Monthly Archives: September 2013

Your Best Life Giveaways

  Several of my friends and I have gotten together and assembled some of our best products and you are invited to download them all here today at no charge. You will have an opportunity to enjoy all these titles from their respective owners: * Unlimited Potential Life Plan * The Wealth Switch Hypnosis Session […]

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The #1 Thing I Can Provide For You

So, I had the good fortune to speak with several of my top students and clients recently and I asked them… What is the #1 thing I can provide for you? There response was almost unanimous, they wanted to be kept up to date on any new tools, exercises, courses, etc… And my response to them […]

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The Law of Reciprocity

  Are you still searching for mind power techniques? Here are two gems I will impart to you today: Have you ever noticed yourself sometimes not perceiving to value something given for free? We often don’t see the value of something because of the fact it was given for free. We ignore it, sometimes won’t […]

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The Power of the Present

Are you living in the past that you cannot appreciate the present? If you are, you may not be welcoming a brighter future. We may have been in some point of our life, that we feel hurt and devastated. We may have been exiled for so long in the chain of happenings in our lives […]

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The Inner Child Meditation

  The Inner Child Meditation is a powerful meditation of forgiveness and I’m here to tell you it is amazing… It is sometimes called by it’s Hawaiian name “Ho’oponopono”. Look it up, you’ll learn something cool… Years ago as I was on my journey to learn methods that can do amazing things, I ran across […]

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Journey Into The Chi

I always get the question: How did you get started doing all of this esoteric stuff? Or something like that… The funny thing, is when I got started on this path, I wasn’t so much skeptical as I was a total unbeliever in such things… I came from a very conservative background…I believed in God, […]

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