in every way. You are special.

  1. Forgive those who have harmed you in the past and peacefully detached from them.

People come and go. Every person you met has a story to tell and every person that cross your life has a story to share with you. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. When you forgive, you give yourself peace with what they did and the lessons served. Your strength to forgive allows you to keep moving forward. Your reaction to their action is independent with what they think of you. Forgive them anyway and detached your life from them.

  1. I am the architect of my life; I build its foundations and choose its contents.

This is something you should tell yourself from the moment you wake up. New day! New life! New beginning! Everyday is an opportunity for growth – an opportunity to change and opportunity to correct yesterday’s mistakes or misfortunes. Transform your day into something incredible everyday.

Now, are you ready to take every journey of your life in a more positive way?

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