April 2015

April 30, 2015

3 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Hijacking Your Success

13Sometimes the only things standing between you and success are a few lies.

In fact, it’s the lies we tell ourselves that most often keep us from our dreams. Maybe we’re afraid of success, maybe we don’t think we deserve it, or maybe we don’t think it’s possible. Whatever the reason, if you get rid of the lies, pretty soon you’ll watch your dreams turn into your reality.

Here are unquestionably the 3 worst lies you tell yourself that are hijacking your success:

1.“I don’t know where to start.”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: nobody “knows” where to start. Steve Jobs didn’t have anybody telling him exactly which step to take first. Donald Trump didn’t drag his feet because he didn’t know which property to buy first.

Successful people stop telling themselves they don’t know where to start, and they make a decision. Have you ever heard “perfect is the enemy of good?” This is exactly what that’s talking about. If you wait until you have the perfect plan, you’ll miss hundreds of good plans that could have got you what you wanted.

If you want to see your dreams made real, you’ve got to stop telling yourself you don’t know where to start.

2. “I don’t have any money.”

Listen up: you don’t need money to become a millionaire. You don’t even need to be brilliant. Look at Richard Branson. He started Virgin Records as teenager, when he was flat broke. He’s now worth $4.9 billion. And here’s the kicker: he has dyslexia.

If a dyslexic teenager with no money can become a billionaire, then you can stop telling yourself that being broke is an excuse.

And faster than you ever thought possible, you won’t have to think twice about your expenses – you’ll have enough money to live the high life.

3. “I can’t do this on my own.”

Sometimes you hear about great mentors who change people’s lives, and then you look around and wonder where your mentor is. The sad fact is, not everyone finds one. But here’s the good news: people reach their dreams without mentors every day. Think about it: Whatever your goal, the very first person to reach that goal didn’t have a mentor. So you know it’s possible.

Here’s how to do it on your own:

Make Steve Jobs your mentor. Make Richard Branson your mentor. Hell, make Albert Einstein your mentor.

If you can figure out what they did to be successful, you’ll see your deepest desires come true faster than you thought possible.

Actually, success experts have recently uncovered some uncanny similarities in what makes people like Steve Jobs successful…

It turns out, most millionaires, successful artists, and people living their dreams have one thing in common…

…and it’s not “hard work.”

They share a little-known secret about the brain.

If you’re interested, check out this free presentation to see how you can use their secret to make your own dreams become reality.

REVEALED: The Jaw-Dropping Secret Behind Millionaire Success (HINT: It’s NOT Hard Work

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April 27, 2015

Tear Down These 3 “Success Floodgates” To Flood Your Life With Success!

successDo you realize how close you are to turning your dreams into your reality?

If you could see how close you are to success, you’d be kicking yourself that you haven’t just reached out to grab it yet.

The truth is, no matter how much you feel like a failure, success is literally waiting to flood your life.

The only thing you have to do, is tear down the “Success Floodgates” holding it back.

Here’s 3 “Success Floodgates” holding back your dreams:

1. Making Excuses

If we choose someone successful to look at as an example, like Steve Jobs, we’ll see that he never made excuses. When things went wrong, he didn’t blame other people. He didn’t refuse to accept responsibility for his own mistakes. He didn’t try to justify his poor choices.

He didn’t make excuses because he understood that failure is going to happen. It’s not the end of the road – it’s one step on the road to success.

In fact, the next Success Floodgate you have to tear down is…

2. Fearing Failure

Like I already said, failure happens. But it’s not a dead end – it’s a step forward.

Too many people run into a tiny bit of failure, and they think they’re done forever. They give up immediately, never realizing how close they were to achieving their goals.

The problem is, they take failure personally. They think it means something’s wrong with them. But the truth is, failure is part of the journey to success.

That’s why it’s so important that you stop…

3. Beating Yourself Up

Think about it. Can you imagine Steve Jobs yelling at himself, saying that he’s dumb, or lazy, or any of the other million insults people tell themselves? Of course not!

Successful people don’t beat themselves up. They understand that taking your anger out on yourself only pushes your goals farther away. They still get upset, but they channel those emotions into constructive energy. They use that energy as jet fuel to reach their goals.

The truth about success is that you’re closer than you think. Sometimes all it takes is tearing down the floodgates, so you can let your dreams pour in.

But there’s an even easier way to turn your dreams into your reality, and it doesn’t require hard work, stress, or struggle…

You won’t believe the hidden connection that success experts recently discovered behind people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and even Albert Einstein.

Check out this free presentation on this new discovery that’s changing the way people look at success, taking “hard work” out of the equation:

Free Presentation: The “Brain Elevation” Secret to Success


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April 23, 2015

Only ONE Style of Meditation Leads to Success (Simple Technique)

attract successAre you meditating in the Alpha State… …or the Theta State?
But before anything else let’s have a quick review of the two.

Alpha and Beta State Defined

Alpha state is the state of your mind between being fully awake and totally asleep. This is when the brain waves move at a frequency of 7-14 cycles per second.

On the other hand, theta state is the state of a very deep relaxation. It covers deep meditation, intuition and memory.

Now, back to the question which state are you using for meditation?

Because only Theta State Meditation is like hypnotizing your own mind.

According to studies, only Theta State Meditation makes your brain pliable as clay…
…allowing you to reprogram your subconscious to be more responsive, creative, determined…

It’s actually the most-sought secret to success without the hardwork.

Click Here to find out how to use Theta State Meditation to effortlessly achieve your goals

ATTENTION: Neuroscience Research From Stanford Reveals The “Brain Elevation” Technique To Manifest Lasting Success in 4 Simple Steps…

Most of us have been disappointed by the results of some hard works we have had. You might also have tried some programs that you have thought to help everything that you desire…some promising to change the way your brain view and accept things and changes.

Yet….you still failed..

Maybe because you haven’t found yet the perfect program that will work for you!

This would be your chance to try another amazing program….that can bring you…

“The Elastic Brain.”

It was a neuroscience study on the brainwave patterns of meditating Tibetan Monks.
The report talked about the “programming” of the human brain.
The report went on to talk about how the brain is like clay – it can be molded and shaped.

They could change their brains through something called Brain Elevation, which they achieved by entering the “Theta State.”

In four major stages:
1. “Clean Slate Mind.”
2. “Priming the Positivity Pump.”
3. “Daytime Dreaming” Visualization Techniques.
4. Elevator to the Theta State

This “Thought Elevators” system will change your life.

There are 9 of the most powerful videos and audios that have been compiled and created to help you improve the following areas of your life:

  • Wealth and Money
  • Relationships
  • Your Ideal Partner
  • Health And Healing
  • Energy
  • Your Ideal Weight
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Anxiety And Stress Relief
  • Business SuccessClick Here to Find How you can Rewire your Brain and Achieve the Best Meditation Stage to Achieve All the Success you have dreaming of.


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