December 2013

December 27, 2013

Challenge Yourself this 2014!

The New Year is about to come. For sure, a lot of us are expecting so much to come this 2014. People normally boast of their New Year’s resolutions and set new goals. How about giving yourself a challenge this 2014?

GoalsGuy eBooks1.What are the goals do you really want to achieve?

Be specific on what you really want to start and pursue this year. 

2.) Why do you want to achieve those goals?

What is your purpose and motivational drives for these goals?

3.) Do you now have any idea of who can help you to achieve those goals?

Find the right people to give you the right help in finding the right track to what you want to have.

4.) Are you aware of the goal stage where you are now?

It’s very essential to assess your current condition. Understand and analyze the facts, whether strengths and weakness; they all can be stepping stones on how you can go on attaining those goals.

5.) Determine how you can realize the goals that you’ve set. Are you ready with the steps, techniques and assignments that you must do and utilize?

6.) When are you seeing those goals to be working for you? Do you have a time frame? How about setting a deadline to motivate you more?

Taking the Chance

So true! Everything counts. Every second of our life is a precious chance to be taken and utilized at its most.

However, let’s admit it. There are many wasted times that we just have disregarded. Regrets, we may have but hey, time lost will never be recovered. And that’s what we must avoid if we want to make 2014 the best year ever!

With all the shortcomings we’ve compiled for the past year, there comes the collection of resolutions we often hear also from others. It seems that it becomes a tradition that every year, new plans, and new changes are to be formulated make oneself better.

Is your resolution one of these?

a. Getting Fit?

b.  To Have a More Balanced Life


c. Get a More Productive

There are more, definitely! You may be overwhelmed of what you want to change and recreate with yourself. Now, the question is how to turn your resolutions into reality.

Have Your Plans and Strategies

Comparing your life before and the life that you want to achieve will help you get more focused and more motivated.

Learning to have a personal strategic plan is the first step to improve your life.



When it comes to strategies, strive to do them effectively. Here’s how:

Your Goals are Achievable!

This year, you must challenge yourself to become stronger, to become more persevering. You have set your goals and what must be done is to implement the strategies.

Do not left those goals unattended. There are people who fail because they are just good at the start but lose the energy to go on.

Your future awaits you.



This is the time for you to act.

Results are everything



Do not waste time.


 The above useful tips are all what you need to start this coming year fast, focused and fired up. Challenge yourself ! Act fast and do not waste time.

Click here for free video series and useful resources for this amazing 100 Day Start Fast Challenge.

For more information about how to make yourself more focused, energetic and full of vitality this 2014, visit our website.




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December 23, 2013

Applying the Christmas Essence in Everyday’s Journey

xmas 7








It’s Christmas season again, the time when the world is filled with the spirit of festivity and merriment.  People from all walks of life, young and old, are all looking forward to this time of year. Everybody seems to be anticipating of somewhat like magic in the air. How could this be so different from the other days of the year?

Remember when we’re still kids and curiously watching the chimney where it is believed that Santa Claus will be coming? Remember the moments when we gleefully opened the gifts named for us under that bright Christmas tree? How about listening to the Christmas carols and spending the Christmas eve together with your family? For sure, these all bring back smiles as you reminisce them all. Oh! How gaily the childhood is when being nurtured to the idea that Christmas is the season to be joyful for the special treats it brings to us.

Time may have passed and years may have been added to our age, yet the excitement that Christmas brings to us does not diminish as we get older, and experience changes around us. Still, we have this kind of thrill andxmasgift anticipation in our hearts, either because of our own wishes, or the smiles and giggles we see on our children’s and loved ones faces. Such moments of being together with the most important people in our life are the most to be cherished.

Putting the Real Meaning of Christmas in our Present Life

The story of Christmas has long been a favorite story of most people. It is not only a divine story of a child being born in the manger and brought us the unconditional love that has caused our sins to be redeemed. We all are familiar with that. But have ever thought of really delving into its deeper meaning? Do we really understand the essence on the towering Christmas trees, decorated hollies, gifts, appetizing foods and cards? Christmas is an annual reminder for all of us that the following must be in our hearts and minds:

  • Gratitude. Christmas day reminds us that every day must be a Thanksgiving Day. The birth of Jesus Christ signifies hope and blessings. With that it is nothing but necessary to give back appreciation and gratitude to all the blessings that we are presently receiving. Be thankful for the times you’ve been bestowed by happy moments, they’ve made you realized that life is beautiful; be thankful to those struggling times, they have made you understand that there are many things unnoticed that are needed to be appreciated. Well, let’s admit it: we often are focused to what we want to have, not paying attention to what we have in life. A simple reminder: “Do not cry for you don’t have a pair of shoes, there are people out there who don’t have feet.” Christmas day is teaching us to have the value of gratitude and contentment.
  • Humility. People are having either a rough road or a smooth track as their journey in life gets ahead. The story of Jesus Christ NEVER boasts anything, but it clearly states that simplicity and being humble are the foundation of the birth of the Saviour.
  • Sharing of love. Love is the best gift one can share to anyone. There is no greater way of showing how much you valued the person and the moments with that person but to give genuine love, concern and selfless understanding.

This year, we still look forward to another marvelous and remarkable Holidays. We may have decorated our homes with bright and incredible decorations. We’ve planned the menu and the programs to be held, all set for the holiday season.

There is nothing wrong with that, especially if we are doing the things that can make us better people. Seize every opportunity. There are chances that are only once to come our way.

Just as so Christmas which is marked on the calendar as a single day only, however, I am sure that God will be gladder if we will make each day a season of joy, giving, love and understanding.

Our life is the most treasured God’s gift to us, something that is more exciting to open. Enjoy the magic of Christmas…you know where it is to be found? This is where God is in you, the meaning of the child born to save us, and the hope brought by the lights and decors we see around.

Happy Holidays everyone and may the magnificent blessings of Christmas and amazing opportunities of New Year showered all of us!

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December 18, 2013

Secrets of Meditation Revealed


Relaxation  is the number 1 key to meditation. However, there are some problems that make some people to fail to achieve this. No matter how effective meditation is, this will not be effective if you don’t learn how to relax.

For some reasons, especially the beginners, are having hard time to relax due to  many factors. This is one of the major objectives of meditative programs and trainings.

Most meditations require postures that are uncomfortable, and a lot of times, very uncomfortable. Here are some of the common postures often used during meditation.

You may have heard a lot about meditation techniques such as the various postures that are used while doing the meditation process.

However, many of us do not understand that there must be a kind of posture to be applied to a specific meditation purpose.

Here are some:

a.) Lotus Position. This is the most common posture that you’ll see in mediation videos and presentation. Yet, when this position is not implemented properly, this can make the person uncomfortable and fail to concentrate. If you feel that you are doing well with the lotus position, well, this is the best meditation posture for you.

b.) Seiza Position. This is the Japanese posture that cuts off blood to legs, thus decreasing relaxation profoundly. Now, there are reasons why you would sit like this, and it does allow you to concentrate and focused in pain of your legs in rather than something else. There are benefits to this type of posture in terms of actual relaxation; however, if you want to do very extreme meditative practices, this will not give you there. I have never…, in all my years, met anyone that practiced this position has been able to do extreme abilities, and that is basically based on my experience, and people I’ve spoken to, worked with, counseled, and thousands of people all over the world to keep that one.

c.) Standing Position. This is very beneficial for energy development I call Yang Energy, but is not as effective as for relaxation, Yin Energy. So, again, it has its proper role in terms of meditation but it’s of more energy development than for relaxation.

Now, let’s look at the ones that work effectively to relax the body.

  1. Sitting Position in Chair. This is the most versatile of all of the postures as it can be performed anywhere. It is one that you really should become comfortable with because it allows you to get in meditative stage at any time, while you’re sitting on desk, or when you’re taking your five-minute break, and so on and so forth.
  2. Lying Position. This is the most effective position for esoteric skill development such as out of the body experiences, remote viewing and Lucid Dreaming. This is one I recommend most when you want to do extreme abilities. And in my experience again, it’s the one that is going to be responsible for you being able to do those types of skills about 95% of the time or more. Now again, all the other postures that mentioned, there are individuals that can get them to work for extreme meditative abilities. However, like I’ve said, it’s probably less than 5% of people meditating who can actually get effective skill enhancement, how those postures, the lying down posture or the sitting posture or the ones that’s best effective for you.

In Mind Portal System, you’ll learn the most effective strategies to access the hidden and esoteric skills that I teach. Now, let me give the methods on how to relax. Since like I’ve said, the number 1 secret to meditation is the relaxation.

Here are some tools to relax the body more effectively. You will Learn all these methods in the Mind Portal System as well as many others.

  1. Music. You can use classical, natural sounds, or symphonic music. Now again when I talk about each one of these tools, I want you to understand that there are some of those that will work for you and some of those aren’t. The way I teach is I teach it based on the person that I’m working with. And so I need enough message that there’s something you love, the one that you can actually use to get the most of effective meditation for yourself personal. It doesn’t matter what I can do, it doesn’t matter what somebody else can do, what I want is I have to customize this so you can choose what works for you. I still use music, most of the times, when I meditate and it can be extremely effective.
  2. Thought Binding / Stillness Training. This is where you use particular strategies in order to bind your thoughts. When you’re thinking, you can be totally relaxed because the mind is in the state of agitation. Both these thought binding and stillness training will help get you to a maximum relaxation.
  3. Guided meditation. One of the most important factors of guided meditation is that it allows you to keep your mind occupied on instructions as you’re getting relaxed into a deeper state. This is one of my favorite and I’ve been doing for several years. Now some people find guided meditation with distraction, it really depends on your personality, and you’ll be able to understand which the right method is for you.

      4. Trance/Fixation Method. There are ways to get into extreme stage of relaxation for trance and fixation. This method is using fixation method either by visualizing or by using particular things such as mantras. These are systems that you can use very effective in meditation training.

        5. Special Breathing Patterns for Increased Focused. I want you to do this exercise really quickly. This mind stilling exercise is gonna open up an incredible amount of power to you. Now what I want you to do is I want you to take a deep breath. And I want you to hold it for 20 seconds. As you hold your breath, will you able to think? Now, I want you to do it again, and this time I want you to try to think of something and you’ll the powerful concept I have with the Mind Force System

      6. Hypnotic Trance Inducing Audio Tracks. Subliminal powers, using alpha, beta, theta files that allows you to get your mind into a certain synchronization allows your mind, body and spirit to relax and enhance the phase.

These are the tools I teach you in order to do extreme meditation skills. Get access to Mind Portal today by visiting here.

The video below will explain more. Enjoy watching.

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December 16, 2013

The Three Secrets of Success



Most people in this world are still searching for success in any area of their life. Funny it is but some of us are just like conflagration who are kindled in the beginning, but then eventually lost the interest on achieving what we really want to have.

We often get ourselves to have plans, start being industrious on how to create ways to actualize the plans. We then cease to have more actions done, we lost our interest and the energy to keep going suddenly subsides.

It is always said that success is not that easy to get. Achieving this entails steps which has to be followed. This also includes effort, persistence, and consistency.

The following are the three secrets on achieving success and get amazing results. If you’re going to search for the many successful and well-known people now and then, you will find out that a lot of them have used this system.

So here’s what for you to read and let’s see how these can help you improve your life.

Secret #1.: PLAN

An explorer do not go for an expedition without a map or a plan on how to have the journey of either known or unknown. Planning is one of the major foundation of anything that you really want to accomplish. A plan lays the steps or the foundation of what is to be done making it easier for anyone to achieve what is being aimed.

If you have a plan out what you’re going to do. You can do planning in a large scale, while not? You can do planning on any area of your life. Some people call it implementing their game plan.  But the fact that matter is you got to have them.There’s no need to elaborate since we all understand how essential planning is.

Dynamic Mental Entrainment System is a system where you can learn the steps/secrets I am talking about. It is really an effective system where you can motivate or train your mind to effectively create actions and be consistent doing them. Let’s make it simple. If you’ve got a plan of what you wanna do,  write it down. Even if it’s very simple like “I wanna lose 15 lbs.”, write it down. That’s very simple. That’s the plan.

Now, once you put that plan in place, put that into your mind that that is what you wanna do. Or, “I wanna increase my income by 50% this year”,  is that reasonable or is it not? All you know that. A lot of people ask if I done planning by myself. I want them to do things in a way that when they first set their plans, that this is something that they can achieve, that they make it a little bit stretched.  So, that makes the plan so difficult that it was away of the possibility. And you too make it so easy that you know, you’re almost halfway there. You want the plan to be a little bit of stretched but again something That you need to work for. That’s secret #1. Some people may even raise their eyebrows,  The question for you is if it’s not a secret, are you using it and are you getting results? Now, you’re going to start planning.

Secret #2. Do/Take Action.

This is the biggest thing of any area of success that you ever gonna see. You’ve got to take action and you’re gonna take it in a playtime. And the dynamic mental entrainment system is designed specifically so that it allows you to continue the action process which is the biggest standing block to everyone that sets a plan in place. But set a plan to lose 15 lbs. they take action for a time, but all of a sudden, they stop. The reason they stop is not usually physical, it’s usually mental. With Dynamic mental entrainment, if you stay in the system, there’s no way that you can get out of the system. You have to get up there and make things happen. If you like to lose 15 lbs., you know you need to go out there and work out. You need to restrict your diet. You need to put out on something physical activity. If you don’t do this things, you’re not gonna get the results. If you look and increase your income, you need to take actions and figure out what you need to do specifically to take  actions to do that. In some decisions you’ll make may entails working more hours. In some instances, it may entails getting a second job, in some instances it might entails starting a new business, in other situations, a new project, or something like that. So again, taking action is a big thing.

Secret # 3: Review

This is one of the bigger things that people don’t do is that they put the plan together, they start taking some actions, and they never review it. So, they don’t know whether they’re on track. Because let’s face it, anytime you set up a plan, any kind of game plan.

But you’ll see when you go through the review process and you start looking and doing your planning, and action you can actually look at it and start to tweak it.

You’ll see these secrets are so powerful and is the one that most people often forget. The reason they don’t get it is that they don’t do it. Most people don’t like to review the behavior because they’re afraid of being exposed even it’s exposing them to themselves. But here’s the key, you want to be as honest to yourself as you can be and by reviewing your actions it shines the light of truth of what you’re doing.

The Dynamic Mental Entrainment System contains the 3 step process which is guaranteed every time you use it. And the reason it does work, is because it links up to directly to your brain, from three different process.

 For more details about these secrets, watch this video:

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December 12, 2013

Paul Hoffman: Day Sculpting





Meet Paul Hoffman and learn from his amazing programs.

Who is Paul?

Paul Hoffman is the CEO, Visionary and Chief Inspirational Officer of The Success Creation Institute.

He is an expert on creating daily Success Habits and Success Rituals that produce powerful results. His principles and strategies help you create “Mindsets Of Success.”

His work has transformed and empowered his clients to create more wealth, better health, more clarity and focus and meaningful and powerful personal and business relationships.

What to Know From Him?

Paul’s Day Sculpting Program, Sculptations, OmHarmonics Meditations, The Sculpting Your Life Show, Success Songs, and his Good Morning Great Day daily life lesson, have inspired and helped shift hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Paul has shared the stage with T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, The Dalai Lama, Brendon Burchard, Stephen R. Covey, Lynn Twist, Joe Polish, Ray Kurzweil Loral Langemeier, Cynthia Kersey, Marci Shimoff, Peter Diamandis and many other thought leaders and business icons.

Paul also wrote a famous little ditty you might have heard…Have You Driven A Ford …Lately? Which is in the advertising music hall of fame.

He is committed to helping people go from the impossible to the possible inspiring them to realize LIFE Is What YOU Make It as they Sculpt The Life They Dream About.

mp3picClick here to download Paul Hoffman’s audio file.


Access Paul Hoffman’s Sculptations System NOW.





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December 2, 2013

Thoughts Rule the World: The Law of Attraction

Here are very useful information about law of attraction and how you can utilize them to create significant changes in life.

A lot of people ask me “Hey, what’s the difference between MAGNETO Mind Force Attraction  than all the courses out there?”

I have read a lot of books, a lot of courses, the secrets, a lot of that of things like that. I went through the secret training before they’re published on the DVD and they’re all valuable. But what I’ve done with my course, is when I’m doing with all my systems, courses and manuals, books, I try to make things simple. That’s why it’s called manuals more so than books, because in manuals, you jump in and you get results.

1.When you fully understand the connection between your magnetic attraction energy and your emotions, you will truly have the answer to attracting those things that you desire.”

 What does really it really mean? This magnetic attraction energy is very much a physical energy. It’s very much a physical energy , it’s coming off from your body whether you do chi power training like I teach or when you do meditation or anything else you have an energy coming out from your body. That energy is closely related to your emotions which means your emotions control how that energy works, so if you’re an emotional wreck, you’re not getting very good results. You will get results though there’s no such thing not getting results. Like, I won’t do this, then I won’t get that. That’s how it works. That’s how your energy body works. You got a little bit energy or a lot of energy, the fact is it works. It’s either working for you, there’s no neutrality. There’s no status quo, you’re either growing or not, or unless you’re falling back. And when you get your emotions in that attracting energy in the right pattern which is good if you’re blissful, you’re feeling good, you have the answer to attracting energy that you desire, you don’t need any courses, you don’t need my  books or my manuals. Now, obviously, what those things do is make your mind aligned and give you some techniques is to teach you how to get those energy and emotions aligned so you can get work better. But that’s simple. If you could read that sense right there, and you can get there to work, that is the answer to attracting those things that you desire, energy and emotions are so important.

We’ve all been in bad moods, I have seen things repel for me really dramatically. Obviously my spirit is pretty high, but I know that when I’m in a bad mood and have bad thoughts, things are just going chaos around me, guess what, business is bad, family’s bad, everything is not in the best, right? But when I get my mind focused, and when I get my energy and emotions set up, powerfully attracting, I attract the things I desired just the way it is. I want you to take this information and internalize it. Don’t just pass it off and say, “ that’s a nice video, a nice audio”, I want you to really embrace and talk it about that it’s true. You know it’s true. When you’re not in a good mood, when you have bad emotions, things do not go well for you as just the way it is. And of course when you’re high, when you’re energy is high (that’s  a good energy), it’s like you’re superman or superwoman, things just work great.

2.The law of attraction, attracts to you every thing  you need according to the nature of your thought life. Your environment and financial condition are perfect reflections of your habitual thinking. Now, this goes back to the concept that thinking to be rich, I’ve mentioned that book so many times, it’s thinking Grow Rich, being anything you want a place under that category, of being rich, job, relationship, it could be spiritual, there’s so many healthy things you out in there. But the law of attraction attracts to you, everything you need according to your nature of thought life obviously corresponds to your energy in corresponds to that emotion. What you’re thinking about has a tendency to be realized, your environment, where you live, your job stability, financial condition, are perfect reflections of how you think. If you’re thinking all the time, I’m glad you’re thinking all the time, things aren’t working all the time, how can you check positive? How can you attract wealth? How can you attract something this more powerful if that’s the thought? Because that thought as it generates, generates energy into energy goes out there and whether you believe it, actually you do believe it, because you know it’s true. You know when you think negatively, things get worse…and you know, when you think positively, things start to get better. What most people don’t know is that they don’t think positively long enough. They don’t reign in their emotions, they don’t reign in their thoughts, and they start thinking lack…Don’t think lack, start thinking what you can have.

3.Thought Rules the World. Everything that goes on has to do with thoughts. Everything you’ve ever done started as a thought first. It’s to your success, it’s the law of attraction for everything you want, starts in your mind.

Now when I come back, I’ve another video with more details to really know this kind of your thinking, and I want you to embrace this concept and really just get under control your thoughts, there’s nothing else to get and learn from it. That is the part of it that is controlling your own thoughts. Get rid of negative stuffs, it doesn’t serve you. Stay away from negative people and get your thoughts right. Because when you do that, you’re going to be able to attract and do what you want than ever before.

Put these principles into use putting into action and I promise you, you’ll get phenomenal results and of course, if you want to know more details and instruction, some techniques and some really cool stuff.

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