August 2013

August 29, 2013

Mental Training with QuantumQigongSystem

Our mind is like a library where every concept, every thought, every memory, is stored. However, we, human beings are often mentally fragile. We may be nowadays busy doing exercises which are focused on our physical aspect. That is why it is a must that we focused also to strengthening out mental aspect. That is because mental and physical aspects are both must be in balance. There are various techniques and concepts that will allow you to achieve more out of life- the only thing we should do id to know and learn how to use them.

Mind training. The main objective of mind training is to emphasize the positive portion of your mind. One of the most challenging things in your mind is to build a positive image of yourself. It’s a big factor on how we view ourselves, either positively and negatively.

When mental training is learned, you will have the chance to become a controller. You will learn how to manage and control all the information that is being absorbed by your mind.

When we talk about self-image issue, or self-confidence issue, we are also referring to energy issues.

Have you noticed that sometimes, even when we are overwhelmed with physical exercises that we performed, we can’t still feel that we’re good enough the way we want us to be – it’s because our mind is weak and can’t handle the  negativities that it absorbs.

The way we become SOMEONE really depends on how we view ourselves, how we are viewed by others, and how we view how people viewed us. Do we take those views positively or negatively? How do they affect us?

As much as possible, we do not want to think of negativities in our life. But have you ever thought that those negativities still persist just because we allow them to remain in our mind? They create more negative images because often think of them. That is because we have the capacity to INFLUENCE our own minds. And we may be unaware that we are already doing it.

Just imagine this: you might be watching television every day. It can be your favorite drama, series or variety programs. Every after so many minutes, commercials come on.

Do you know that each commercial contains subliminal messages that influence the mind of the viewers? You may not be giving attention with the commercial at first, but after seeing it several times, you will be noticing that the message becomes remarkable in your mind –whether you like the product or not. That is why it is said that the lifeblood of network companies are the commercials- for advertising companies pay millions of dollars for them.

Your mind can be worked like that. There are, specific and different ways, to become a controller of your own mind – to manage all the thoughts being implanted in it, removing all the negatives and enhancing all the positives.

A very good and effective mind exercise is visualization. This mind exercise will effectively work if you do it regularly and correctly.

Here’s a guided visualization for a mind exercise that you can conveniently do anytime, anywhere.

This is known as Balloon-Head Exercise. This exercise is an exercise where you need to be in meditative stage. This is how it is done:

Relax, breathe deeply and slowly, starting to feel more relaxed. Now, imagine as you close your eyes that there’s a totally deflated balloon on the top of your head; you can also think of a balloon going up in the sky.

Then, think of any negativity that’s bothering you right now. It can be about finances, a problematic relationship, a health issue, or anything that keeps you worrying. Now, imagine all those negativities popping into that balloon. You can start seeing the balloon filling up with air, more and more, and more. As you see that balloon start filling up with air, you picture all the negativity, trash and all those things that keep halting you to keep going, to be filling up into this balloon.

An then visualize the balloon to be lifting up from the top of your head with all those negativities, and all are going up. Just watch it going up in the air, up, until you can no longer see it. It‘s just like letting go of all those negative things from your mind, from your life. Now, feel yourself being freed from all those problems and difficulties caused by all those negativities.

With this balloon head exercise, all those anxiety, stress, and pains will be removed. So, every time you feel that there’s something negative inside your mind, just keep your body in a relaxed state, and again pop up that balloon and let go of all those negativities.

It’s a very unique exercise that works extremely well. As you start to get the mental visualization, it’s allowing you to become more in control of your physical body, as well as your mental state. It’s very important to combine the mental and physical exercises to achieve a healthy physical body and a strong, powerful mind.


For more information about mind power and other visualization you may visit and

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August 15, 2013

Do you know Wing Chun Kung Fu?

If you do, you realize it is
on of the most lethal forms of
street combat the world has
ever known…

Click the link below for 5
FREE Wing Chun training videos.

Now a days BJJ and MMA seem
to have taken the forefront,
but don’t forget about the
arts that were made just for
the street…

When I first started training,
my goal was to find arts with
pure self defense and street

I chose the following arts.

1. Chinese Kenpo
2. Pentjak Silat
3. Jeet Kune Do
4. Grappling & Ju-Jitsu

I’ve studied almost every
martial art out there, and
my criteria has always been
pure effectiveness in a real fight.

I mean, lets face it, that’s what
the real key to the martial arts is
all about, right?

Well, one of the base arts for
Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do is
Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun teaches great blasting
power power punching and allows
you defeat even larger opponents.

I have been using elements of Wing
Chun in my training for almost 20
years, and I can verify it’s effectivenes.

Check out the link below for access to
some free Wing Chun Training videos
that I’m sure you will enjoy and
learn a lot from.

If you want to get access to his
entire training suite that is
your call, but I know you’ll like
the free videos just the same.

By the way, I’m going to be presenting
some more insights for you on martial
arts in general in the near future
so stay tuned.

Even, if you are not into the martial
arts, I will apply it to how you ca
get the most out of your everyday

I began this journey as a martial artist
and fighter, and have learned so much
more, that I want to share it with you
have a great day.


Sifu Perhacs

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From: Sifu Perhacs–4 Ranges of Attack and Life

So, did you check out the Wing Chun
videos the other day?

Pretty cool stuff, eh?

You know, when I started out
in the martial arts, I knew
a couple of things…

#1- I wanted street effective
#2- I wanted to cover all ranges
of attack.

You see, I read Bruce Lee’s book
on Jeet Kune Do, and he talked about
4 ranges of attack.

This made great sense to me…


Years before Mixed Martial Arts
was even a term.

I remember when I was in High School,
that I got into fight with a friend
who was in the state finals in wrestling.

Now, this guy was much bigger, and stronger…

We were both a little drunk…

And we started fighting over something
stupid (of course, we were young punks).

We squared off and I started to tag him
in the face, and he tried to do the
same to me, but he was terrible at
boxing range.

I always thought about why he didn’t just
take me down and beat me to a pulp?

Because he was thinking “fight” instead
of using a skill “wrestling” that he
could have easily dominated me and
crushed me.

Our friends broke it up, and I later
asked him why he didn’t just take me
down and pound on me (this was before
the term ground and pound).

He said he didn’t think about it because
it was a fight…

[————-KEY LESSON————-]

Always use your best tool or asset against
an opponent.

This is a lesson you can use in every aspect
of your life…

Always lead with your best…

Don’t try a skill you don’t own and try to
beat someone at that skill…You’ll always

In life, you need to know how to get an

You have skills that others don’t.

You have talents that others don’t.

Focus on your talents and get even better,
while bringing up other skills you want
to learn.

Let’s face it, life is a fight, so be
prepared to win as many fights as you

This takes mental power and focus…

You can do it…


Sifu Perhacs

PS- I will share more of my little journeys
with you over the next several weeks. I hope
you enjoy them.

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August 5, 2013

Re: Wealth Attraction Certification

I came across this new Certification program
and immediately I thought of you…

Become a Certified Wealth Attraction Practitioner

You’ll understand more when you go to the site
and watch the video but what I can tell you right now is this:

* It is NOT NLP…

* It is NOT only Law of Attraction…

* And it isn’t anything you’ve ever seen before.

This certification program is BRAND NEW.

You can find out more about it here

Have a Powerful day!

Al Perhacs

P.S. – In case you’re wondering: YES, I plan on signing up for myself too! Wait until you see what’s covered…

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